I've defeated medical science !!!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been told that I have defeated medical science, and thought I would mention why here because someone might find it amusing, and it proves that the medical profession are not infallible.
(1) Told by Charing Cross Hospital and Princess Royal at Haywards Heath that I am the first person they have ever come across who has had a seroma for two years, and has not responded to treatment. Apparently I have confounded them, and they are all busy writing to various “experts”,for suggestions as to what to do.
(2) Doctor at the Princes Royal was surprised that I am still alive, and even more surprised that I have survived without progression . When they diagnosed that my cancer had spread to the skull two years ago, the prognosis was that I would probably live only 18-24 months, as my cancer was aparently behaving in an aggressive way (it had burst one of the lymph nodes in my neck). However, as I didn’t like the ultra-conservative treatment offered at the PR, I went to Charing Cross ( where I had aggressive chemo, conventional rads, Cyberknife rads, followed by endocrine therapy and bisphosphonates),and scans this week seem to suggest no progression.
Moral of the story? = Don’t know.

Lemongrove, so glad your scans showed no progression, as for the medical science bit you keep right on doing whatever your doing!!!
WOW what a story, take care and the very best to you xx

really pleased to hear your news and I am sure the aggressive approach to your treatment has played a part in all this - I just hope other Onc’s who do not always support ‘different’ approaches get to hear of your specific case and it influcences them in their future decisions take care xx


Love it when they get confused. Long may you continue to give them pause for thought!

Laurie x

Hi Lemongrove!

Really pleased for you! Sorry about the seroma thing, though. Keep on posting and encouraging everyone on here.

Love, Sarah.

My onc has persued aggressive treatment too. I am having mx in nov. Then rads then prob more chemo.
X Sarah

Good job…! keep the positive attitude going, best wishes and prayers.

Thanks for sharing, I think it’s both fantastic and funny. It does the medics good to have to think a bit more from time to time!

As for you, I’m so pleased you’ve had no progression!


What fantastic news Lesley…no progression, that’s what we all hope for!

With regard to the seroma, I have had one for 4 1/2 years now! Although admittedly I have only tried to get rid of it once! It was drained and my whole breast where I’d had the WLE had caved in and was really misshapen. It filled itself up within an hour and looks almost exactly as it did. The radiographer said that it had formed a capsule which had filled the space left by the surgery. I have to report any redness or itching, but it has been fine all these years! It is a ‘boob-job with nature’s natural filler’ was how the consultant described it

Love it, Lemongrove! Keep on confounding them all!

Woo-hoo Lemongrove, great news, lots of love, Mo x

Well done Lemongrove!

Wonderful news that there’s no progression - keep on proving them wrong forever and a day!

Liz x

Lemongrove - excellent, sometime bodies can surprise us in nice ways too! xxxx

Oh wow! I don’t know whether I was supposed to laugh at the end of that but I did!! Crikey, keep up the good work. xxxx