Joint pain/ digestion issues

Have been struggling with this for some time… Arimidex for 2 years now,
( Tamoxifen for 2 years in 1990’s).
I have diverticulitis, as am sure there are other FEC/EC chemo patients out there too.My digestive problems started then.
Arimidex for me = joint pains, hot sweats… that’s all!
Diverticulitis = severe bowel pain and diarrhoeia, unpredictable and embarrassing when I have a " do". All I have been advised is wholefood diet
Thing is Drugs for pain in joints Ibuprofen does give me bowel pain and squits.Paracetamol doesn’t touch it. Am relying more on Loperamide, every other day to slow the bowel down, when I need to take ibuprofen,
Anyone with wise advice… am about to have words with my GP about my drug regime, but obviously won’t get to see anyone now before february!!!
Am not sure I am qualified to juggle my drugs and am concerned about co-ordination of this stuff.
Have good onc. but limited secondary macmillan nurse access. I am usually positive but am well with this plate spinning act.

Hazelnut, you’ve got a lot going on there and your meds need to be improved. Ibuprofen is probably too harsh on the stomach especially to keep taking over a sustained period of time. Given that you’re prone to diarrhoea I’m wondering whether something like co-codamol would be better (codeine and paracetamol). You can buy it over the counter at a low dose but higher doses need prescribing. My mother in law has terrible arthritis pain but has been taken off ibuprofen and takes the maximum dose of paracetamol daily.

I’m no expert at all on diverticultis and it’s not something I suffer from but I know how debilitating my neighbour finds it at times. I thought that during the bad attacks the idea was keep off the whole foods to allow the stomach to settle.
I’ve put in a link from the Mayo clinic. You probably know about all this anyway.

I think that if you’re having diarrhoea and pain attacks with joint pain then that you need to see a GP with some urgency. You may be are being too stoic and polite!

good luck with this, Elinda x

Hi Elinda,
Just needed someone to reassure me am not making a fuss about nothing.Thankyou.
Thanks also for for the link , have saved it and, I see am doing right sort of things during and after an attack. But would prefer not to have an attack at all!! They are 2 weekly at least.
Priority is GP appointment, and if needed going back to bowel consultant ( OH JOY!!!) Have had enough lung oscopys, biopsies, sigmoidoscopys and invasive stuff to last me!!
Swallowing all these tablets does have to have an effect on the gut in general though, and the links aren’t there… eg have lung mets… don’t have any advice re how to keep my breathing ok… have Dvticular… are there drugs which don’t fit with my condition?
Thanks so much for you reply, I will follow this through, if only in case anyone else is in same place.

You are definitely not making a fuss about nothing. May I suggest that you make a list of each point to discuss with your GP so that you’re clear when you get there. I have a few health problems and if I don’t list then I sometimes forget some of the issues and kick myself afterwards!

It does sound as though you really need specialist advice. Your diverticular disease isn’t well controlled and on top of that you’re not sure what to do about the pain meds and their impact on your stomach.
Same with your lung problem - you need expert advice on how to ensure you keep your breathing okay.
I completely understand that your sick of oscopys etc and I would say that to your GP and consultants. What you’re looking for are better ways of managing the problems you have.

All of this should be happening for you anyway and I’m sorry to hear it’s not. This does need an urgent appointment to get things moving and at the very least your GP should be able to help you before Christmas with sorting out your pain meds. It may also be worth speaking to the pharmacist about options beforehand too.

take care and let us know how you get on.
Elinda x

Thanks again elinda,
I’m in process of talking to different GP… like someone who knows about sec. BC. Rare I know but am going to ask.I will move this stuff on as it needs co-ordinating.
Thanks for your comments, do you know sometimes am so fed up with being a sicko, fortunately my Hub. understands when I have bad days.
Thanks again, and will post when get some news.

I’m not in the same situation as you but I totally understand that feeling. I had health problems before the BC and have had so many following treatment. I always go to the doctor or surgeon with my list of ailments and can see them thinking oh no not more problems. We have to grit our teeth and explain our situation. It is what they are there for afterall.

I think I also have a tendency to play things down because I have so many problems. I did that when I thought my arm was swelling so I didn’t get referred to the lymphodema clinic and was told not to worry and get on with my life. The thing is I had developed mild lymphodema so now I’m in a compression sleeve all the time and wish I’d been more persistent 6 months ago.

take care, good luck and let me know how you get on!
Elinda x