Job interview - hair or no hair ?

Job interview - hair or no hair ?

Job interview - hair or no hair ? Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d ask all your views on a small dilemma I have. I have an interview for a new job on Monday, at Barts in the oncology department. Now, I have finished chemo and surgery and have radiotherapy starting next Thursday for 4 weeks. So all my treatment will be finished by the time my notice period in my current job is up. But, I have about an inch of hair at the moment so my dilemma is should I wear my wig to my interview ?

At the moment I’m thinking it would be better not to as I’ve only worn it twice since I got it and if I wear it I will a) be uncomfortable wondering if it’s on straight/falling off (lol) and b) I wouldn’t want them to think I was trying to decieve them if they offer me the job and find out afterwards. On the other hand if I turn up sporting my very short hair I don’t want them to think I’m going for the sympathy vote in any way.

So, what do you all think ?

— Hi Janey — First of all well done for going for an interview this early on in the cancer journey. You deserve a bit pat on the back.

I agree with you re the NO WIG but only for the simple reason that you need to be relaxed and comfortable and able to concentrate on your answers. Cancer is now part of the new you, sadly but a fact, and so is your new hairdo… so go feeling confident in YOU - Janey - forget your hair and really sock it to them.

Good luck. Fingers crossed for you.

Love Joy xxx

Hiya Janey I fully second what Joy says about going without wig. You need to feel relaxed and focused and you are not going to do that if you feel uncomfotable and distracted.

As an onc dept. I do not think for one moment that they will think you are after a sympathy vote but will instead think that this is one gutsy lady who is very determined and committed.

Go to the interview feeling comfortable and confident and my best wishes go with you on a successful interview.


Hear Hear Don’t pretend to be someone other than you by sporting a wig.
You are obviously a confident lady who will be a tremendous asset to the Oncology Dept. and if they’ve got any sense they’ll cancel the rest of the interviews and hand it to you on a plate!!

Good luck
Judy xxx

Thanks ! Thanks everyone !

I had more or less decided on wig free but just needed someone to reinforce it for me !

Thanks for your good wishes for the job too - it sounds tailor made for me, the only slight doubt I have is getting a 10 to 7 train every morning !

Jane xx

— —Go for it girl with NO WIG you deserve the job just for being able to go for the interview while on treatment. I cannot wait to return to work due to go back in June 12 months after op.

Let us know how you go on.
Janet S

Good Luck! Everyone on this forum is I know wishing you all the very best of luck!
Just remember, that short hair is a badge of your bravery!

wig As you seem to have the umph to go out and get a job, i have the feeling you are the sort of lady who’s own personality will be at the for front and the hair will pale into the background.

good luck.

sharon x

Brave it Hi Janey,

I’m with you on the wigless front, bought one and never felt comfortable in it and subsequently never wore it. Wore hats and bandanas until I got a bit of hair.

The very best of luck with the interview at Barts, it’s my treatment hospital and they are a friendly enough bunch,so I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine. You never know, we could end up bumping into each other!

PS. It’s a very spread out place, so I hope that you have got proper instructions/map as to where to go.

Again, best of luck and keep us posted!