July 2023 Chemo Starters

Hi @NikiR good news about your surgery, I hope you’ve got plenty of help and support around you. As emsj mentioned, acupuncure for neuropathy seems to work for some, I’m going to have some tonight so I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I will have a look into acupuncture need me, I will be very keen to know how it goes, thank you both xx

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Hi, hope everyone is getting on ok.

Has anyone been offered a choice between Tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors? To go on AI I’d have to have ovary suppression. I’ve done hours of research on this, after all the research on Kadcyla, and my mind is just tired.

Also, did your oncologists do the NHS Predict with you? I only learned about it here, and I’m not sure I’m putting in the correct information. Should I ask about it at my oncology appointment tomorrow?

Thanks x

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@Hawketower , I’ve no idea about the tamoxifen v AI, sorry. Did you ask about the breast predict score? I think usually to dr or nurse can go through it with you.

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How is everyone doing?
My skin is healing well from the radiotherapy dermatitis problem, the wound dressing prescribed by the hospital work very well. I still feel much more tired, I’m not sure what I was expecting though at the age of 56 and not being particularly physically fit before all the treatment😆. I’ve seen other people say that it all feels a bit weird at the end of active treatment, and I can totally understand that feeling. Life seems to be going back to normal then I suddenly remember everything. Very weird. And I’m still getting phesgo until July so that doesn’t help. The home visits for the phesgo seem to have been sorted out now.
It was 13th Feb last year that I had my mammogram, surgery was in April. My next appt with the breast surgeon is the end of May. I’m assuming I will get an appt for a mammogram before then??

Hope everyone is well

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@emsj no worries :slightly_smiling_face: I decided against the ovary suppression so will be starting on Tamoxifen next month. The consultant said Predict wouldn’t be accurate for me because I had chemo before surgery.

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Glad to hear your skin is healing and the home visits have been sorted :hugs:

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Hi all,
@emsj & @Hawketower, I’m pleased to hear that February seems to be more positive for you both. Things are going well here too.

My tumour was triple negative so will not have any hormone treatment, I’ve just had surgery and chemo, that’s it, no further treatment. I totally agree with you @emsj it feels very strange and I’m finding it hard to adjust, especially when I was told that they found 4mm of high grade cells from my mastectomy and that I will not be having yearly check ups or mammograms, they will see me next February and discharge me.

I became concerned about my lump in March last year, I’d had a lump in the same place the previous June but it turned out to be a cyst so I wasn’t sure if it was the same lump, luckily I decided to get it checked again.

I hope things continue to go well. Xx


How’s everyone doing? :hugs:

I’m not happy. Had my radiotherapy planning session this morning. I showed them Mepitel online with the intention of asking what size I should get. Oh no, we don’t use anything like that, we don’t advocate any dressings, use lotion twice a day. After I told them that my skin is super sensitive. Three weeks of it, I’m going to be fried :sob:

Oh bless you :heart:

It really drives me made that the rules are so different depending on where you are being treated and I’m sure it is not all about ‘the best research’ and a lot more to do with how much your nhs trust has to spend!

I am currently laying in hospital at 2am on a ward where they have not toilet paper until the cleaners come in. I first reported my nearest toilet had ran out at about 8:30pm. Luckily my partner brought me in a box of tissues this morning, I’ve been told to drink plenty of fluids!

I came into A&E on Sunday morning because I thought I might have an infection in my new breast. It turns out I do, they are keeping me in over the weekend, I’ve been on very strong antibiotics and if the consultant isn’t happy tomorrow morning, I will have surgery tomorrow afternoon to remove my lovely new boob :cry: (take out the implant) and the can’t replace it for three or four months. Just when I thought I was coming to the end of my treatment.

@Hawketower I really hope the radiotherapy is kind to you. I didn’t end up having it but when I was on my plan, I remember being told to keep my cream in the fridge. A friend that did have radiotherapy used aloe Vera gel, that might be good for your sensitive skin, perhaps? Best of luck.

Best wishes all xx

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Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with this site? I’ve really been struggling with it not loading properly, I can only see part of posts, can’t reply and then it freezes.

Oh @NikiR that’s pants. Fingers crossed the consultant can drug it out of you and leave your noob in place :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::hugs::hugs::hugs:

They are going to operate but they are going to flush out the infection and put the implant back so fingers crossed it works :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Best of luck xxx :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Hi, How did you do the icing? I was just diagnosed and have not had my 1st treatment. My doctor recommended icing socks and gloves. All the ones on amazon had bad reviews when I looked at them in detail.
Thanks for your help!

I used these from amazon for my hands - Amazon.com

I used these from amazon for my feet - Amazon.com

You will probably want to buy extra ice packs because you’ll need to change them out every 45 minutes. I was horribly uncomfortable doing it and hated every minute. But it was worth it. I have had absolutely no neuropathy and my nails looked great throughout. It was amazing to me how well it worked.

Thank you soo much for the recommendation!!

How did it go? Xx

Hi @Hawketower, I hope all is going well for you.
Unfortunately I lost my noob :disappointed: when they opened me up the inflection was so bad they didn’t have a choice but to remove my implant. I’m recovering well from the surgery, it’s just very sad seeing my empty boob :disappointed: They let me come home on Saturday evening which is lovely :smiling_face: xx

Ah shit :frowning_face: I’m really sorry to hear that. Have they given you an idea of when they’ll replace it? I hope you’re not feeling too rough x