Has anyone else had bad knee pain and painful arches on their feet as long as 2 months after chemo?

I started with this on taxotere, even after the injections were stopped. I’m still having problems 2 months on and I haven’t started Tamoxifen yet - start on Monday.

It hurts going up stairs, when I stand up after being sat for a bit I get very stiff knees and takes me a bit to get going.

And my foot arches hurt like mad if I’m stood up for a while or walking for a while too.

It’s bugging me. Anyone else had it?

I’m hopeing my aches are from the fact that I am now back at work… on my feet for 8 hours 2/3 days a week!..
How are you doing, half way with your rads right?!

Mine passed El Kat, now on tamox, here we go again, lol.
Going to grin and bear it I think…

Yep, I’ve got those rotten aches too. My Onc said it’s oestrogen deprivation. My periods stopped on chemo and haven’t returned yet and been on tamoxifen for 6 weeks. Onc said sometimes the body gets used to to lack of oestrogen and aches will go away on their own. My legs have been so bad in the last few days, I can hear my knees creaking when I go upstairs. If it doesn’t improve, I’m going to take cod liver oil, glucosamine and evening primrose oil. Rubbish isn’t it?

if your periods have stopped then its likely to be caused by chemo induced menopause… i had terrible aches and pains too a few months after chemo finished, it was actually during my rads that it started… i had x-rays and bone scan just to make sure all was ok and it was fine.

joint pain is a common menopausal symptom and also from chemo and if taking aromatase inhibitors.

hope you can get the pain under control.

lulu x

It helped with chemo that I could take prescribed codeine. I don’t feel that I can ask for anything this time round.
I’m tired again, legs throb the back of my ribs hurt, and my chest is tight tonight and making me cough. Shant be long to bed.

Yep periods stopped a long time ago. Thought it may be the case, it’s just unusualin my age group apparently. B*gger.

Charlotte - last rads tomorrow - WHHHHOOOOOOOP. Start Tamoxifen Monday, Preparing my werewolf cage ready for day 1.
Been fine on Rads,v tired but think it’s all the travelling.
They haven’t believed how well my skin has held up, looks like nothing is happening at all. Tiny pinkness if compared to OK Boob, other than that, nothing. Breeze for me.

So I’m not the only one with aches and pains before Tamoxifen starts then. Right. It’s a pain yes, esp at night and in the morning. I’m hoping that disappears because it’s going to stop me from getting more exercise.