Jane McLelland

Has anyone read Starve your Cancer book written by Jane McLelland. Advising use of prescribed drugs like metformin to starve the pathways cancer uses. I was diagnosed in dec last year then secondaries found two months later. Does anyone follow the protocol or use COC clinic in London thank you

Hi Rachel50, 

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I talk about Jane McLelland How to Starve Cancer on my blog lifeafterlola.com/ on the “Metabolism” thread.  I’ve been on the COC protocol since Nov 2018 as I’m 68% risk for recurrence after 8 rounds of chemo, mx and radiotherapy.  I can’t take the Doxycycline though as I’m allergic.  Feel free to ask any questions.  I’ve listed what supplements I take on my “Moving On” thread. 



yes I started the COC Protocol about 3 weeks ago. I’ve read HTSC also so doing Jane’s supplements. I’m mbc to spine but currently NED, due to the hormone inhibitors letrozole and zoladex. Also just started Palbociclib and denosumab. Please feel free to ask me any questions about my treatment. I will be glad to share.