Jan 2020 rads - What happens when there is a problem??

So lovely ladies, I’m more than aware that we have to join together and be supportive - and of course we absolutely should!

I am 100% positive and have been since diagnosis but what happens when things go wrong?? Should we keep quiet because we don’t want others to  have fears? If this is a support group we should be supporting our sisters through their cancer journey whether it be a straightforward one or a problematic one, I know I am in a fortunate position that my cancer is but a blip, its not invasive - its not terminal but it has rocked my life!This is my fess up to cancer !!  I have spent a miserable six weeks - started to burn on day three of RT - NO support from RT team and three weeks post RT I have just finished a course of antibiotics for manky infected RT burns under my breast, still using Polymem dressings and Flamigel cream - should I just shut up and deal with it or would anyone else want support and advice when things - if you’ll pardon the pun go tits up??!! I searched the site for the past few weeks looking for something I could get comfort from that was up to date but I quickly realised there is generally only positive info - that’s fine but not everyones experience is positive! I’m on the mend but feel that many other lovely ladies are probably in my situation but don’t want to be the negative cow that voices it!!

Hi Granny K


You might like to look at some of the posts written by Wonky. Your descriptions match her honest and courageous posts in recent months - you may find you have much in common and get reassurance and practical advice from some of the threads she’s been writing in. And a bit of a giggle at times.


Generally I would say most of us are frank about our experiences (my long term side effects from chemo and HT are a right pain, literally and metaphorically) but we also know that not everyone is ready to hear how brutal chemo can be or how painful radiotherapy can be - it’s too early on for them and they need reassurance that it’s all bearable because, let’s face it, we’re all different. I sailed through radiotherapy but was floored by chemo. Anyway, I hope you find her posts. If not, maybe she’ll find you. Take care x

Hi Granny, I’ve always tried to be honest and practical with advice. I would always acknowledge any problem and then offer my take on the way forward- if I had experience of the issue. Perhaps from your point you are still suffering, rather than coming out the other end and looking back? The mind is excellent at locking away pain. I am very sad that you had less than stellar service from your rads team. I think the one thing this disease has brought home to me is that you need to be pro active with your treatment. If something doesn’t feel right you need to shout out. I followed posts here at each stage to try and get a feel for what would be ‘normal’, and from that then felt I could start a discussion with each team…surgeon, radiographers and chemo to ensure my treatment was as good as it could be. Yes, my wounds wept, my chemo was less than tolerable and I got second degree burns from the rads, However, each issue was dealt with swiftly and professionally , which does not appear to be your case. Bad enough to have cancer, but to have issues such as yours which seem to have gone unnoticed, or ignored…,well. ?

Best wishes with any ongoing treatments. X

Granny, my heart goes out to you, I’m just getting to the end of my first week of RT,

all has been fine so far. However this is the second breast cancer for me which has been much easier than the first. I had lots of problems with surgery and ended up having 5 operation and didn’t do anything about writing to the hospital or the consultant, however I still think has anyone else gone through what I have, and maybe speak up could of may life easier for others ? So please speak up if you feel you should. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon, and get some support from the breast cancer team. As you said your cancer was not invasive however you still have had CANCER…bless you lovely lady, big hugs and look after yourself xx