January 2022 chemo start

Hi all

I’ve been through a mastectomy and reconstruction, (all gone well so far) and I found out today I need six rounds of chemo starting in January. This is the thing I have been scared of the most (more than surgery) and I’m worried about hair loss. My hair is quite long, and I am thinking of getting it cut to shoulder length so any loss is less noticeable. Can anyone advise me on this? Sending love and hugs to all xxx

Princess Leia It is a shock to suddenly find you need chemo Lots of us on here donated long hair to little Princess trust that makes wigs for kids so turned a negative into a positive, others cold capped and others did both the donation and the cold cap The choice has to be yours, you control what happens to your hair, not the chemo Do read through other chemo threads also Mai7 has a great blog that’s full of info. You will find your own drum beat through chemo everyone settles into it their own way but you get each other through together :two_women_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: if you antisickness meds don’t work ringvyourcunit they will tweak them don’t battle through thinking oh this is chemo Do ask away, ring the nurses and the someone like me option. Drink 2-3l fluids a day while on chemo flushes it through I sucked ice lollies during infusion it helped preserve mouth, also painted nails dark polish to help preserve nails too. Others will pop on with tips and tricks that will help, oh get anosol and senokot and baby wipes sorry if tmi but the steroids can block you up get thermometer so you can keep track of your temperature during chemo too. Always ring your unit during chemo don’t think oh I’ll leave it a bit of pop a couple of paracetamol, ring your unit and check with them because anything no matter how insignificant you might think it is on chemo could need antibiotics help your team get you through safely Hope that helps a bit :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Princessleia29

I am waiting for results of Onco Type DX test to see if chemo will be of any benefit , if so I will be starting in January.

Two weekly 4 x EC then 4 x Paclitaxel. 

Do you know what cycles you will have ? 

I have cut my hair shorter to a short bob but will shave it if I have chemo as I can’t stand the thought of having headaches from cold cap.

I hope you can enjoy some time over Christmas and not worry too much xx

Hiya I’m same just had a mastectomy with reconstruction my chemo starts next week. I went and got my hair all cut short and funky today. Dreading the hair loss I know everyone is different but I’m dreading chemo more than the surgery. 

I had surgery on the 21st of December

Lumpectomy and auxiliary lymph nodes clearance, got my first chemo TC first of 4 cycles yesterday, I decided to cut my hair shirt beforehand. Just braved it and took control to decide when my hair was coming off, actually went to the local barber £12 absolute bargain  number 6 short back n sides cut on top, and it’s fabulous,  should have done it years ago  . But that’s just me lol kinda sticking two fingers up to cancer and not waiting for the casting. Its actually boosted my self esteem and mental health.  Not a decision I understand for all but it has been good for me x