Jon Interview - Any Tips?

I decided to start applying for jobs a couple of months ago (I was jobhunting when I was diagnosed last year). On any application forms I’ve filled in I have been totally honest on the health bit of the form and told them about being treated for BC. Anyway, I’ve managed to get an interview at my local college next week and wonder if anyone can offer any tips?

I’m concerned about them asking about my health situation face to face as I need time off for Herceptin until next May, also the jobs they have on offer are probably going to be starting in January and I have hospital appointments on 3 consecutive weeks during that month. Only one of these is in my local hospital, the rest involve a 20 mile round trip, so it’s not like having an hour off for the dentist. TBH, I was surprised to get an interview as I’ve felt I should have had interviews for other jobs I applied for and was beginning to wonder about the whole discrimination thing.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has faced this situation.

I was still having some treatment when I applied for my present job. I was totally honest in my application and it was never mentioned at all -this is a government job.

Coincidentally I also had treatment (whole day) in the first week I was working and asked if I should defer my start date but this was dismissed as no problem at all.In reality my first weeks were training anyway and some time away during these weeks wasn’t crucial. Plus as it is a huge employer I wasn’t really missed at that time anyway…

Also,as a public body there is an element of ‘positive discrimination’ towards disabilities- this is the flag we fly under following a cancer diagnosis. I didn’t care either way.This was the job I wanted 2 years ago and I’m still as happy now as I was at the start.

Just go for the interview as you would have before diagnosis and accept the outcome as you would have before.

good luck

Hi Cherub and Una,

I’m very pleased to see your post. I was about to leave my current job and look for a new one prior to dx. I am really dreading going back in January but was nervous about applying for a new job whilst still off sick. You have encouraged me to give it a go. Life is too short to spend most of the week in a situation you hate.

Goodluck to both of you in your new ventures - Swanie

I am still off sick from work and got a new job last week.
My potential new employers know that I am off sick at the moment. I checked out the legalities before I went for an interview. My present employers cannot do anything and my new one’s cannot discriminate against me. I can also ‘work’ my notice whilst on sick leave. However, because I am subject to enhanced clearances (government based post) and will need to see Occupational health, I will be back in my old post before these are through, so I will hopefully hand my notice in during January, take 5 weeks leave that I have accumulated and say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new!

It’s amazing how BC makes you re-eveluate your life etc

Good luck to all of you who are job hunting x