January chemo starters ?

Hi due to start mine on 3rd January, picc line being fitted day before.
Not quite sure what to expect but would love to chat to others starting next month!

Hi MrsMG.
I’m from the Oct thread just popping in to see if I can be of any help. I’m sure there will be some Jan starters over very soon to keep you company. Feel free to pop into any of the other threads if you have any questions. The girls are on Oct thread are all a bit crazy and posts will have you laughing.
What chemo regime are you on? I’m on FEC-T 3 of each. I have just finished my first T so 4 down and 2 more to go.
Cassie x

Hi will be starting the same as you. I’ve got my introduction meeting in New Year’s Eve and then I’m off to my local pub for a party hen line being fitted on 2 and then starting on the 3rd. Got my dates this afternoon, for the last week I’ve been “where’s my dates? When do I start? And now I know I’m like … OH !
My motto is to keep plodding and read up on the other monthly threads.
Thanks for replying x

This blasted phone and it’s predictive text !! ?

It’s a good feeling to know what’s happening but it does make it all that more real. I can’t comment about a PICC line as I don’t have one but if you post on the other threads there’s loads of people with them. I would say be as prepared as you can before chemo. Be aware that you won’t feel like doing much for probably a week or so after so plan ahead and get anything you need to do beforehand. Any help or advice you think we can offer just let us know. Everyone has a different experience but we can say what helped us best.
Cassie x

Hi MrsMG - not had any date as yet but just back from the hospital, had MX and SNB last week and now have the results so I will be starting chemo in the new year. Also very unsure what to expect like you. 

Hi , had my mastectomy in November, have decided that I am going to enjoy Christmas and just go for it in the new year ,
As my husband says “plod on” ?

Hi MrsMG and Shocked - if you look back to the beginning of the threads you’re both feeling what we all felt before we started. What will happen, how will I feel, how long will it take and a dozen other questions. All I can say is I found it more scarey beforehand than when I actually got there. The staff are great and no question is silly. Try not to let your thoughts get the better of you and talk to your BCN about any fears. Do your best to enjoy Christmas with your family and friends rest up. Pop into any of the threads, we’re all members of the club nobody wants to join and support each other through the mire. Good Luck x

Hi ladies

i start in January, got my first appointment with Oncology Wednesday then senital node the next week then Chemo. I am so worried about it…xx

Hello January ladies! I’ve just popped over from the October thread. The waiting is one of the hardest parts because you don’t know what to expect and everyone feels like that. Plodding on is really all you can do. As Cassie has said try to get things like housework and some meals done so that you can just heat stuff up if you don’t feel like doing much or even for your family to eat so you don’t have to worry about feeding them. I would also say don’t worry about calling your onc unit if you’re suffering or worried about anything as they can adjust meds and tell you what to do rather than worrying yourself silly.


you will get lots of support from this forum but also lots of laughs too which help you get through this. Feel free to pop on other threads and ask if you’ve got questions, we’re a friendly bunch.

I was diagnosed with havibg breast cancer on the 13th December … to say I’m terrified would be an understatement but I’m determined to stay positive abd best this. 

All I know at the momen is that I have to have 6 chemo sessions … possible surgery then 3 weeks of radiotherapy… I know nothing about chemo etc … the cold cap scares the life out of me … but hey ho I’ll face it and do my best to keep a smile on m face. A letter arrived from the hospital this morning … I have an outpatients appointment on Friday 5th January 

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Hi ladies I am also from our October thread and thought I would pop in to say hello and wish everyone all the best :heart:?
I am about to have my first T tomorrow after my 3 FEC and like you it feels like starting again not quite knowing what will happen. But what I do know is that whatever I feel I know it will eventually pass and get better even though it might not feel like it at the time and that if I have any problems or questions I can come on here, as I did do many times with FEC, and there will be someone with a shared experience and some advice to offer.
None of us wants to be here but I have found that I no longer feel alone and that a little mad humour can go a long way in getting through everything. And everyone on here truly cares.
I hope everyone has all their dates soon and then you can settle into getting ready. Hopefully you can find the lists of great things to help you prepare but let us know if you need them again as we are all very happy to share and our lovely Shi and Meesh from our October thread can both reel them off as if it is the Generation Game ??

