June 2018 Chemo Starters

Hello, thanks for the good advice.   I start my chemo on 11th June and have already written myself off with every side effect possible… must try to calm down a bit as everyone seems to get some but not all of the SEs. I’m having my hair cut short on Wednesday in readiness.  I haven’t been offered ice cap so not sure if they do it at my hospital, will ring on Monday to find out.  The thing I hate the most is knowing I feel so well at the moment and that in a couple of weeks I won’t.   Just want to fast forward a few months… wishful thinking hey.  Big hugs to all… Kip x.

Good luck Cazzy,

Hope it’s all trouble, pain and stress free for you.


Good luck jazzy ?x

Hi all,
So started today, 3 x FEC followed by 3xT.
I slept when I got home (2 hours) as I felt exhausted and now wide awake (11.45pm), so thought I would check in to see how everyone is doing!
I had the cold cap, and although it was bearable, I seem to have a headache and wonder if they are linked?
I also have read up on fasting for chemo, so haven’t eaten since Saturday evening. It’s supposed to miniseries the side effects and boost the chemo effect on the cancer cells?!?!?!?
My only advice is take a friend and expect to be there for much longer than you are told. You have another 90 mins after the chemo finishes with the cap on and all the drugs seemed to have a gap in between.
Wishing you all lots of luck,

Well done Cazzy, glad things went ok for you, hope you feeling ok for part 2 today.   I’ve just received appointments for bone scan and MUGA (heart) scan, the bone scan they had schedule for the same day as first chemo (wonder why these departments don’t talk to each other) and the MUGA was for 4 days later, neither of which I can do, so no have Bone this Thursday (so scared of the results) and MUGA on 22nd June.  Just feelign overwhelmed with appointments, things to sort etc and also trying to remain calm for family as son in his 3rd week of GCSEs too.   Wish I could sleep through the next 6 months…


Please keep us posted Cazzy, any good tips will be useful.


Love to all starting chemo this week Kip xx


Had my pre-chemo meeting today. They are happy for me to not have a Picc line which is good news. Also got measured for the cold cap (large which is a surprise) so I’m good to go Friday after my physio appointment.


Hi All

Another sad worried person joining you for a summer of fun!!


Welcome Dawn. I had my first fec today. I bottled it with cold cap I dont like the cold. But other than bit achey im ok. So take it one day at a time and do what you feel is right. All the best x Val

Morning all,
Just wanted to let you know that this morning I feel sooooooo much better, had first FEC on Monday.
Showered and plan to leave the house today!
You’re right about blanket if you having a cold cap, I was freezing!
Also if you’re having a cannula you need to be nice and warm when you arrive and well hudrated for the guess to get to the vein.
Take something to watch or read, and if you have a funny friend take them too!
Anyway just wishing you all the best,

Hi Dawn. That was my worst thought just got back to feeling fine after lumpectomy to face 6fec-t was so so worried about it all. But the ladies here have been really helpfull. I tried the 2-3 litres water day before, day of chemo and today and ? so far no horrendous side effects bit weary n achey. Have you got your date yet? Val x

Dawn that was first thought to.  I’ve just braved the pre chemo short pixie cut and feel glad it’s done, looks quite nice and everyone says it makes me look younger

Thats the big pain. But if you use 30 or above can have sneaky sit lol x

Well done Cazzy, sounds like you’re getting on with it with the right attitude! How was the injecting yourself? Did you do it or ask a friend? I am terrified of that bit (in a few weeks)!
I went to a pyhsio appointment yesterday where they said try to get out and about every day, so I plan to try that… we’ll see how easy it is!
Hope all on this thread are bearing up,
Have a good day,

Sounds like you are doing well  cazzie that’s good to hear.  Thanks for 5he tips re chemo ladies I am so nervous.  I had my bone scan today which was quick and easy just dreading the results in about 2 weeks.  I also popped in to the Macmillan center at the hospital where I got 4 little soft beanie hats and a Velcro fringe!  Looks really good tucked in the front of hats or scarves,  wig shopping tomorrow then that hair sorted.  My tumm6 is churning just thinking about Chemo and the tears are not far away… sleep well ladies xx 

I’m also on my first one tomorrow Dawn…I have physio first at 8am on my bloody stiff arm from my second op where the took the lymph nodes. I’m having EC also for the first 4, every other week then 12 weeks of weekly Taxol. I’m trying the cold cap but if I can’t tolerate it or it doesn’t work for me then I’ll just go bald. I’m not even considering a wig because it’ll be too hot for me (I’m always too hot anyway).

I have purchased one beanie/turban type hat, a bargain at £1.99 on amazon


Hi ladies. I’m from the Oct 17 thread and finished 6x FEC-T in Jan followed by a single mx and rads. Just wanted to pop in to wish you all well. If you have any questions feel free to post on the Oct thread and we’ll get back to you.
All the best x


Sorry to hears it the UGGG day today Cazzie, hopefully it will be the worst and then things will pick up soon, guess we wil just have to ride the storm and rest whilst we feel bad.

DawnT - at the Macmillan centre at my hospital (Ipswich) you just make a donation for the hats etc, they also have 2nd hand wigs which people no longer require and you can make a donation for them.   Macmillan also do fund people with cancer to allow them to purchase wigs etc, you should look into it.  Just give them a call I think, I have some paperwork so I’ll see if I can find out for you, anything is a bonus when you are dealing with this.


No off wig shopping!  EEK…



Yay first one done and dusted!

Marathon day at hospital starting with physio at 8, coffee, then on to chemo. The first 15 minutes with the cold cap I wanted to rip it off but after that for the next 4 hours and 15 minutes it was fine, just felt heavy and a bit uncomfortable but not especially cold. The other lady having a cold cap was on her third cycle of Taxol and hasn’t lost any hair at all or had any side effects. She said she forgot to take her anti sickness meds last time and was still fine! I want to be her when I’m on Taxol! She also said the cold cap didn’t feel half as bad when put on the second time.

Finally left hospital at 3.30! Still feeling good but still going to let the husband cook my dinner…if it’s edible. The first reddy/orange wee was a bit strange.

Came home with a nice big bag of antisickness meds and injections to give myself. I think I’ll stick to insulin for the diabetes in the thighs and these other things in the stomach or my stomach won’t know what’s hit it.

Because of the steroids I also came home with a nice blood sugar reading of 15.5. My oncologist did say that as far as controlling the diabetes the best I can aim for is to keep my readings under 20.

Have a good weekend everyone


Hi just a quick hello to say I’ll be joining you.  Start on 19th June if bone scan, ECho cardiogram and CAT scan and various blood tests (to be taken next week ) are ok.  I’m truly terrified.  Not so much about hair loss but just feeling generally grim,  I’ve been warned day one is usually ok but by day 2/3 the fatigue and nausea can kick in.  Has anyone who has had their first session found this to be the case?  Also I’m on AC and then T.  Anyone else on the same drug regime?  Off to try and get some sleep.   Goodnight everyone,  xx

Hi Cdc it’s good you have a date, I’ll be just in front of you so we can compare notes and egg each other on!  I’m not sleeping much still as can’t stop worrying about Monday, just want to get through one and see what’s what.  Ive had my bone scan but still havent got date for ct, heart one on 22nd i think,. 


Have a  good weekend and rest up.    kip