Jaundice/yellow eyes

Well i started my new chemo on Tuesday Gemzar/Cisplatin when i arrived my enzymes for my liver were elevated so onc sent me down for another bllod test, so had to wait for the results to come back when they did he lowered the dose of Gemzar as this is tougher on the Liver than Cisplatin,
Well its now Friday and my eyes are still yellow and i look bloody awful,
Anyone else had this am i just being impatient its freaking me out ive had Liver mets for two years and never had the yellowing of skin and eyes please tell me it settles down eventually, im also having to contend with the bloody awful steroids that just bind you up.

Any advise would be appreciated people advising to ring onc and have another liver test but i only did that on Tuesday…

Love from a fed up Tracey.

Hi Tracey – sorry I don’t have any experience of those chemotherapies, but I think it would be good if you tell your onc team about your current situation, and let them decide whether you might need any further tests or additional treatment while you’re feeling so unwell. I know it’s the weekend, but there might be a “chemo hot-line” number at your hospital, as there is at Christie’s, where my onc team is based.

Best of luck with this, and hope you’ll be feeling lots better soon.

Marilyn xx

tracey please dont panic , my eyes were yellow and i had bad night sweats etc when my liver mets were at their worst at the end of last year . after a few chemos the yellow went away . my markers were 12oo , now they are 35 ! this is with taxotere and xeloida , am now on xeloda alone , you will be fine when chemo takes hold
love Ttacy

Hi Tracey2424

I can only echo Tracy1964’s post - I was very jaundiced in 2006 (had initial mets diagnosis in 2004) but in 2006 my liver became active again and it had affected my bile duct (that’s where the jaundice comes in) and it took ages for my yellow suntan and eyes to go back to normal but I’ve been on Xeloda since then and it’s kept it in check so far. I also had really bad ascites.

Hopefully, in time, it will settle down. I used to look at my eyes every morning in the mirror convincing myself that they were getting whiter and, in time, they did!

Take care.