Does anyone know how Jane is?


Hello everyone.

I apprecaite Karen asking but just wanted to say that for myself I really don’t like ‘fishing’ posts…ie threads started to ask other people speculatively how someone else is.

This feels to me like a real invasion of privacy. No, I haven’t posted details about my health for a few days…though I have posted elsewhere. If I want people to have a blow by blow account rest assured I’ll post or get someone to post on my behalf.

I don’t like it when I see fishing posts about other people either…particulartly when its people who we know are very ill…but when its me I feel I can say ‘please don’t do it again.’ Fine when people give permission for others to post on their behalf…that’s entirely different.

Eventually cancer is going to kill me (not yet though!). I am pretty sure I’ll keep posting but I am not someone who is going to post every last detail as it happens on the worldwide web.

I wonder if moderator could lock or remove this thread.

Thanks for asking…I know your intentions were well meant Karen.

very best wishes


I hope this thread is not removed I think it serves a purpose to broach a subject that is difficult to bring up.
It can be upsetting to return to the form and find your name heading a thread, I had one a few weeks ago while away on holiday just the title " DebsinCornwall’ no message and then members came on asking had something happened. I thought flippin eck I better post and let them know I am still around.
Maybe it would be best to do a pm?

Love Debsxxx

I think it is quite important too, to leave this thread. I know of many women who used to post here who have chosen privacy regarding the finer details of their health. I think fishing is wrong and perhaps concerned parties can pm their friends, as Debs suggests, if they have concerns. Otherwise respect our different natures and realise that there are those who tell all and those of us who will keep shtum over certain issues. (Myself included.)

Reminds me of those vultures again, though as you say, Jane, the best of intentions were meant.


I must admit that I agree with all the comments above. I also choose not to divulge much about what is happening with me as it’s just not my style but also acknowledge that Karen’s intentions were well intended and not meant to harm.

I think, for a lot of us, if we wanted to let the wider world know we would post and let people know.

I think we should draw a line under this right now.

Hi everyone

I am going to lock this tread now as Jane requested. If you want to discuss the general issues can you start another thread.