I have my dates for the starts of my rads…really its December but the 29th so will be mainly in January. Anyone else joining me…

I’m due for planning on 8 Dec. told could be 2 weeks after for rad to start. I’m worried because I think my treatment will be compromised due to the bank holidays when they are closed for 4 days and 3 days. It puts me in with a likely start date of 22nd Dec.

Hi, I have rads planning session on 10th Dec and am expecting to start rads in the new year. My op was in Aug but then had 4 cycles of chemo (last one was Weds just gone).

I was expecting to have 3 weeks of rads but the oncologist just told me I will have an extra week at the end directly to the area where the tumours were removed…so four weeks, great!

Look forward to hearing how we all get on. Ele x

Hi all, had my planning session today so got my dates…first one 7 Jan. Like you Nicki I’m going to make the most of the next few weeks before I get back on the treatment train! X

Yup…3 weeks whole breast and then final week of boost to the specific area where the tumours were (because it was grade 3 and because I’m relatively ‘young’ I think). Will also be starting Tamoxifen in Jan. X

Hi ladies glad I found you I thought I was in my own until ele very kindly invited me over. I have just finished FECT x 6 on the 10th of December. I’m feeling wiped out at the moment but not too bad it will probably hit tomorrow :frowning: I have planning on the 30th of December and start 3 weeks of rads on the 11th of jan and then onto tamoxifen and zoledex injections. I agree we need to enjoy Christmas after everything we have gone through this year. I’m relieved that the chemo is over xxxxx

Hi Sarah, welcome! Hope your last chemo doesn’t hit you too hard. I had my last one on 2 Dec and have been feeling ill ever since but finally a little better today so hopefully will start to get back to normal now…well, not quite normal as no hair, obvs, but you know what I mean! X

hi guys

After having my op on 28th Sept Ive had a bit of a mixed bag… I was supposed to have finished my Rads yesterday but because of a Seroma build up & then skin break down i will now be starting Rads on the 29th also with 15 normal and 5 boosters… still dressing the wound but it is a lot better so keeping my fingers crossed it will be healed enough to withstand Rads!!

but on the plus side Im going to Scotland tomorrow for christmas in a log cabin :slight_smile: so least ill be feeling well for that

Di xx

Hi Val, yes I had my last chemo on 2 Dec, rads planning on 10 Dec and start rads 7 Jan.

I thought that they liked you to have a little time to recover from chemo before starting rads BUT I think that very much depends what chemo as some are tougher than others. I do also know someone who is having chemo and rads at the same time at the mo, though not for BC but uterine cancer so I’m wondering whether she doesn’t have the risks of skin/scar probs.

I completely understand you just want to get it over with now, but it probably is worth phoning to check there hasn’t been a miscommunication between depts about your extra sessions…if it turns out they know and are fine with it, then you’ll feel confident. And if it doesn’t, at least you won’t risk conplications which might delay completion anyway?

Good luck! Let us know what they say if you phone xxx

P.s sorry Nicki I forgot you were also starting on 29th! X

I’m awaiting an appointment with the Oncologist to discuss rads with a view to starting in January.


I had a radical mx on the 26th Nov for primary angiosarcoma of the breast which is very rare.  Not bc, but a cancer that happened to be in my breast, although I still get to join in with surgery and other treatments! The surgeon got good margins on my chest by taking all of my pectoral muscle, but under my arm there was only 0.5mm clear margin.  Normally, he would operate again to take more tissue, but there’s nothing left bar ribs, so they’ll save that as a last resort.   Giving rads for angiosarcoma is a weird one as most cases of AS are caused by previous rads for bc…  I have no idea how many sessions to expect as there are so few primary AS patients out there it’s hard to find info and what is out there is pretty scary, so I force myself to limit Googling stuff!

Just finishing mine as you start ?. Will be here if u have any questions. 

Tat4tit…it must be even more difficult to cope with when its such a rare cancer and not much info out there. I had a lumpectomy on the 4th Nov and its only been the last couple of weeks I can really rub my scar. Up until then it was so tight and tender, I though it would never feel the same again.


