I've lost the pigment on my nipple

I’ve lost the pigment on my nipple

I’ve lost the pigment on my nipple Has anyone else had the same?

I seem to have no pigment on my nipple after 4 weeks of radiotherapy. It looks like I have a little button and then my boob! Its really wierd.

They have offered to tattoo a nipple on for me. Has anyone had this done and what does it look like?


Same problem I’ve had the same as you, the little button describes it perfectly. I’m about 12 weeks from rads now and it’s starting to look a little more normal. So it may just be a matter of time.

Never heard of the tattoos - sounds intriguing but not sure I could be bothered with doing that personally.


Tattoos Hi Karen

Medical tattoos use pigments that fade over time and you will need to get it “topped up”.

I’ve had two mastectomies and the plastic surgeon created the illusion of having nipples by tattooing them on. The effect is amazing. However, I have to go at least once a year to get them fixed.

I think it’s really wonderful and you should go along an get it done. It will only enhance what the surgeons have already done and it will make you feel better, I’m sure. It’s nothing to worry about either.

Best wishes