I've found a lump in my left breast

Morning, I’ve found a oddly shaped lump in my left breast, no pain but slight discomfort when i continue to check it’s there. It is for sure. I feel ill and anxious. I’m a 32 year old woman my breasts are a C cup. The lump feels very different to the rest of my breast tissue on both sides. Am i over reacting and this is common.

Hi Stacey,
Do go to your GP to get it checked out, most breast changes turn out to be nothing serious & lumpy breast changes are common, however, it does need to be properly checked out.
Your gp May refer to the breast clinic, however, this is normal practice, so if this happens, do not read anything into it.
ann x

Hi. I too have found a lump in my right breast. I’ve been to the doctors and he said he thinks it’s just an enlarged nodule. He has referred me to the rapid access breast clinic though because my Mom had breast cancer at 42. I’m 38 and feel really worried too.

Hi Stacey, Yes please go and see your GP, it’s the only way of finding out what the lump is for certain, they will most likely refer you to the breast clinic as this is standard when you present with a breast lump but ths doesn’t mean you have cancer just something that your doctor can’t determine just by examining you. Xx Jo 

Thank you. I have two young children and it’s the thought of anything being wrong for their sake that I’m finding particularly difficult to cope with. Thanks for your words. They mean a lot xxx

Thank you. It is by far the worst time! I’m trying my best to be positive. Im a natural worrier which doesn’t help! Going to try to enjoy the weekend with my family and waiting to hear from the clinic early next week. So many strong women out there and I’m trying to be too. Xxx