Madcowzy, im sure we will have lots to ask!!! got my appointment on Wed to see someone about lymphodema, not sure what it is all about. 


i have only been given my first time slot for the 29th, I asked about the others as I want to work through most of it ( booked the last week off ) and need to sort out cover but was told they couldn’t as it could change daily… not much good if you need to plan anything. :frowning: Might know more on Wednesday. 

That’s a pain Nicki, I’ve been given all times for the 4 weeks. They are all slightly different but all very early (between 8 and 9 am!) which would be great if I wanted to work, but not so great if you haven’t got out of bed before about 10 for the last few months, like l’il ol’ me! But hopefully will mean they’re less likely to be running later and should be quick in and out.

Tat4tit, I found Bio-oil great for my scar once it had healed over, daily or twice a day. It’s apparently absorbed better than most oils/creams. BUT the radiographer did say not to use it during rads as it can cause the rays to be too concentrated on the scar.

If you’re still bruised might also be worth asking whether you can take arnica or use arnica cream? I’m a bit sceptical of homeopathy generally but have always found arnica to be really effective at reducing bruising.


So far, during all the (months of) tests and then surgery, follow up appts etc, I have just accepted whatever has been offered and rearranged my life to fit.  Most unusual for me, as anyone who knows me would confirm, but it’s such a difficult time, so many emotions to manage that I didn’t have any spare energy or brain space to negotiate/argue.  However (I feel there should be a drum roll here!), I have started to reclaim my life and I will be very unhappy if I have to wait week by week for appointment times like they are implying for you, Nicki.  It’s the whole being treated as a widget on a conveyor belt thing, rather than anyone looking at you as a real person with a life outside of the hospital.  *Breathes out, feels better for mini rant*


Ele, thanks for the heads up re bio oil, I’ll add the moisturiser question to my list for the Onc/rads people.  I took Arnica before my op and for a couple of weeks after and I’m sure it helped.  I had some impressive bruises, including a couple of man sized handprints on my ribs below the breast that was removed, though!  I’m desperate to sleep on that side, but it’s not happening yet…!


Mary, what did you use to moisturise?  Xxx

Hi Tat4tit, yes I’ve shared exactly that experience of just surrendering yourself to it for the first few weeks/months, but then gradually finding your normal self coming back and doing more research, challenging a bit more, expecting to be treated like a stakeholder in all this rather than a passive recipient… It’s a really good sign I think, like you say, reclaiming your life x

Hi Nickif , KazGlass

I went at 12 all went ok really quick, Im lucky in one sense that I work in the hospital so I will still be coming into work ( came back 2 weeks after my op on 28th Sept doing shorter hours) 

Ive got all my times for the next 4 weeks all between 12 -3 so not too bad, going to try and work through them but Im going to listen to my body ( which Im not very good at) and if I feel rough I ll go on sick leave!!

Im trying to drink 2 litres of water a day sometimes with a splash of juice in it and also using E45 lotion 


My wound has healed great, think it liked the hot tub in Scotland, its left a dint in my boob and is now purple but never mind least its healed and I can now start the end journey to getting well, just hope it doesnt break down again :-( 


The only thing Im dreading is feeling unwell again as its been so long since my op, Oh well got to be done !!

Good Luck with your appointments ladies


Di xx

After a bit of a meltdown before Christmas I called my sarcoma nurse and she was an absolute star.  The very next day a letter arrived for an appointment with the sarcoma consultant on the 11th Jan and she called me on Christmas eve to tell me my first appointment with the oncologist (scary saying that) is on the 8th Jan.  Whilst I’m hugely grateful to the lovely sarcoma nurses (they are much more proactive than my BCNs) it’ll be 7 weeks between op and first onc appointment and no idea how long between that, rads planning and rads starting… Hurry up and wait, again!  So, not sure if I’ll be joining you for rads in Jan, ladies, but I wish you all well and will be following your posts.  

i know exactly how you feel tit4tat its been a long haul since my op due to having a seroma issue which then turned into an abscess, so its delayed eveything by 6 weeks or so .Should have finshed my Rads on 16th Dec !! but never mind ive started now which is the main thing.

Di xx


I’m at 1.10 tomorrow. . My workplace has been really supportive telling me not to be a hero … keep thinking I’m feeling a tingling but I think that’s my imagination lol 

Yeah we must keep up with the fluids & moisturise soon be done now we’ve started :-) 

Di xx