Joint Pains

Hi All,

I know there was a thread about joint pains before , but can’t find it now.

I have been suffering from terrible joint pains for about three weeks now. Thats on top of the hot flushes and night sweats, My cancer is Oestrogen + and started my Tamoxifen last weekend. The pains in my joints (back, hips, knees and ankles, even shoulders) have become unbearable.

Anyone got any advice, I am 43 and pre-menopausal, my periods stopped after FEC number 3.

My consultant prescribed Megace alonside tamoxifen to help with night sweats but haven’t taken them becasue of the weight gain that goes along with it. Sounds stupid I know, but have been very overweight in the past and don’t want to go there again.

I just want to enjoy my life, be happy and get back to normal. This is all so soul destroying.

Sorry to moan.


Hi Susie

If you go to the search (top menu) and type in joint pain you will get quite a few threads come up which might be of interest. Hope this helps



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Me too Susie. I have also been prescribed Megace and have taken 2 doses so far. I wouldn’t worry about the weight gain side. If you are anything like me, I eat when I am upset or not feeling well so am hoping Megace will work and then I won’t comfort eat. I have been on Tamoxifen 11 months. It’s bearable but affecting my quality of life. Especially shoulder pain which flared up after lumpectomy and rads. Hope you feel better soon


Hi Susie,

When I started Tamoxifen several months ago, I got terrible joint pains as well. I still get the pains now, but somedays it’s not too bad, others I’m quite uncomfortable, which I mainly put down to starting Zoladex recently. I’ve been told to take large doses of Ibuprofen, which helps, but isn’t always kind on the stomach.

Hopefully things will calm down for you as well.

Jacki xx