iv finished my Rads

iv finished my Rads

iv finished my Rads hi im new to this site,been here about week now,i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Nov 05,had Lumpectomy 20th Dec 05,got results 5th Jan 06,Tumour was grade 2,lump 5cm,i was put on Tamoxifen & to have Radoitherapy which started on 14th Feb,since taking Tamoxifen iv put on 1 stone,i started radiotherapy 14th Feb,had 20 sessions,last 5 were on my scar only,iv got really sore boob,i had Hydrocortisone for 7 days,then Flamazine for 7 days,now on Monday 13th March im back on Hydrocortisone,im still very sore & im itchy,i try not to scrattch it,im pretty low too,16 yr old daughter kicking off cos i wont give her money all time for cigs,she left home for week,brought her things back Wed,went off came back Thurs night,kicking off for £2-50 for cigs,she was like raving lunatic,i dont smoke so dont know about cravings,i finally gave in & gave her money,we went got our hair done Friday,she was okish,she stayed out,came back 5pm Sat,started kicking off for money again,she swearing at me,i told her i had no money as id paid for her hair,meal & 2 new bras,she demanded i leave her money for when she came out shower,i got ready & out her way before she got out shower,im so fed up,iv always given her & done everything for her,i went to Pysio at QEH in Gatehead on Thurs,i was invited to go out for meal on 30th March at the Green,i told her about it,well she kicked saying yeh il make sure iv got money to go out for meal,iv told her im not going now,i never go out,i done smoke or drink,i dont buy myself things,iv came here & im off to bed before she comes home if she comes in,iv locked door anyway in case she doesnt come back,i just cant take this anymore,im alsone here have been on my own 15yrs now,im 55 yrs old,what have i done to deserve all this,i just dont want to be here,but il plod along


Hopefully, some help Dear Mags

I was so sorry to read about all your difficulties. Teenagers are notoriously awkward (particularly girls), and sometimes you cannot get through to them, no matter how much you try.

Have you thought about writing her a letter explaining how you feel? She could then respond as to how she feels, and maybe there would be some common ground for you both to explore.

It seems to me that her behaviour is that of an angry young woman, possibly because of what has happened to her mother, and the only person she can take that anger out on is you! She is probably scared about the future, too.

As she matures, she will come to realise how much you care for her. But that may take a while.