i've a qestion that i'm hoping you ladies can help me with


I had my operation to remove my lump last week and the SNB. The operation went well but i’m quite badly swollen ( the nurses say its fine ). The last 4 weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster - you never think it will happen to you, felt happy and healthly. I was diagnosed 31st Jan with invasive ductal carcinoma.
My question is really has anyone else out there had a lump removed that like mine wasn’t in the fleshy bit of thier boob but quite high up on their chest? - if i wore a deep scope neck top you’d see my scar and swollen bits - my fleshy boob sits below! how long does the swelling last?

I’ve read some of the other discussions on the forum and think the support that you ladies give each other is great - i think i might have a few more question for you all next week when i get my results back, if that’s okay. Hoping you’ll become my BC on-line friends over the next few months (and beyond) Karen

Hi Karen,

My lump was at the side of breast so not in a similar place to yours and the scar didn’t show in any clothes. However, it took a long time for the swelling to go down completely. I would say 4-6 months, and by the time it did, it was time for my mastectomy so I am not sure that I remember accurately anymore!
Try not to worry about it. The swelling will go down eventually and in my case the scar was hardly noticeable once it did.

Hang in there,


Hi Karen

Yes my lump was high up above my breast and when i wear low neck summer tops you can see the scar as well as the 2 of the 4 tattoos from radiotherapy. I cant remember about the swelling as it was 3years ago now. I am hoping to get my tattoos lasered off soon, but as for the scar, i dont really mind. I look at it as the reason im still here. Nobody has ever questioned me about it but im sure they notice. And yes, you never think it will happen to you, especially as i was 34 with no family history of any cancers.

my lump too was high up around what i would call the pec area my scar is high[had mx]didnt have big bbreast so my scar looks wide stretched and still very pink …lovely sight.

Mine was high up and you can definatly see the scar with a scoop neck top. As lolly said, i dont particularily care! My scar is a mess as it came open as the internal stiches did not dissolve- this has happened before and i think its my body!!

Swelling wise i dont remember much swelling. Speaking to your BCN is always best plan.


oh my god didnt realise they tatooed you for radiotherapy is it permanant i dont want that.

hatty don’t worry too much about the tattoos - they are tiny single dots that are barely visible - quite likely to be somewhere that isn’t on display anyway.

finty x

Hi ‘hatty’ …Tattoos not necessary… I didn’t. Some hospitals will, some won’t. MPH will - get them to use ‘Tegaderm’ and mark it on top. Ask at the planning meet…if they say no, ask me on Fb for a way around it…x

Hi hatty,yes the tattoos are permanent mine are so small that I don’t notice them, but I know others who have noticeable ones.You could ask for non permanent marker pen I know some have had this.

Best wishes Mel xx

I wish id known this, my hosp didnt give me an option. 2 of mine are blue smudges more than dots, but as i said, i have been referred to have them lasered off.

Thanks for the info as i shall be expecting them removed on the NHS in the same way as they put them there im so anti tatoo i would find it awful. Gosh im so glad ive been warned.

Two things: the swelling might be a seroma (a pocket of fluid caused by the tissues healing) which can be drained to alleviate the pain caused by the swelling. The tattoos are normally tiny pin-pricks which, as my mother used to say, “no-one would jump off a galloping horse to see”. I like to think of the ‘dots’ as my battle scars - and I’m PROUD!


thanks for the replies. It’s all a bit frightening at the moment, never sure what’s normal or not. Like you all say scars don’t matter its about still being here. I’ve always fancied a tattoo!
I go for my results next Friday so will be after some more advice then i’m sure.


Had my 3 tattoos last Saturday at my planning visit. I knew about them before hand in case I had any issues. The radiographer had one on her hand & it looked like a very small freckle.

Thankfully they are all so small. I tried to show my old mum the one inbetween my 2 boobs (she had to put her glasses on!).

I did try to get a daisy or a dolphin. The radiographer told me she only did small dots as anything bigger ended up a bit “wobbly”!

I don’t think I’ll try to get them removed after my rads are finished, although permanent if you for whatever reason have to go into hospital(& not in position to let them know anything) or end up in another cancer centre the tattoos will tell them you have had radiotherapy in that area so they can’t give you any more. I think of them as a saftey net to avoid this.

Up to the person about having them in first place or getting them removed later. If they don’t show (such as the ones I’ve had) personally I’d live with them.


Lynn interesting thought that people would know you had rads. I still think im going to try and not have tattoos. Never have liked them and never will, but more so wouldn’t want the constant reminder no matter how small.

Hi all
the tatoos are so tiny I do not even notice them.I had 2 lots of rads so was it was useful when I had the second lot of rads they knew where i had the rads previously.My radiation treatment stopped my pain and also shrank the mass in my lymph modes,so a couple of tattos seem a small price to pay.

They are only the size of a full stop :slight_smile:

Hi, I had my op early December and had a huge seroma, which is just fluid that you get after an op, it doesn’t feel like fluid its very hard, but the doc said my body would gradually absorb it. It is still there but much smaller now. So don’t worry about it.

Hi Hatty
I like my tattoos. They are tiny and only the one just inside my cleavage (which I’m very grateful I still have) is likely to be seen. They are like stretch marks after a baby. They mark part of my life.

my last tumour was high up on hest wall but my surgeon is great and made the inicision in my breast and tunneled up to remove the tumour and tunneled the other way to do the snb so the scar isnt visible.

i also have had rads both times i had bc and or centre does 7 tattoos so i have 14 of them and i was offered to get them removed but although they are very tiny they are my battle scars and ill live with them just like the other scars both physial and psychologial that i carry with me since diagnosis.

we are all very different and many people dont want any reminders no matter how small they are but wouldnt the world be a boring plae if we were all the same.

love and hugs

Lulu x