July 2018 Chemo Starters

Hi Ladies

Welcome to the forum.

This thread is for anyone starting chemo in July and would like to chat, share tips etc. Hopefully you can all help and support each other along the way.

I had chemo in 2016, so please ask if you have any questions and I shall do my best!

Best wishes

Sue xx

Hi Sue and everyone, wanted to reach out to say ‘Hi’
I am due to start Chemo on the 10th July for grade 3 BC Her2. Still going through final testing…had bone scan and mri on liver today, wish me luck for these results. Anxious about final results and starting chemo but for the moment I have a pleasant distraction in that after diagnosis me and my partner of 23 years decided to get married…planned a wedding in 3 weeks!! Getting hitched on the 6th July xx

Congrats Klairee. Just what you need, something fab to look forward to! Just nosing from June! One cycle down, second on 11th July. Good luck ?

Hi Klairee11,

Congratulations and I hope you have a beautiful day! Enjoy every moment. ???

Hi there everyone,


My name’s Willie (I am a girl! Well, a 56 year old girl, ha ha), I live in Derby and I’m starting my chemo tomorrow (Thurs 28 June) but think I’d rather join the July thread as we’ll all be new together.  I’m sure I won’t be drummed out for breaching the calendar by 3 days!  


My oncologist - or Dr Pollyanna as I call him - told me I had a combined 51mm tumour (removed in 3 operations - 2 x WLE and 1 MX), grade 1 with 1 positive node out of 17 (“good news!!” he cried), ER positive ("more good news!!) and HER-2 negative (“and THAT’S good news!!”).   He also told me that, on a scale of 1 to 10, I will not feel any worse than 4/10.   If I’m lucky it will be 3.5/10 and if I’m unlucky it might be 4.5/10.    I said I’ll take 4/10.   I didn;t tell him my hangovers are generally 7.5/10 these days, ha ha.


When I told the oncology nurses this though, they side-glanced each other and said “oh … okaaaaaay”.   We’ll see.


I had a PICC line fitted yesterday.  I had been super stressed about it, all the while knowing it will make life so much easier for the next six months, but really it was nothing to fret about.    I’m going to be having 8 x FEC-T (4+4).   I dont know why I’m having 8 and not 6, hopefully if I can catch the oncologist tomorrow, I’ll ask him.  The nurses tell me I’ll see him fleetingly tomorrow. 


I’m trying not to rush out and buy everything I’ve read about on the earlier monthly threads as not everything will be relevant to us all. 


I’ve had my long hair cut to a short back and sides a few weeks ago and I’m having it cut even shorter, crew cut, on Friday.   I’ve got an appointment to buy a wig in the same shop; the stylist has been on the Trevor Sorbie course where they learn to cut wigs to suit your face.   I had planned on getting a long one like my previous hair - it’s almost identical to my own hair only much better! - but having had short hair for a few weeks now, I’m thinking of getting a short one.   Bloody typical that we’re in the middle of a heatwave which shows no sign of ending, just when I’m thinking of wearing a boiling hat made of plastic hair. 


Anyway, enough about me, I’m looking forward to meeting you all and we can help each other on our road of discovery.   


Willie xxx

Oh and big congratulations to you Klairee!!


Hi ladies,

Thought I would jump in this one too as have my first chemo tomorrow ?

Hi Willie hope all went well with your first one today.

Been quite a wait for me as diagnosed on 2nd May so just want to get things underway and get on the road to kicking this BC into touch ?
Take care and enjoy this glorious sunshine while we can.

Best wishes

Karen x

Hi everyone, just checking in to let you know how it went.  


I got there at around 10.10, had to go through some formalities, double check and sign the consent form again.  I had the pics line checked and some steroids and anti sickness drugs given to me.   We got cracking with the serious drugs around 11.30.  I thought it might be a boring old process for Gary, my OH, to sit through so I sent him off to the gym. 


Dr Pollyanna had told me the treatment took 1-1.5 hours but the nurses, again, had rolled their eyes so assumed that was wrong.  Turns out he was right, in theory.   The first drug, the E in FEC, went in first, took 10 mins, very gentle.   Then the other two lots of drugs went in and we were done in about 50 mins in total.  Dr Pollyanna, I apologise for my cynicism.  


