July 2023 Chemo Starters

I’m 54 and thought menopause had finished lol. 

Hi Ladies

Keeping a journal of how you’re feeling after chemo is a good idea. You will find that symptoms will repeat themselves after each cycle, so at least you will know what to expect.

The first week is usually the hardest, days 2-7. But you will feel much better after that. I think if you know that things will improve it makes it easier to manage.

Hugs from Sue xx


Ive just got home from having my first cycle, it went better than I was expecting.

the nurses were all lovely and looked after me and hubby.

I was there about 4 hours.

come away with lots of pills to take over the next week and and injection to do myself each day for a week.

I feel odd, heady, dizzy, tired and my wee is pink 

so I’m sure you will be fine tomorrow…don’t worry…I worried too much yesterday and there was no need.

best of luck.x

Just back too, pretty much the same - the chemo was better than expected but I drank a LOT of water before (around 2l), I might cut down a bit next time as nurse was manually administering drugs so I had to wait till she’d finished to go to the loo!

Feeling spaced out and with pink wee too. Trying to get the sheet with pills in order so I don’t forget anything! I’ve colour coded the days to try to make it more obvious… 

Good luck everyone x

My first day went better than expected too.   I have to admit I was totally overwhelmed when I arrived at the hospital seeing so many people at so many different stages…it put a slight dent in my positivity but had it back by the end of the day.

I had no idea what to expect which is a nightmare for me as I’m such a planner, and added to my nerves, but they were so lovely and explained everything so well at the start. I gave the cold cap a try and it went ok, so going to keep on with that.  They said it might not prevent my hair falling out but should mean it grows back more quickly after treatment so worth a try.

Stomach slightly upset but otherwise feeling ok this evening.  It’s a good idea about keeping a journal, so I’ll get that started.

It’s great to hear other people are managing ok too.  Good luck to everyone else starting…I’m sure you’ll all have positive experiences too.

when I look back at my journal ,think it will put smile on face. Things like  I :heart:  rennies  and omg my wee is colour of Tizer lol.   








Hi Paula pops, you sound about same as me but I had first session on 3rd so I’m a week later. It seems so strange injecting yourself but gets easier. 

I’ve found sweats , indigestion and woozy head was what got me . I was told to listen to my body and rest when it tells me. I’m a stubborn patient lol but when I hit tired I did sleep. 

I am so prepared , wig all ready , headscarves and headbands all sorted . I feel I have more control over what is happening to me than During surgery to remove lump. .

Sorry guys you can tell what my journal is like as I do waffle on . … 

Hi.  I did my first round of TCHP on July 3rd.  I see the oncologist for a tox check tomorrow.   I’ve had so many tests and meds besides the chemo, that I don’t know for sure which are actually from the TCHP.   

I do have redness and a burning sensation inside my lips.  Toothpaste really burns.  Did anyone get a recommendation of what type of toothpaste to use?  I’m using a salt and baking soda rinse, which helps, plus loads of unscented lip balm.  And drinking lots of water.  Flossing and using my water pick are fine.  But the actual brushing is a misery!

Hi @Lucy52 , I don’t have any advice for toothpaste as I’m a week behind you, if I hear anything will let you know. My normal toothpaste is corsodyl which doesn’t have a strong taste, no mint or anything, not sure if that would help…
I’m on the same chemo as you, feeling very woozy today, I’m guessing now the steroids have worn off ?. 
Hope everyone is doing ok x

Hi All,

I am due to have my first chemo on Monday, it is really reassuring to hear all f your positive experiences. I know it’s not going to be nice but it seems doable. 

Best wishes to you all

Niki x

Update:  I had my tox check today after 1 round of TCHP and asked about mouth sores and burning toothpaste. The oncologist recommended a non-mint toothpaste, like a children’s variety or Tom’s of Maine.  This awesome nurse said to go straight to Biotene, though, as it’s formulated for cancer patients, so that’s what I bought on the way home.  I haven’t used it yet, but I will post if it doesn’t help.  I also got a Biotene mouth rinse, but the salt/baking soda rinse I’ve been using has been helpful. 

Hi everyone, hope we’re all doing ok! Or as best as we can ? 

I’ve just been diagnosed and as Tumor is grade 3 and there is lymph node involvement I’ll be straight into chemo within the next 2 weeks ish. I wasn’t expecting it so soon and was really hoping for better news but it’s so reassuring to hear everyone’s experience so far. Anyone else have a similar treatment plan? 

