James Cook (South Tees) or North Tees

Hi Ladies

Has anyone had recon at James Cook (South Tees) or North Tees?
DIEP or otherwise, Immediate or delayed?

I had a free tram flap recon at James Cook.
It was at the same time as my mast.

Are you thinking of having this op?

Hi Shell
yes - I think that is the one - is the one where they use tummy but not the muscle?
I really want this with the mast, but my surgeon is telling me I cant have it until later.

I have pagets (nipple cancer) and being told it is localised - 18mm. I dont understand the issues!
What was your case?

I was dx with invasive DCIS with 15mm lump, so after SNB and two WLE I had to have the mast to
get rid of the cancer for good. Was offered a recon at the same time and decided to have it.
My recon is the one using the tummy but also the muscle. Think the one you mentioned is called a diep.

Which PS are you seeing?

Miss Durning did my first two ops then the PS Mr Allison did my mast and recon.
Has your surgeon explained why you can’t have the recon at the same time as your mast?

HI Shell
My surgeon is Miss Durning. I totally respect her as a surgeon, and she has removed a lump many years aga when I was only 24 - it was only a fibroidenoma, and drained a cyst 4 years ago -both times no problems.
However, this time, it was a nipple discharge - and she has been different with me. SHe has told me that she thinks it is localised behind the nipple (18mm of calcifications - and pagets on the nipple) and doubts if the nodes are involved.
I am petrified of surgery and just want it over in one go - thats my problem.
I have an appoitment (just confirmed) with Mr ALison for 1st May - but that clashes with my surgery date! Its all a bit of a mess at the moment, so my GP is trying to sort it out.
Pagets is very rate - but I can see that a lot of women dont need the full masectomy - so I am wanting to find out if I am going the whole hog and having the whole lot off, isnt that guaranteeing enough clearance anyway since it does seem to be the most extreme treatment for nipple cancer (unless there is something she isnt telling me - I dont have any masses - the mammogram only showed the small calcs and the ultrasound showed a small cyst and fibrodenom that I have had years that have been checked and checked!!)
It sounds though, that when you had your full masectomy that had a full picture.
How was the recovery on recon? Was it hard?
How are you recoverying now? Did you need any follow up chemo or anything else?

Thank you so much for filling me in

The recovery from the recon went well as I didn’t have any pain other than back ache for a few weeks.
Did walk bent over for a few weeks because of the tummy scar. Just felt huge relief that it was all over
(or so I thought).
Found out after the op that I’m her2+ so went on to have EC chemo, then rads and finished a year of
herceptin last Dec…
Maybe you won’t have to lose your boob if your surgeon thinks it’s just localised and she will do the
op to find out. Know how you feel about just getting it over and done with tho.
I’ve sent you a PM but don’t know how you can tell if you get one.
Best wishes.

Hi Shell
I picked up your private message - I didnt know how to do it - but have mailed you now also!
Mu surgeon seems to be hell-bent on it coming off - thats why I cant understand why I cant have a recon.
I dont want an implant, just using some other part of me!

So you still need rads and chemo after your recon? Did the treatment affect your recon?

SO how did you find the overall life experience? DOes it make you look at living differently now?
The only thing I said to the surgeon when she told me, and just before I fainted was, ‘I’d better find a cleaner then’!
Its crazy what goes through your head isnt it!