January 2023 chemo starters

Hi is anyone starting chemo in January 2023? Any tips/advice are welcomed :purple_heart:  thank you, Dawn x


Hi Dawn , welcome to the forum . I think the moderators will start an official thread for people starting chemo in January soon but hopefully people will be along to chat who are starting chemo in near future too .
@Shi  can you share your wisdom about starting chemo ? X

Hello, I just found out I’ll be starting my chemotherapy TC on 1/5.  I’m so scared but only have 4 rounds so I’ll take it.  Sending prayers.


Hi, I have my first appt with my oncologist tomorrow (29th) but have been told I’ll be starting chemo early in the new year (possibly next week), and thereafter a mastectomy. I can’t remember what the timescales I was told over the phone were - I was too busy trying not to faint at the news! Still reeling from it - aged 51, very fit, teetotal, not overweight, and generally classed as the healthy one in my workplace and amongst family and friends! Again, I can’t remember exactly what I was told other than it’s classed as early stage, highly treatable and we’re going for a cure. You’d think that would be good news but if I’ve seen one person mention that they’ve had a recurrence, I feel like I’ve seen a million. Terrified of debilitating side effects as I help care for my elderly parents (my dad is in very poor health) and I see them every day and take my dad to all his hospital appts. I see the occasional person say they didn’t suffer too badly at all, but then there are numerous stories of infections, strokes, and frequent visits to A&E and protracted hospital stays! Help! 

I’ve now received my treatment plan and have my first round of chemo on 12th Jan - 6 in total, every 3 weeks. My drugs are Docetaxel, Carboplatin, Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab. My tumour is BIG but thankfully still stage 2 and they tell me they’re very optimistic that it’s curable. I’ve freaked myself out reading about all the possible side effects. Also the leaflet for Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab says I’ll initially have it with my chemo, and then every 3 weeks for one year. I don’t recall that last bit being mentioned to me. My plan as I recall (although my head was spinning at all the information) was the 6 doses of chemo, and then masectomy. Trying to get prepared in advance, but this is all a bit of a nightmare…… 


Hi ladies!

I too started chemo Jan., Jan. 12th to be precise :). I’m stateside. Receiving 4 rounds of AC (doxorubicin hydrochloride (Adriamycin) and cyclophosphamide) every 2 weeks then on to Pacitaxol (T) for 12 rounds weekly. Followed by surgery and possible radiation. Still undecided on double mastectomy as i can contribute this highjacker to a gene mutation who feeds primarily on Estrogen, HER-. 

I am 41, young in the cancer world so they are treating things aggressively.  Very active, overall healthy besides this nonsense.

Hoping to follow this process with others! Is this the official area for January starters?

hope all are well :slightly_smiling_face:  

Hi, My name is Bea. 36yrs old. I just started on Jan 11. My treatment is 6 rounds, one every three weeks. Surgery and then immunotherapy for a few more months.  I can’t wait for Dec 2023 to get here already and this to be over. My tumor they told me is highly treatable and assured me I will be cured.

After the first session (Wed) I felt fine for a few days until Sunday. I think that what bothered the most was the bone pain that comes from the Neulasta shot. Fortunately it lasted about 48hrs.

Has anyone heard about Enterade? I just bought two cases to try them for the next session. 


I found the product by myself doing research. It pissed me off that there are products out there made so that cancer patients can have better quality of life while undergoing treatment and doctors don’t say or are not aware of these.

Hi all,

I’m 40 yo, just diagnosed with ER+/PR+ stage 1a Dec '22, grade 2, Ki67 30%. Tumor was 13mm, node negative with DCIS surrounding it, total area 25mm so recommended for mastectomy. 
my breast surgeon first thought i didnt need chemo but oncotype dx result came out with 22 RS, 8% distant recurrence risk should i be treated with tamoxifen alone. 
understood that my score is a bit of grey area with 2 onco said i need chemo and 2 others said i dont. Chemo is said to provide 6.5% benefit for my score (not sure how to calculate this, but does it mean my risk will be reduced from 8% to 1.5%? Oncologist said it’s only to 4%. Dunno where the numbers come from) But since i want to do anything to fight this, 4 TC cycles here I come.

My first chemo was on 21 Jan. 3-5 days post chemo was the worst. Nausea, lost of appetite, fatigue. a bit of constipation and bone pain on 5th days post chemo due to leucolyte injection to boost leucosit.

hair started falling of 2 weeks after chemo so I shaved them all last week. Emotional moment since I’ve never been with short haircut before but now I’m bald. Too bad there’s no cold capping in my country. 

next chemo schedule this Friday. I wish us all luck :relaxed:

Hello All, 

I have started my chemo in Jan 2023. I am on chemo after lumpectomy and Axillary node clearance surgery. I am 43 so was advised that i will benefit from chemo. 

I am on 8 chemo cycles with 4 cycles EC(Epirubicin and Cyclophosphomide) and 4 cycles Placlitaxel.

I am on cycle 3 now. Side effects were managable till cycle 2 it was more physical like heartburn, acidity, body ache, headache, rashes, so couple of visits to A&E and managing OK. 

4 days into the 2nd cycle i lost all my hair. My big big low point. I love hair and any amount of preparation actually did not/does not help to lose all of it. Like someone else mentioned, this constantly keeps reminding me of Cancer. and for me to get back to my original length it is going to take a good couple of years. So the reminder is there for a long time. i have not come to terms with it at all. not sure if i ever will. To make it worse after the 3rd cycle insomnia has kicked in and sleepless nights/days with the cumulative fatigue is making it even more difficult. I am not even able to sleep away my sadness. 

have tried couple of sleeping pills from GP, still cannot fall asleep. Have got another one to try now(fingers crossed).  Have also got peripheral neuropathy… which is again not helping. 

i am now starting to think if i really needed this chemo. and why so many cycles? Anyway i guess its too late now… but trying to find something that will help me convince myself… that it is actually worthy to go through this horrendous ordeal. Do  I actually need chemo? 

More than feeling that i am being treated, i feel i am being punished. 

really dont know how to cope with the hair loss …and all of these rubbish side effects… 5 more cycles to go. 

Sorry for the vent, but i am feeling drained and exhausted already… How are you all coping with this bitter chemo journey?

Take care all


Hi WTAF, I am in the same position as you. I started docetaxol, carboplatin and injection on the 31st January. How are you finding it? X