jNew to radiotherapy

Hi All


Hopefully will join the October thread once it is started by Helena. Met with my oncologist this morning, so now waiting my planning session with the radiotherapy dept in the Oxfordshire area, which hopefully will be next week. So should be starting my treatment around about the 2nd-9th Octiber., not looking forward to it, but it’s another step in the right direction and the end in sight, except for all he check ups etc.  Should be returning to work next  Friday on reduced hours, until approx 4-6 weeks when treatment finishes. Meeting with the HR team to support me in a smooth return policy into work.

Helena you have been fantastic in supporting all the  lovely ladies who have BC and hanging out the big pants  on the line and giving enciouragement, when the going gets tough, also ringing the bells when treatment ends. We coulfn’t manage without you.







Yay another step towards the end of active treatment and it will not be too long before we are ringing the bells for you as well mate, and I tell you what I will be so so happy to do it for you xxxx


Make sure you dont do overdo it at work you have been through so much


Helena xxxx

Peggy, on the last bit of your journey now. Rads is very ok, just a lot of travelling and waiting around. Sending a big hug. ??? X 

Hello Ladies


I too am hoping to join the October thread as I have my planning appointment on 4 October so I will be a couple of weeks behind you Peggy as my wound isn’t quite healed yet so keeping my fingers crossed.  I am back at work on reduced hours which is good so hopefully your HR Department will be as supportive as my Manager has been - just make sure you have plenty of flexibility in your plan as that makes things much easier.


x Fiona



I will join you on the October thread too (although I am starting next Wednesday at the end of Sept.)  I am not returning to work until after I finish radiotherapy - so I will go back at the end of October/beg Nov and will be put in touch with our Occupational Therapy people to discuss a phased return.  I have also signed up for a moving forward course for November - as you may know these are run by Breast Cancer Care.  Looking forward to getting back to (a new) normal.


L-M x

Hello Ladies

Wound still healing and currently 5.5cm deep so starting Radiotherapy is now on hold until the wound has healed. I have to have the wound packed and dressed every other day at GP’s and back to Dressings Clinic at the hospital on Monday next week for them to check on progress. A bit fed up at the moment but I just have to wait for the wound to heal.

X Fiona