Joined the life in limbo line...

Hi anyone who’s reading

Today I had my breast clinic appointment  for my lump and apparently it’s all looking a bit suspicious.

First I saw the surgeon and he initially said I don’t think your nipple has changed (I’d pointed out it had) after pulling it several times he said there does seem to be some…I’m sure the word was fusion!

He then drew a nice circle on my boob and sent me off for a mammogram and scan. After the Mammogram the radiologist came in and said there are some changes from your previous Mammograms and started to scan. She was lovely and said there is something there that’s not right and did some core biopsies…OUCH!! Then her colleague came in to do a lymph node biopsy because one of those apparently didn’t look right. 

I asked her what she thought and she just said we need histology results to know for sure.

then back to the surgeon and we had the following conversation.

Him: There is a lesion and we have biopsied it so I will see you back here in 2 weeks so we can make a plan.

Me: Ok but can you give me any idea?

Him: yes it is suspicious 

Me: Knowing nod of the head meaning ok I understand it’s not looking great!!!


and off I trotted feeling  very numb, oh and I bit sore!!

Oh they also put one of those Titanium coil things in too…

im guessing to commit to anything the surgeons not hopeful!!! 

I have no idea what to say or do…



Well until they get the results back they will not know for sure so he wont commit either way.


I know it is really easy to say and very difficult to do but try as much as possible to distract yourself until you have your appointment.


We are all here for you so just keep coming on here whenever you need help and support there will always be someone on here.


Helena xxx



RosieH, Thought I would just say hi, I’m in the “waiting room” here 3rd year on the trot for suspicious Microcalcifications . I had a core biopsy on Monday, consultant called on Wednesday to say results were inconclusive and I’m waiting now for an appointment for a vacuum assisted biopsy.
Like everyone I’ve always found the waiting the worst although so far much quicker than abroad where I was the past 2 years where I waited 3 to 4 weeks for results. Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope you get some time to relax this weekend and get things done that you want to do, occuping your mind is good. I hope you don’t have to wait long for your next appointment. X

Hi RosieH, I had my core biopsies & needle like you but beginning Oct & that waiting & wondering if you read the situation right or you read more into things than need too.
Have I? Haven’t I, no I’m sure it will be fine, but the way she said that I’m sure she was hinting!! No I’m reading to much into it!!!
Your head will be mush as mine was. I was called back within 6 days for my results but every area is different.
Useless me saying don’t worry till you know anything for sure as our minds don’t work like that. Try keep busy as less time to think & maybe do something you dont get to do often as a treat for yourself.
Is there a Maggie’s cancer support centre near you. My local one is amazing & supportive & hold free relaxation sessions twice a week.
The ladies here are a wealth of info & have been in same situations. Best of luck x lin

Hi I am in the same state, 12th Oct mammogram followed by core biopsy, a week later inconclusive, further histology needed, week later 2nd core biopsy, week later still inconclusive, last week, the 21st surgical duct removal biopsy, and hopefully results tomorrow. The surgeon told me it WAS cancer but could not operate until the pathologist said it was a definite 5, the results came back as a 4! This week has been the longest in my life, sorry to hijack your post! Hope you get good news after your wait

Good luck with your results Jane.Hopefully at least you will know what you are dealing with tomorrow and stop being in this anxious "limbo land ".

Well it’s been confirmed, a3.5cm tumour just behind my nipple, as I have small Breasts and it’s position, they say a mastectomy is the only option, I will have it a week on Monday, still waiting results of the HER test, the surgeon seemed very positive so I have to be, one step at a time

Hi Jane,
Although it is a shock getting diagnosed, thank goodness it has been picked up so that it can now be dealt with.
When diagnosed, I found it helped to take the lead from the team about it, who were likewise, very positive with me. There’s no reason not to be.
You’re so right about taking it a stage at a time, I found it helpful just to focus on the next stage & try not to let the mind go into overdrive about it all.
There’s loads of support here, so if you want to, do go along to the ‘recently diagnosed’ & ‘going through treatment’ boards, where you will be able to chat or vent to others where you are now & those of us further down the line.
ann x

Thank you I will x

Hi Janemc, I’m sorry to hear that. You are in the right place here with lots of support and knowledgeable ladies at every stage. Im abit behind you, I had my 2nd biopsy (vacuum assisted) on Monday just gone, just before they started the consultant came in to tell me that the core biopsy 8 days pervious had shown a few abnormal cells as well as the microcalcifications they were already concerned about. They weren’t able to get as bigger a sample as they wanted due to positioning problems and left a marker in incase further intervention is needed ( just had the last one taken out during surgery in January! Anyway I get my results on Monday morning.

I hope you are able to relax abit this weekend and be kind to yourself.
Keep us posted with your progress.

Hi Ladies…

ive only just logged on after trying to forget about things for a week. Doesn’t seem to help much either way and this morning I woke feeling really isolated and lonely stuck in this wait period.

Janemc I’m so sorry about your dx I really am, I wish there was a really amazing piece of wisdom that I could give to take all your angst away!! Best I’ve got is Stupid bloody cancer!!! Thinking about you and wishing you lots of luck and love. And Mumgonemad who’s journey I’ve read as well xxx

As all you ladies have been through this bit I just wondered how normal it is for your lump to increase in size after the biopsies and if the constant pulling pain behind my nipple is normal a week later? 

Thank you again for all your kind replies xxxx

Got my results, Lobular Neoplasia and microcalcifications so I’m finished for another year and will be monitored yearly. Nice to get news which I know isn’t often reported back on here.
Janemc, I wish you well with your treatment and
RosieH I will be notified when you post so I can see how you get on. Very best wishes. Xx

Thats great news…So pleased for you :slight_smile:

I am going tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed, your positive result has made me much more hopeful xx

Good luck tomorrow Rosie .

Positivity will help you through along with everyone here! Best wishes for tmw. Let us know how you get on. Xx

That’s tough, nobody would like that. Hang in there. Tmw you will know. I got a phone call saying my first biopsy was inconclusive so hopefully you will get definative results and know one way or another.
Best of luck. Xx

How’s your weekend been RosieH? How are you feeling? Big hug. Xx

Helena, thanks again for your support during my short stint here again. I look forward to checking in with you again next year. I must admit I do feel abit like a ticking time bomb that may or may not go off at any time. Will have to put it all out of my mind again til Oct. Best wishes xx

Hi RosieH, was just wondering how you are doing? X