Jog On!

Hi, I was diagnosed with BC last year, had chemo, a lumpectomy and radiotherapy and finished treatment just before Christmas. I’ve put on a pile of weight since my diagnosis last March - too much comfort eating since treatment finished, plus not enough exercise - a common enough story, I’m sure. Am currently signed off from work until the start of April, when I’ll be looking for a new job (was temping when diagnosed).


My question is possibly a bit of a stupid one, but is it too early for me to start on the Couch to 5K program? I know I will have physical limitations caused by my stupidly lumpy armpit, achey-breaky-boob and general lack of fitness, but I’m just not sure if there’s a ‘recommended’ limitation on when to start more physical exercise like jogging. Any advice/experiences welcomed! Thanks in advance!

I had similar concerns re exercise (not jogging though!) Had WLE and SLN biopsy before Christmas and finsihed radiotherapy 4 weeks ago. I was doing loads of walking and lower body stuff throughout treatment, but wanted advice re upper body - lifting etc. Advice i got was that I was fine for lower body stuff, but to leave upper body like press-ups, lilfting things etc for a good while longer. I don’t know anything about jogging, but my guess is if it doesn’t involve straining your arm/armpit/surgery site etc, if you feel like it then it won’t do you any harm. You could ask your breast care nurse to be sure? I’m trying to lose a bit of weight as I am on Anastrozole and I think that can make you put on weight, so doing a pre-emptive strike. Good luck with the jogging - someone recommended it to me but I think the pre-exisiting arthritis in hip might make that a no-no, plus my advancing years!.

Thanks, both. I was planning on asking either my GP or Breast Cancer Nurse, but thought I’d check here first as I figured there might be people with actual experience of taking up exercise at this stage in recovery who could give me the benefit of their wisdom.