I had some lunch and was home just after 1.00.  


It’s now 22.45 and I feel fine so far, been out for a walk with the dog, made the dinner and now I’m social mediating.  I’m assuming the next few days will be interesting.  


Night night folks.









Thanks ladies!

Willie your post has filled me with confidence and so pleased to hear it’s gone well so far ?

Off to bed as mine starts at 8.30, off work and having to get up earlier than normal ? but hopefully be home by lunchtime.

Best wishes you all


Another check-in.


I had a broken sleep, more to do with the heat and a fan as noisy as the large Haddon collider.  Felt as normal when I got up, walked the dog (8000 steps).  I spoke to the oncology nurse because I’d forgotten to put the Pegfilgistram syringe in the fridge yesterday.  He said it was okay.


I went to town to buy some stuff - Movicol laxatives recommended by the nurses as its very important to avoid constipation, SPF 50 (ffs), Jungle spray insect repellent as its important to avoid bites or any entry point for infections - and had my hair cut v v short.  My new hairdresser also had a wig for me which she cut to suit me.  I was worried it’d look too ‘wiggy’ but I walked home in it and I think it’s fine.  


When I got home, I was supposed to give myself the immunity boosting injection but just couldn’t do it.  Gary offered and tried but I couldn’t let him do it.  I called my surgery but they had no practice nurses in do I went to the hospital.  Took 3 seconds, didn’t feel it.  I really am a Muppet.


I told John, the nurse, that I feel amazing today and he warned me not to overdo it or even to behave as normal as this is not a normal time.  It’s a false high because of the steroids and when I stop them tomorrow things will change and its important not to go into that time without energy in the bank.  Slow down, basically.  Listen up, ladies!!! 


As I have to avoid the sun, I had a little read on the sofa which turned into a 2 hour snooze, again the heat more than anything, I think.  Anyway, despite what I just said above, the dog won’t walk himself and that dinner won’t make or eat itself!  


Take care my lovelies, I look forward to meeting you all over coming days and weeks.  





Hi All,

Thank you for all your best wishes yesterday ?

First day check in…

Willie I am really pleased you are feeling so well and have been out and about today that’s fab ?

All seemed to be going well, by 9am I binned off the cold cap after about 15 minutes , was freezing as the description implies ? and also covered my ears so I couldn’t hear a thing. Wigs will do for me thank you …

The red E stuff went in fine no problems , thought this is great be out for lunch soon enough. Then came the C stuff, instantly felt unwell nearly passed out and BP dropped , more fluid try again in half an hour, same thing. Ended up giving me the F stuff which was fine and putting the rest of the C in a slow drip which was better. Left at 4.00pm!
I can only compare it to coming round from an anaesthetic , that woozy not quite there feeling with jelly legs.

New mix for next time with a drip rather than syringe.

Anyway at home bring waited on a bit and after lots of water feeling more human, still walking a bit weakly , achy legs but hoping to be ok tomorrow. No sickness though ??

When my Fridays usually consist of a few G&T’s and a meal out ???..

Best wishes to you all

Hi I am another one saying hello from the June thread.  I had my first dose on 19th June  Next one due on 10th July.  However, I am having 4 AC followed by 4 T whereas many people seem to be doing 3 FEC and 3 T.  I may well be starting T with many of you July ladies.   Do take it easy after your first chemo.  I overdid it in the first few days and thought “Well this isnt so bad”.  Hit a brick wall between days 4-6.  Extremely fatigued and what I can only call ‘other-worldy’.  I was also very depressed.  My oncologist thinks it was the steroids I had to take for 3 days after the chemo.  They are known to cause severe mood swings in some people and I seem to be one of them - Lucky me!!  Have to say after that and once I got the timing right for my anti-sickness medicine, I have been feeling pretty ‘normal’.  It’s good to know that the god awful feeling I had didn’t last and I’m going to ask for advice on how to manage it after Cycle 2.  The forum is a fantastic place to share the good, the bad and the ugly!  I also find It’s also a good place to ask questions.  Good luck everyone and hope you can enjoy the weekend.  xxx

Hi I have decided to nip into July started though I started on Weds (27th) it feels like July!

