Juicers and Recipes

I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good juciers. Also, wondering if there are any good cancer diet recipe books out there. I have the Jane Plant one which I am reading, but I think is will just go organic now and cut out red meat and most dairy. Thanks

I found the canceractive.co.uk website very useful and interesting. Its focus is complementary rather than alternative but it is very much focused on healing yourself as well

Hey there Flower20

Have to say, the best juicer is one you will use!

Ive been juicing for 12+ years, and was quite a purist, chose to buy a Matstone masticating juicer over a centrifugal one, as the former mimics chewing, and doesn’t oxidise the fruit & veg when juicing. Though it was £++ (£160 at the time, but the best on the market & built like a workhorse!), I still get a lot of great juice, & it has a high juice yield (to the amount of veg & fruit put through it). However, after my DX my dear friend bought me a whole fruit centrifugal one (these are more readily available & cheaper) which I use with a blender to make green smoothies. Its quick to use, and easy to clean. Though the juice doesn’t last as long with a centrifugal juicer (the spinning process to extract the juice fills the juice with oxygen, & makes it go off more quickly…) by putting a good squeeze of lemon & drinking the juice quickly, you still get good benefits.

May I suggest getting a good high powered blender, and trying green smoothies - blending what you would juice with kale / spinach etc. These enable you to get the goodness of juice, & the fibre from the veg / fruit, which aids elimination , giving your body something to bind the toxins onto to pass out of your body… & they are great too! Top juicing tip: blend in 1/4 to 1/2 avocado into your juice - thickens it up, & great for beneficial oils.
Tip 2 : Lindwoods ground flax seeds blended into juice / smoothie thickens & adds fibre, & essential fats too.

Yummy… I’m off to make a smoothie now!

Hope this helps & good luck with your juicing!

I don’t know if money is an issue for you at the moment but if you can afford to I would look at the omega vert juicer. It is very expensive but is really easy to clean and it also has the slow masticating method of extracting the juice. The best blender is probably the vitamix - you can make smoothies that have no bits in them at all, you can also use it to make raw soups and it blends so fast it will even heat it up for you.
I had some money paid to me on diagnosis from an insurance policy and so could justify spending a bit (well a lot) extra for them.
As sarahlouise has mentioned kris Karr is a very enthusiastic juicer and raw foodie. She has a cancer tips book (which I thought was great) and a recipie book, both available on amazon

I went on a juice retreat after chemo in Turkey.It was one of Jason Vale’s retreats look up juice master on you tube…I bought the juicer he recommends which is the Phillips one with the wide funnel that takes whole apples…I am a huge advocate of fresh juicing as the beneficial enzymes we require for energy are destroyed when store bought juices are pasteurised. Raw food also contains phytochemicals which are known to fight disease. I have lots of delicious juice recipes. My blender was a fairly inexpensive one. I juice every single day and my energy levels are higher when I do …pm me for any recipes. I am so into juicing I did a presentation about it at work for a teaching job and converted my two interviewers who went out and bought juicers and got the job.

hiya. thanks for this. I am looking into juicers right now. My diet was good before BC but i want to improve it so that if i do get a recurrence i will know that i did everything to prevent it. Would be great to see some of your recipes. I f it is a hassle emailing these i can give you my address and you can pop copies into the post!
hope things are well with you. thanks for your helo! x

Mine is a Phillips I am uk resident, it’s not one of the top notch ones that presses and costs £200 plus, I paid about £80 for it, did have a cheaper one to start but this one is much better and easier to clean. I can recommend the following juice that I have in the morning, it takes some getting used to: I medium broccoli head (you dont get much juice out of broccoli) 1 celery stick and 3 carrots or more depending on the size. This will make a tumbler of juice about half a pint. If you can bear it I also add a teaspoon of tumeric and a desert spoon of flax seed milled. Also if you are taking wheatgrass a teaspoon with a slice of pineapple and an apple or orange juiced together is just about bearable! Unfortunately my job doesn’t allow me to make juice most of the day so my receipies are more for health than enjoyment but I am sure there are some lovely options out there. I sometimes take carrot/apple and ginger to work.