January 2018 Radiotherapy



I have started a new thread for those of you who are starting or continuing your rads into January 2018.  Its hard to believe but this was me 12 months ago.


Helena xxx

I am having planning on 17th January but my rads don’t start until 8th February. I will be reading posts on here though for hints and tips. How did the planning and Market tattoos go? Thank you.

I’ve just joined your discussion as I am having my first appointment with the oncologist on 8th January and this is all very new to me. I was diagnosed after a routine scan at the end of October. Never been recalled in my life and thought that it would be my last ever mammogram (I’m 68) so totally shocked with everything that has happened since. No family members or friends have had breast cancer so I felt really scared. I realise I have been lucky to have it picked up so early and have been reassured that all went well with the lumpectomy so have just started on Letrozole for 5 years, waiting for side effects and not knowing if I’ll get any, I still get night sweats even though menopause has long since funished. 

Any hints and tips from you would be most welcome thank you.

Yeah, the oncology department is somewhere where the ‘C’ people go, its the most terrifying place in the hospital (well it certainly was to me). Its the department you see on the signs and quickly walk past as, frightened incase you ever need to go in there yourself, but at the same time imagining you that you won’t ever need it. The very word oncologist was awful, then I realised that lots of people were visiting the oncologist and their aim was to make you better/treat you/give you a long life ahead…they were doctors like all others.

Thank you for your replies. I will keep bobbing back here for updates and other people’s experiences. Seems ages since this whole thing took over my life in October!!

Hello to all the January peeps!


I start my 20 sessions on 8th January.  I have had the tattoo markers and planning session, all a breeze really. I don’t have to do the breath hold even though it is my left breast that is being zapped.  I have been applying the Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera gel for the last couple of weeks in preparation.  I have asked my doc to prescribe the R1 and R2 creams to go along with the Aloe Vera.


In a strange way, I am looking forward to it starting so it will then all be over.  I have booked a spa break with one of my girlfriends for a couple of weeks after it finishes.(I may not be able to use the pool but that is fine with me).


I look forward to popping in here to share some strength and stories for the month ahead.





I had my planning appointment on 27th.  I am breath holding as mine is on the left side.  I was really worried about whether I would be able to do it, but after a few practice goes I managed 30 seconds.  Tattoos done too, and they are tiny, I can only just see them.  I was worried about that too!


Got my dates this morning too, I start on 8th January for 15 sessions, so should be finished by 26th.  


I have bought some aloe vera gel from H&B and some natural deodorant.  I have been told not to shave under my arm for the duration of treatment plus a couple of weeks afterwards.  So I have a vision I will be a stinky (I like an industrial strength deodorant normally!!) hairy beast by the time I am finished. Nice! 


I have opted for late afternoon appointments as I am trying to keep working while I am having it done.  Roll on 26th.


Hiyer Dot, Alibob and crocrazy! ( hope names are spelled correctly as I ve had to remember them for 20 seconds whilst adding a comment on my phone )

Good luck everyone who is already going through their rad treatment. Wish you all the very best for the New Year! Can you tell me if the tattoos were painful? How long did your planning appointment Take? ?

Hi everyone


This is my first time posting anything on here but just thought I would share my radiotherapy experience with you all.  I completed my 15 day course of treatment on 14 December and each session went fine having to hold my breath for 20 seconds around 4/5 times a session.  I was given cream on my first visit and applied this twice a day over the whole breast area, collarbone and back of shoulder.  My skin was perfect throughout the treatment although 4 days after went very red and burnt along the collarbone.  The nurse gave me heat pads which were fabulous and can be used over and over again just by adding cold water and taping onto the effected area.  My skin has now started to clear up and is just itchy like peeling sunburn.  I used the crystal deodrant as recommended by the hospital which seemed to be fine.  I have suffered a bit of fatigue 2 weeks after treatment which comes and goes.  Good luck to everyone who is starting their treatment soon I was initially very worried about it but need not have been as I sailed through it as I’m sure you all will do.  Best wishes everyone xxx

Thank you holiday for sharing your experiences and for telling us about the markers. You gave set my mind to rest! I do hope my rads go as well as yours seemed to do. I am going away 3 weeks after for just a weekend break. Hope I don’t spend it sleeping???

Hiyer, as others have said the word ‘tattoo’ makes you think of a tattoo parlour and all sorts of buzzing and noisy painful needles. The fact is that they just need to make a teeny prick under the skin surface and put a dot of ink into that layer, (so that it isn’t in the top layer of skin which gets replaced regularly by the body and therefore the mark would be lost). It is literally a weeny incredibly short prick, the experience much like a finger prick machine used for testing blood for diabetics…except this doesn’t even draw blood so obviously doesnt even go that deep! its over before you know it. I was expecting something entirely different and actually said ‘is that it’ ? lol You will have had far worse midge bites on a summer evening.

Good afteroon Ladies


I start my treatment on Tuesday - 15 sessions - seems a long time getting here as my initial surgery was back in July but just glad to be starting and there being some light at the end of the tunnel.


Good luck to everyone else starting or finishing this month.


x Fiona

You will be just fine don’t be worrying. I made friends with some lovely people during my three week treatment plan. Lots of moisturising and drink plenty of water xx

Thank you Ladies.  I have my appointments in the afternoons so that I can go to work in the mornings and then just relax when done.  Guess I’m worried about how my breast will react to the treatment as I have very sensitive skin and after having had an infection in the wound after my lumpectomy and then fat necrosis a couple of months later I think I may have issues lol!!!


x Fiona

Thanks Charys - puts my mind at rest for the moment lol but will keep you posted.


x Fiona

Fiona, I’m doing exactly the same. Work in the morning and rads in afternoon. I’ve had a cold all Christmas which has left me with a cough so I hope I’m going to be well enough to cope with it all.

I found research on NAC for protection from rads which is quite interesting.
Has anyone else been looking at the research around NAC? There is also research suggesting it reduces some markers associated with poor prognosis to reduce recurrence risk. tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3109/08941939.2011.560237

Here’s the other article I read on NAC: google.co.uk/amp/s/www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/amp/320127#ampshare=https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320127.php

Hi Fiona and Mai,


Me too, I asked for afternoon appointments so I can work in the morning then rest in the evening after being zapped.  I have got to travel 45 mins each way to the hospital everyday so it is going to be duff traffic wise as I am likely to come out just in time for rush hour.  All bar one of my sessions are either 4.00 or 4.15.  I am hoping to work 6.30 to 2.30 everyday to give myself over an hour to get there.  Roll on 26th which is when I am due to finish. 


Good luck to everyone starting this month x 

Hi ladies had no 15 today (breast and axilla) start boosters tomorrow skin under arm is ?so sore and red and purple had clinical review given extra creams some dressings etc told thst for next 2 weeks it will get worse not looking forward to that as its bloody sore already apparently the boosters are just to target tumor bed
Im still not back at work yet Mai your a trouper working through them x