Jane Tomlinson

I’m sure you have all heard the sad news of Jane Tomlinson’s passing.

As a Yorkshire lass my-self, just wanted really to pay tribute to a truley remarkable woman, what that lady has done despite everything is absolutely amazing, and I for one will be joining in with the fund raising the next time it comes around. I only wish in my good health I was only half as fit and determined as her.

£1.75m she raised for her cause, an astounding amount of money, something to be applauded.

It seems unreal that cards that have been delat today, I have been given the all clear, yet this wonderful lady has left this world behind, but she has left it a better place for all she did.

I’m sorry if this seems unappropriate, but I couldn’t think of a better place to say “Goodbye Jane”…

I can’t find the words, but maybe this may sum it up…

God came and stood beside your bed
Held Your hand and softly said
“You’ve suffered more than you can stand,
Come with me to a better land”


Heidi, that’s a beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute. She was quite an inspiration, to put it mildly.

beano xx

bless you yes she was a remarkable lady, i wish i had her strength, your words are wonderful babe

i bow to her with respect

glad you got good news

She had such strength to keep moving forward to help others in need.
She was truely remarkable.

Heidi your words made me cry… they were beautiful

claire xx

What beautiful and touching words Heidi. I agree with everyone, Jane was a remarkable woman and so strong and brave. This country and the world should be so proud of her, as regardless of how she was suffering she carried on working for cancer. She will be greatly missed by all, especially her lovely family.