June 2020 chemo

Any one else struggling with injections. I had my 3rd chemo last Thursday so started injections as normal on Saturday.  But seem to be more lightheaded and tired this time. And God so snappy and moaning.  Roll on Sunday when I normally start to feel my self. Gone up to bed and hopefully get some sleep.xx  night nightxx

Hi Butler,

I struggled with my injections this time. They hurt more towards the end. I myself feel irritated at the moment, but my husband says I am snappy. I live with 4 males 2 children my husband and step son. I have as always picked after them so made a rod for my own back but the fact that I still have to do it and go through chemo is annoying me and boy am I letting them know!

 Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

 Night night

 Tara xxx