Joint and muscle pain with Paclitaxel

I am only on my second of twelve Paclitaxel after having had 4 EC. I hadn’t expected the joint and muscle pain to be quite so bad, I am struggling to walk. I do have underlying auto immune arthritis which I’m guessing doesn’t help. Has anyone else had a problem and if so did it increase with each cycle ? Thanks

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Hi, I really feel for you as i experienced this pain too. It was just as severe each cycle. However i noticed that it was more pronounced over a range of the same several days each cycle…eg days 4 to 7. This helped me see it as temporary and i was counting down within that window knowing there was a pattern and it would ease…rather than seeing it as never ending. This might not compare with your experience but it helped me a little.

I took painkillers which took the edge off and helped a bit with sleep, and i used pillows between my legs etc to try and take pressure off the worst areas.

Im sorry though, i remember how rough it was but it will pass. Sending hugs xx

I had Abraxane, which is a form of Paclitaxel. I had muscle pain in my legs for a few days each session. I took Paracetamol which took the edge off, but was advised that I could try Ibuprofen if it became unmanageable. Failing that the onco team would be able to prescribe something stronger.

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@grace2 I am exactly the same. Have finished 4 x EC without any bone/muscle pain and have started 4 x paclitaxel. The first round was a nightmare, day 3 following treatment I had severe bone/muscle pain, could not get any relief from and like you had trouble walking, thus lasted 3 days. I spoke to my oncology team and they gave me some pain killers for the next round. Currently day 4 past the last round of treatment and yes, I do have the bone/muscle pains but the tablets have taken the edge off and although still there is now manageable.
Definitely worth speaking to your oncologist to get something to help.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I agree with you about seeing it as a temporary problem. It does help when you can see a pattern for the side effects. I’ve had 2 treatment breaks recently to reduce Peripheral Neuropathy which has helped a lot but it is disappointing to have the new side effects instead ! Still, what can you do except keep going . I hope everything goes well for you. X


Thanks for your reply. I have Ulcerative Colitis so can’t take Ibuprofen but will do as you suggest and speak to the nurses if I need something stronger than paracetamol. Hope you are doing well. X

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