IVF & OHSS linked with BC?

Morning all.

Some of you may of read my first post. Long and short of it is I had Ivf which was sucessful and we were blessed with my perfect daughter :heart:

Whilst undergoing stims (injections to stimulate overies to produce more eggs) my overies went mental and I developed a condition called ‘OHSS’ which is where your oestrogen levels rocket, over stimulate, and get MUCH bigger than they ever should.

Later in pregnancy (once all this had settled down) I discovered a lump on my right breast. Desparately focused on just trying to stay pregnant due to years of infertility, I brushed it off and forgot about it. I had bigger things to worry about.

When I visited my gp for really dark nipple discharge last Monday and she stood infront of me before examining, it was the first thing her eyes were drawn to. She immediately asked me how long the lump had been there and I (shamefully) said I discovered it when pregnant, nearly 3 yrs ago. I have an appointment on Monday for mamogram.

Now everyone knows googling is never good but ive learnt with my 9 long years of stress and pain before my endo was diagnosed, sometimes, if you don’t take the bull by the horns and get researching, you never get answers!

I was a mess a few days ago, dreading the worst. Now I am calmer (although petrified!) And just think, if it is, it is. There is nothing anyone can do but crack on, be positive and hope for the best! (Easy for me to say now, I know)

So, does anyone know anymore about the risks associated with too much oestrogen (ohss from ivf drugs prehaps) and links with breast cancer?

Thanks in advance

It’s an interesting point, Dangermouse.


Until the breast clinic have done their part, you not going to have all the answers of course. If they see a lump, they will do a ‘fine needle biopsy’ and that will go to the path lab. They will be able to tell you if it is cancer and probably the grade (but not likely the stage) and maybe its hormone status. Sometime the hormone status takes a bit longer than the week to get back. That is when you might get a hint…if it turns out you are ER+, in others words (as I’m sure you have learnt by now…you’re like me…knowledge is power!) that means the oestrogen stimulates the tumour. Generally, this is a good thing in terms of treatment, as they can give you hormone therapy as well as whatever other treatments they decide is possible. (I am ER+ and HER2 – so I will be having tamoxifen after chemo).


The thing is, IF you do have cancer and if it is ER+, it doesn’t necessarily mean your IVF etc caused the cancer in the first place, only that it was ‘dinner the cancer likes’, which they can take away from it now! I really don’t know if they have done any decent research into any possible link with BC and IVF/OHSS, one to ask if you are diagnosed I guess. However…what a choice women might make have to make if there was a link…IVF for a desperately wanted child but an increased risk of cancer? Of course, as you have your little daughter now, you wouldn’t change anything anyway!


Amanda x

No chance! Just thought there would be more info about it as many women must wonder.
Thank you for your response x