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Maybe this is the cure!!!???

To everybody on arimidex suffering the terrible old lady joints like me…mine have been so terrible I wanted to just give up the pills, however I have been taking a health supplement; all-in-one capsules containing GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN AND MSM. Had been taking glucosamine for ages before this. Well, the pain/stiffness have gone, can even jump out of bed after 5 days of taking. Cant really believe it, and hope the effect lasts. I would tell you where I buy them but it may be not allowed. At least I can say they are from a very well-known firm on the channel islands. Bet of luck, Zoe

Hi Zoe,

Would that a two word name, one of which is commonly used for The Netherlands?

Glad to read this. Like you, I’ve swallowing tons of Glucosamine alone. Having noticed the amazing improvement in my 13 year old dog, I was getting tempted by her joint chews, but this sounds more palatable!


I am on my third lot of Arimadex, and my fingers and knees are so bad in the morning, gets better as the day goes on. But I dont understand - why does this tablet make our joints ache? (Sorry if thats stupid, but no one had told me why). I am taking calcium twice a day, but will go and but those Glucosamine tablets, by the way what is MSM?


Hi All,

I am on second month of Arimidex and find like you Shirley that fingers etc are bad in the morning but get better as day goes on.I will try anything and have been taking just Glucosamine but will try it with the other ingredients.Don’t think its a stupid question as i haven’t got a clue why a little pill can cause all this discomfort.I would like to pick anybody’s brains about pins & needles that i’ve had since chemo and mostly in “chemo arm” but a bit in the other but causing shooting pains up my arm in the night and swollen fingers?As most of us know it’s bad enough getting a good nights kip as it is but this just means even more disturbance as well as OH snoring,anybody got the same?

Karen x

I’ve been on Arimidex for a year now and found that high dose glucosamine really helps. My onc has agreed that it is good to take. I have a bit of stiffness first thing in the morning but for the last 3 months I really haven’t seen it as a problem. Before that I had real problems. That said, I think that the stiffness can improve with time with or wth out the supplement.

But now I can crouch down or sit on the floor and get up without looking like an 80 year old

Havent checked since I started this off!!! Thought nobody was looking. :slight_smile: still taking it, I’m sure its either the chondriotin (which is made form shellfish shells) or the MSM. This is methyl sulphate m (something I’ve forgotten) which provides extra sulphate for the bonds in our connective tissues. I think it’s the chondroitin which reduces the painfl swelling, I will ask a guy I used to work with at university, he is doing research into how it really helps arthritis…
Karen, I get hte terrible pins ans needles in the chemo arm, I think it is carpal tunnel syndrome casued by damage and scarring in the veins that got knackered and burned. In my case epirubicin did the damage, I remember the awful burning as it flowed in!
Good luck, keep posting, Zoe x

GP refered me back to onc after went to see him last week and had previously gone to see him with neck/shoulder pain (sure it’s been since back at work& glued to computer).Saw onc yesterday who when i explained symptoms he said bet you gave you’re GP a fright (not very reassuring),scratched his head and said you do get neuropathy (pins & needles)after chemo but not FEC so he didn’t know?Got to have blood test for b12 & folate to see if anaemia causing it and if no improvement neurologist?Think i’d prefer to go down the glucosamine & chondroitin route!
Zoe,awful as it sounds i’m glad you’re having same problem as maybe “normal” as my veins were shot to bits in the end and the burning…
Keep me posted.All the best Karen x

hello everyone, went into the shop thats called after the netherlands yesterday, bought the chrondoitn and glucosamine tablets and asked what MSM was, and was told its a mild painkiller? Anyway taking 3 HUGE tablets every day now along with straflower and calcium - so I will wait and see.

Hope everyone is OK


Hi All,
Ditto above so we’ll see!!!

All the best

Karen x

I use nature’s best but interesting about the chrondoitin as I’ve only taken glucosamine up to now and felt no real benefit.

I’ve been suffering joint pain since going on aromasin a year ago. I have developed osteoarthritis in my wrists which my surgeon says is made far worse by the aromasin. I’ve tried a variety of pain killers but had to stop them for various reasons unless it’s really bad. For a week, I’ve been using a tens machine for the last week and have noticed a definite improvement in my wrists and hands.

I took glucosamine for over a year and it made no difference whatsoever.

Good to see so many people with something to say, keeps my spirits up to know you’re all out there!
Karen, I’m afraid the chondroitin and MSM have only helped the joint pain/stiffness, not the hand pins& needles. I think tha tis something permanent unless surgery helps. I feel sure it is chemo-induced Carpel tunnel syndrome. Will add to the list of questions for ONC next week. Still poking away under my armpit wondering what it is thats hurting in there all of a sudden…
Shirley, I dont know why the health food shop told you MSM was a pain killer. I suspect they just didnt know what it was. It functions by really improving the mending of connective tissue, especially joints, sulphur bonds are a vital part of protein structures, they are like the steel reinforcements that you get in concrete buildings in a way.
WEll, my head is drooping - off to bed. I bought a memory foam mattress topper and that made it all a bit better too! Zoe xx

Hi everyone I have been on arimidex for four weeks got terrible joint pain s never had them before, really spoils your quality of life mainly hip joints anyone got any advice does anything really help many thanks love suzan x

Sorry you had to join the club…no easy answer. Some people even give up taking arimidex, but sticka t it a bit longer suzan. If you do a few searches you will see loads of different comments. I can only say try taking chondroitin and/or MSM. I 've been taking glucosamine for months without much effect. I did find rubbing comfrey ointment in helped the knuckles, but othing worked as well as last week when I started the two supplements above. If you read the comments above a well you will get a better picture. The symptoms are so wierd…they travela round. It can be your hips…or your hands…or your back, dont be surprised if they move! You end up feeling like an old hypochondriac.
Well, hope yours doesnt last long. Evereyone is different. love Zoe x

I’ve been on Arimidex for 2 and a half years. Joint pain forced my Onco to swap me to Aromasin…bad side effects so I tried Tamoxifen…even worse side effects so I’m back on Arimidex figuring it’s better the devil you know.
Only another 2 and a half years to go. lol

I’m 66 years of age and in worse shape than my 92 year old mother…BUT I’m still here and I will soldier on because I have too much to lose so I won’t give in.
Lovely to read all your wonderful posts it has boosted my morale and I now know I’m not alone.


Think after reading the above i am going to tell onc in March i am sticking with my tamoxifen.


Rennay, have you tried glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM pills? I was absolutely crippled by joint pain with Arimidex, but its all gone after a few weeks on these combination pills apart from stiffness (worse in the morning) in hands. I could post you a few to try if we are allowed to exchange addresses, as I felt a difference even after 5 days. Otherwise, buy them from Healthspan.
Good luck, Zoe

Hi Zoe,
I have started the Glucosamine tablets and my stiffness has eased. Thank you so much!

Hi all

I have posted this on behalf of new user Marie.

Kind regards.


Hi, I’m glad I’m not alone out there, when reading all about you guys on the Arimidex tabs. They have made me into an invalid (to put it mildly!!) I have constant pain in my hands and feet, lower back pain and even when I stit in a chair it hurts the base of my pelvis. I had Tamoxifen for 3 years and now on the Arimidex and its just as bad with the joint pain, although not so many hot sweats now. But no one told me about the Glocosamine Chondrotin pills!!! I can’t beleive there is a solution, so I will have to try them. I am taking pain killers all the time as its so painfull. I can understand why some women give the Arimidex up. I’m 45 and never new I could feel so old in a body of this age.