Joint pain management

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with extreme joint pain? I’ve had 4 zoladex infections, finished radiotherapy 4 weeks ago and been on exemestane for 12 weeks and the joint pain is becoming a little unbearable. I can cope with the mood swings and other crap stuff caused by the meds but the joint pain is really bothering me and wondered if anyone has had similar symptoms and if there was any advice on how to manage the pain? I have cocodamol (and wine if I’m being completely honest) to help manage the pain and not sleeping but I know this shouldn’t be my long term plan. Thanks xx

Hi 1980
I was in a similar situation. I asked my consultant to look at this problem. In the end changed my meds to tamoxifen. I have arthritis anyway but it did make it worse! Speak to someone in your clinic or even your gp might be able to help!
Good luck

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Hi there

Sorry to hear this. I find the joint pain the worst part of all my treatment and I have another 4 years at least on it. I spoke to my specialist and there are different AI’s we can take.

I am on letrozole and now I have been told not to take it for 3 weeks to see if my joints get any better and if not then I shall try an anastrozole then the one you are on them last case tamoxifen. There are a few different ones so worth checking in to see if you can change if it gets too much.

I hope you feel a little better soon. Xx

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