July 2023 Chemo Starters


This thread is for anyone starting chemo in July, so that you can support each other along the way. Please ask if you have any questions and I will do my best to help.

Sue xx

Hi Sue 

I’m starting EC-T in just over a week. Got my picc line fitting next Monday. I was v nervous about the picc line but reading posts here have made me feel better about it. Lots of v helpful information and it seems everyone reacts slightly differently to chemo. Im worried about how I’ll feel  and also about not being able to take my dog for a walk on my bad days, being outside is where I’m happiest! I think there are so many worries in the build up, I’m trying to prepare myself as best I can but not quite sure what for yet! I did like the video of the comfy chairs the hosp sent me, for some reason I thought I’d be sitting on a hard plastic chair for hours… 

Hi Emvers and welcome to the thread?

Yes everybody is different and it’s difficult to know what to expect. But as a general rule the first week is the hardest. Maybe organise some help for then, and then gradually build up your walks after that.

In my experience, the chemo ward is very welcoming. Comfy chairs, snacks and drinks, and the nurses are lovely.

Sue xx


I was diagnosed on the 1st of June, everything has moved so fast and after getting over the shock of hearing the words ‘yes you have breast cancer’ my brain has been scrambled with all the blood tests and procedures and soooooo much information .

my first chemo cycle starts next Tuesday the 11th and although I’m ready to get going to shrink the little bugger I’m very nervous about how my poor body will cope.

of course I know about all the side effects but still worried about them, when will my good days be and the bad, can I function as normal…I guess I will have to take one day at a time and see how it goes,

for all you peeps about to go through this or going through it already…good luck and safe journey…?


I was diagnosed in April, had surgery in May and am starting chemo on 17th July. I’ve had a rollercoaster of emotions over the last three months but now I have a date for my first chemo, it is all suddenly feeling very real, I feel like I am emerging from the limbo I have been in for weeks.

 I am very appreciative about how I am going to react to the chemo, it has been very reassuring hearing from people that have been through it.

Wishing everyone on this journey, lots of luck.

Niki xx


my operation was cancelled the day before as the HER2 came back positive so they booked me in for and echocardiogram, bone scan, CT scan and bloods all before my first chemo which is on Tuesday.

I to have heard about the side effects I may have, and probably will, including loosing my hair, I have brought scarfs and hats, but after talking to people who have done this journey and got through it and people who are still going through it it’s reassured me that he’s it’s going to be tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

we are cancer warriors and have each others backs and will fight this bugger…so good luck with chemo and stay strong…?

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Hello and good luck to everyone!

I’m finally starting chemo on Tue 11th (well at least I’m assuming that’s what my appointment at the chemo ward is, it doesn’t actually say…)

I was diagnosed back on 24th May and originally scheduled surgery for 20th June. This was cancelled at late notice due to my HER2 result coming back late - and positive. 

Now I have 3 cycles of EC and 4 of Docetaxol to look forward to, plus phesgo. Definitely up for some mutual hand holding!

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Hello everyone,

It looks like there are a few of us and Tuesday 11th seems like a popular date, I’m starting then too. Good luck with the first treatment, I’m going in equiped with water, audiobooks, books and snacks! X

Same…good luck.x


I’ve been reading posts across this forum since being diagnosed in March and going through surgery (I had a single masectomy in May) and they have been really helpful but decided to register and join the conversation now as I am starting chemo this week and think some chat and interaction with others going through it is going to be needed.

I have an info session in the morning and having a PICC line fitted then my first treatment on Friday. Trying to prepare myself but really don’t know what to expect and it is the unknown which is a bit daunting.

Positive thoughts to you all who are preparing for the chemo journey to start this week x

Thank you, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am due to start Chemo next week.

I am starting chemo next week. So nice to hear other people’s experiences, it has put my mind to rest a little. Thank you to everyone who has shared their journey it does help as I have felt quite lonely despite my whole family and some close friends supporting me xx

Hi Cubby3,

I had my picc line fitted a week ago, I was really worried about it but I’ve pretty much got used to it now, its just a bit unusual! You can get covers for them - online or there were some in a Macmillan shop in the hosp. Also a waterproof protector for the shower. 

Good luck today x


I’m new to the forum as I only received my diagnosis of IBC on Friday, but I’m starting chemo tomorrow, so joining the 11th July club too.  It’s been a lot to get my head around in a short space of time, but it’s been so helpful to have a read through other people’s experiences.  It’s also good to know I’m not alone in starting this journey so wish everyone good luck as we go along.  Lots of positive vibes to you all xx

Hi I’m starting my 1st cycle of chemo on Wednesday (12th). My formal diagnosis stage 2 breast cancer was 2 weeks ago and it feels like a roller coaster. Telling our teenage daughter was one of the hardest things that I’ve done. 

Thanks @Emvers glad you’ve got used to yours quickly. I had seen a link to this website and thought I might buy one picc-me.co.uk/ 

I had my first little set back today as they couldn’t get a PICC line in me, they did try twice. The nurses were lovely and whilst it felt a bit strange it didn’t hurt although my arm is a bit bruised but I now have to go back on Friday where they have asked radiology (who apparently have different equipment and drugs that can widen the veins slightly) to give it a try. Means my actual chemo will be delayed by a week but in the grand scheme of things still feels like getting a PICC line is better in the long run so I will wait and hope that they can get one in on Friday!

I started on 3rd July, lots going on , head struggling to keep up. Trouble sleeping and the night sweats or hot weather hitting hard . Trying to keep the strong positive vibe going but tonight it hit hard . First lot of tears , 

Hi, had first chemo yesterday, TCHP, will be 6 cycles then another 12 with just the phesgo. Feeling ok if a bit spaced out so far. I guess I will soon find out which are the best and worst days!
I hope everyone is doing ok and chemo goes smoothly

@Kneezee its ok to have a cry its our way of expressing how we are feeling and letting it all out. Postive vibes are good but impossible to maintain all the time when we are on such a long journey into the unknown.

Have you heard of Chillows?! Another new thing I have discovered recently. I started on Zoladex a couple of weeks ago, being in my mid-40’s I am pre-menopausal and was told to expect menopausal symptoms within 3 weeks of which night sweats is obviously one of them and I get quite hot at night anyway. So I brought a chillow to put under my bedsheets and it is quite cooling.

Will have a look around for a Chillow . Been told the pet cooling pads are good too. It’s just realising if it’s menopause or chemo . After the wobble last night and picc line flush I have crashed to sofa . I have started a journal, scribble book that I just write anything in it , hoping it helps during the night when no one is available on messenger or WhatsApp or the phone .