June 2018 Chemo Starters

Hi Ladies
This thread is for anyone starting chemo in June.
Hopefully you can all help and support each other through this challenging time.
I had Chemo in 2016 and happy to answer any questions you may have.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Starting Chemo 4 and 5 June , actually looking forward to it. X

Hi ya,
I am due to start chemo on 4th June, 3x FEC then 3xT. Am very worried re side effects as I am a single mum to two girls and have a full time job.
Thinking of trying fasting to help with side effects, but all medical people I have asked have said ‘no’ to fasting.
Would also like to know if the cold cap is worth trying???
Thanks all

Hi Embolorry
Welcome to the forum and the thread.
Re. side effects… The first week is the toughest so if you can get any help with childcare that would be ideal. Also if you can take any time off work then try to do so for that first week. You may get some sickness, but they will give you medication for that. Also, you will probably experience some fatigue so just prepare yourself, in terms of stocking up the fridge, washing etc. So then you can just relax.
Re.fasting…there is a thread on here that deals with that, and also you can message Blueash who is a community champion who has experience of fasting.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Hi ladies. I to am starring 5th June Fec-t like cazzy50 im happy to have date and move on through this( remind me I said that ) it will be good to chat to everyone and share experiences and tips. Good luck ladies. Val x

Hi Ladies

I am also starting FEC-T chemo on the 4th of June so it will be good to chat to all of you going through it at the same time and to those who have been there. Glad to be finally getting going but must confess to being anxious about the side effects. Any tips gratefully received

Lynda 52


I’m due to start on 8/6. 4x EC followed by 12 x T. I’m hoping to work for as much of it as I can. To be honest, I’m dreading it cos I don’t do ill.


Hi ladies, 

i too start on the 4th June, FEC and then Docetaxel, Herceptin and Perjeta. 

I’ve had type 1 Diabetes for 43 years and rather worried about all the possible side effects.

good luck everyone x 

Hi sue,
Thanks so much for your reply.
Have you done FEC-T? If so is the Tvpart very different? The nurse said it was and the side effects can be painful???
Will get childcare in place and work from home as much as I can that first week.
Did you also have any delays? Or did you get chemo exactly every 3 weeks? I am thinking of the summer and trying to organise things!
Thanks again,

I’ve set mine up with the hospital so that, blood test allowing, I’m to have my chemo on a Friday so if I’m rough and knackered for a few days it’s the weekend when there’s plenty of family around. My EC is every two weeks so I’m expecting to be perfectly fine for the second week at least. After the 8 weeks for that I’m weekly for the Taxol.

I have my meeting with the nurses after my oncologist on Tuesday then chemo due to start after physio (cording and really restricted movement and pain after axillary clearance) on Friday.

Just have to get through putting my foot down on not having a picc line.



I’m type 2 diabetic on insulin. My oncologist said the chemo and steroids WILL mess up my numbers and that as long as I can keep my blood sugar under 20 it’ll be fine cos it’s short term.


Hi ladies, hope you are all ok ? I’m also starting chemo 4th June. 

3 cycles of FEC followed by 3 of T.

Starting on Monday with the E so looking forward to having red pee on Tuesday ???

Wishing you all lots of love ??

Hello ladies,

I have just come from my hospital appointment where i was given my resuls post surgery (masectomy and 4 nodes removed).  The nodes were positive so am having 6 x FEC-T chemo (not sure what that means as still in complete shock) and then rads and tamoxofen after that (plus possible surgery to remove remaining nodes?).   Am so scared so will glad to see how you all fair and pick up any chemo tips along the way.  Big hugs Kip



Hi Kip. Can’t tell you about FEC-t cos that’s not what I’m having but just from reading around seems to be what the majority do have so they’ll be plenty of people to hand hold and give you more details.


Hi all, yes good idea to think about one treatment at a time, just trying to get my head around the hair issue.  Do I get a wig before I lose any hair or when I have lost it?  Any advise on what to expect re side effects and tips on how to get through it would be gratefully received.  Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone I have my chemo meeting monday which I hope will answer any questions. I would be glad of any tips on what to take for first treatment to make it easier. Good luck to all for coming few days xx

If you opt for a wig, best to get it sorted ASAP as it can take a while to sort. Alternatively, you can purchase scarves easily. Whatever you choose, invest in a night cap, as when you start to lose it, it can make a mess on the pillow, plus it keeps your head warm. Xx

Hi Val and welcome.
When you go for treatment, you can be there a while. Mine took approximately 3 hrs and if you cold cap, probably another hour on top of that. So, take food and drink, and maybe a magazine. Although saying that, the hospital I went to, provided all that. They were lovely.
The most important thing I took with me was my Mum! Then anything that I was concerned about, or needed help with, she sorted. Also, nice to have a natter!
PS… Go to the loo, before you start, otherwise it can be tricky taking the wires and machines with you x

Thanks Sue good to have an idea how long it will take. I will be trying cold cap see how it goes and will def visit toilet first lol. Xx

Uh Oh…even going to the loo first won’t stop me needing to go again.