I’m also looking at buying caps/turbans/beanies etc, does anyone have any recommendations? Also any general tips? I’ve heard that plain water might be a no go but I’m not a huge fan of squash, what’s everyone trying instead? So many questions sorry but trying to avoid Google! 


I had my first chemo cycle on Tuesday (11th) feeling ok ish except for this banging headache…it’s like a migraine as light and noise hurts, I’ve had it pretty much since leaving the hospital…anyone else have this or had this…it’s getting me down the most.

Hey, good luck.

I had my first cycle in Tuesday (11th) the procedure went ok but I felt sicky, giddy and shaky that day didn’t sleep at all that night and have had a banging headache since leaving the hospital…so hoping that’s the worst I’m going to feel…we shall see, 

@Paulypops67 sorry to hear you’re struggling with headaches.  I’ve had them on and off too since my treatment on Tuesday, but not so bad.  I’ve found I’m really thirsty, so trying to drink more and that’s helped with the headaches.  Hope yours ease up soon so you can start to feel better. 

I’m finding the nausea the worst for me.  I’m taking the two main tablets they gave me for the first two days and also the other 3 they said I could take on top, but worried about tomorrow if it’s still persisting whether I’ll cope with just the 3.  Hoping that it’ll gradually decrease as the days pass ??. I guess I can ask for something stronger if needed.

@Yasmeink sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I was in chemo 4 days after diagnosis, so they do like to get going quickly in some cases.  I’m just thinking the sooner it gets started, the sooner I’ll be through it! But it’s a lot to get your head around in a short space of time and I think there’ll be more processing of this needed as we go through for sure! 

I was given a pack about hair loss from my Macmillan nurse, so maybe you could see if they have something they could send you.  They had a list of suppliers for headwear in it - Anna Bandana, Bohemia Headwear, Deresina headwear, Hats for heads, Masumi headwear, Surburban Turban and Wigs & Pieces.  I’ve just ordered a pre-tied one from Deresina to try.  There’s a video on the Macmillan website which shows how to tie scarves into different styles if you’ve already got any at home too, which I’ve found useful - macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/impacts-of-cancer/hair-loss/scarves-and-bandanas.

I’m doing ok with just drinking plain water at the moment, as I’m not a squash fan either so you may be ok? 

I think the waiting and not knowing what it’ll be like is so hard but once you get started you’ll find your way through.  This forum has been so good for advice for me in only the short time I’ve been on it, so I’m sure you’ll get lots of great tips without needing too much google too! Lots of positive vibes and luck to you xx 

Hi all

Need a bit of a boost! I was due to start my 1st cycle yesterday but it was cancelled on Tuesday afternoon. Apparently the blood forms went to the lab but the blood samples did not. Human error that wasn’t picked up until the last minute.

I’d really psyched myself up so having a bit of a low.

Now I don’t know when my 1st session will be booked in. 

Pajr, I appreciate your frustration.   I know that my timeline and that of the medical world often don’t align.  Maybe there’s something you can do that will be harder once you start?  Something fun or that you will feel better about when it’s done?  I tend to fill the freezer…

Paulypops, I would also recommend more water.  I have a friend who always needed IV hydration, but I have been able to just drink water.  Remember, too, that your body is processing the pre-meds as well as the chemo and the post-meds.  That’s a lot!  Your doctor may be able to adjust the non-chemo if you ask.  

Hi @emsj , sorry the steroids have worn off.  They are pretty great, right?  The Biotene toothpaste has helped with my mouth sores!  Now I’m dealing with some digestive stuff.  Hopefully that won’t last the whole cycle!  I can tell my energy dipped, like the oncologist predicted,  but I’m hopeful that I am turning that corner.  Hope you are doing okay.

Hi @cas11 ! 

4 days wow super quick! You’re absolutely right though about getting through it sooner- I think I need to think of it this way too ?

Thank you for the info on head coverings! Have you found any that work for you particularly? Let me know how you get on with the Deserina! And thank you for the link on tying, I do have a few bits around the house so I will try those out, that’s really helpful. 

interesting about water though, I’ll give it a go and see how I get on at the time ? and another thank you for the kind and encouraging words. We’ll get through this! 

Do watch out for thrush mouth :heart:chemo can cause this, it will need antibiotics from your team, get fluconzole tablets don’t get fobbed off with drops :heart: ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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