Hi Shocked

it makes sense too me I couldn’t wait for my oncology as soon as I knew it was chemo first. Every appointment is like a step closer to the end of this awful nightmare. 

You are you feeling post mx?


October ladies I’ve stalked your thread and it’s been so helpful. Amazing the different experiences everyone has…made me feel less alone xxx

Hi. I’m due to start my chemo on the 11th January. Having a portacath inserted on the 8th first as my veins are really bad. I’m having 6 sessions (3xfec & 3 x docetaxel).

I was diagnosed on the 9th November after noticing some puckering to my breast. A massive shock as it is to us all. To allow me to enjoy Christmas I had a one month hormone therapy implant inserted on the 29th November and a course of Letrozole tablets. We had a day trip to Lapland booked on the 23rd December and we’ve had a fabulous Christmas as a family with my 6 year old boy but now the reality is starting to kick in and I’m starting to panic about the chemo. I’m trying to stay positive as I’m going to kick the butt of this and see my little boy grow up but I am apprehensive. My husband also works abroad and had to go back to Hong Kong today so feeling a tad emotional.


I’m so glad I found this thread , I love reading all ur comments ur all such strong amazing woman xxxx

I got diagnosed 22nd December and 2nd jan I am meeting the oncologist to talk me through my chemo plan , so I’m pretty sure il be a jan starter .
It’s been a whirlwind few weeks but I’m ready to just crack on with it now xxxx

Massive hugs xxxx

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Hi I was diagnosed October and have got my first oncologist meeting jan 8 th , have had surgery and have got bone scan jan 4 th x I’m scared stif about chemo and hair loss , which for me I just wonder what my little grandchildren will think x I live on my own so I’m also a little scared of the side effects too xx

Hi RosieH & shocked
Yes I’m having chemo first then surgery. My surgeon said it’s because of the size of the tumour v the size of me! I’m petite and slim and she said if she removed the lump beforehand there’s a big chance she would remove most of the breast therefore if she could shrink it first it would be better. I’m dreading the side effects too - I’ve had a wig fitting already and that should be ready in early January but the thought of all my hair falling out really upsets me. I’m not good at being ill so I’m going to find this really hard. I’m moving in with my parents too whilst I’m having the chemo and Hubby is away so I’m not alone - I love them dearly and there fab but all living together is going to be a challenge!!! I’m really worried about the week where we’re really prone to infection too especially with a 6 year old in school as they pick everything going up ?.
Shocked - Lapland was amazing and I’m so blessed to be able to have gone and made the memories. I’m so sorry you had to cancel Florida - we will have to do the same too as we’re booked to go in April when I will still be having chemo ?. At least we can hopefully do it at the end of next year and really enjoy it!
Lovely to hear from so many ladies in the same position as I am at the moment. I’m finding today hard - people keep sending me happy new year wishes and whilst I really appreciate them I also know the first 6 months of 2018 are going to be the toughest of my entire life so far. That said here’s wishing you all a happy new year and loads of luck with your treatments - together we can beat this xx ?

Hi ladies

perhaps we can go Happy June-ish 2018 onwards!!!

Tracey you’ve got so much too deal with, little one and your husband away. It’s hard enough dealing with grown up children emotion. 

Jamesy, I think your grandchildren probably won’t bat an eye, or think it’s cool but I am sorry you are living alone I hope your family are close. 

Kirsty are you doing ok? I didn’t half feel better once I knew the plan…

and finally shocked I hope you’re doing ok and healing. 

Just a top tip and it really depends on what floats your boat but there are some really good and very inspiring YouTube hair loss videos. One is a Vogue one and it certainly made me feel stronger.

Lots of love ladies and hears to us getting through this without any hitches xxx