Bizarrely feeling glad I have actually started treatment- chemo is my first step (8× fec-t ) then hopefully only WLE if tumour shrunk enough ( apparently currently 6cm x 6cm) then rads.
First got the hint i had bc on 23rd April so it’s been a long wait to start . Have had mri & snb ( no nodes involved yay!) But couldn’t get out of my head that nothing was being done for the bc.

So far not too bad se - had face flush from the red one the following day which is a bit more unusual.
Found a juice receipe to hep with constipation - spinach, pear and prunes - doesn’t taste too bad and definitely worked. Worst thing is the 3am wakeup with steriods - cant wait to finish them tomorrow. Just having to learn to pace myself - have a flurry of activity and then need a sit down.

Hope you all enjoy this sunny day - sitting in the shade. :frowning:

Hello Again,

Special hello to my BC journey twin Reddi and a warm welcome to Lal ?

Well feeling much more human today after a tough day and night. Finally got up at 5am after a restless sicky feeling night of it. My legs ache a bit still but turned a corner.

Managed some plain yogurt and honey this morning to take tablets and a small bit of pre prepared homemade soup and feeling ok, just had a nap for an hour so getting through the day ?
Thank you for all your good wishes and support I am sure this is just the first one and it will get better.
Pleased everything is at least on the move and see each treatment as a step to the final goal.
We have been looking at a little holiday for before my next one so hopefully I will be ok.

Tip of the day cheap ginger and camomile tea from Lidl’s worked a treat with the sicky feeling , added a bit of honey to taste ??
Gentle pot planting in the shade for me now , god I feel old ?
Keep on keeping on we will all get there :heart:

Best wishes


PS . I live in Southampton never mentioned where I am from ?

I am back already , can I just ask what the injections are for which you do yourself ? I don’t have these and just curious as to what they are for ?

Oh ok I wonder as the girl opposite was being shown how to do them , maybe my white blood cells are ok. I have 7 days antibiotics to take from day 8 onwards so maybe that’s the difference ?‍♀️.

Thank you for putting me straight Sue x

So today is my birthday - not quite how I had planned for this year but such is life. Best birthday present is no steroids now until next cycle on 18th- definitely worst se for me - mini meltdown yesterday over spilling a drink because I was so tired. Gave in and had afternoon nap and still got 4hrs last night.
Planning to enjoy a couple of lazy days before back to work on Weds- though i’ll work from home for a week and planning to do shorter hours so shouldn’t be too bad.

Take care all


Happy Birthday my lovely ?

It’s my 50th in a few weeks and had made lots of lovely plans so know how you feel. Not where we thought we would be…
Think we are ok to to be a bit over emotional at the moment , knocked a cup of tea off the landing all over the wall down the stairs, cried ha ha . It’s only paint and I wouldn’t normally think it was such a huge deal. You are not alone.
Make the most of your special day.
Take Care


Thanks Karen , year ahead of you so did manage the big 50 celebrations - fingers crossed for your plans. Definately need things to look forward to.



Well that was exciting last night with England actually winning a shoot out!

I ventured to the local to be with friends and family and had a great few hours out and slept like a baby last night! No alcohol by the way…

Today I had a call which I would like advice on from you lovely lot please.

They have found another area in my breast which is only visible on MRI and want me to go to London for an MRI guided biopsy as they are not available in Southampton where I live. The sole purpose of this is to conserve the breast when surgery comes around after chemo. Nasty lump one is outer left, nasty lump 2 is further inside the boob so if it is cancerous then they would remove the breast after chemo.

My reasoning is that if it is then the chemo will shrink it and they will know it was cancerous so remove the breast when surgery comes around. Should I try and conserve the breast at all costs or just agree now to have it removed after chemo?
Bearing in mind we have to fit the biopsy in between chemo and that the chances are it is another tumour what should I do?
I am so grateful they are going to such lengths to get the best outcome for me but is it just safer to have it removed or get the biopsy done?

Anyone else had this issue?

Hope you are all having a good day ?

Best wishes