joint pain in fingers

Up to this point my pain has been mainly knees hips and ankles but now horror of horrors its in my middle finger of my right hand…stiffness and and stabbing pains when I move it.As I am a right handed cleaner this is not good news! I’m aware of it all the time and holding it differently which wont help long term I know.Its affecting my work which I cant afford to let it do as its my livelihood.Any advice anyone could offer please? A bit difficult to put ibuprofen gel on a finger.

Hi Treez, I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 5 years and have pains in the joints of both of my index fingers.  This started right from the begining, but although it reduced considerably of it’s own accord it’s still there.  I cope OK even though I use a keyboard at work all day.  I find when it’s bad a pain killer and cod liver oil helps.  I have hip pains too but I found after a while I could just ignore this and get on with life.