June 2023 Chemo Starters

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any June chemo starters on here? I did search for a thread, but couldn’t see one. Maybe going through it together will make it a little easier? 

I’m starting on Friday, 2nd of June for 6 rounds.

Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts to everyone, particularly to those on a complete rollercoaster of emotions like myself

N xx

Hi ,a thread would have been started by one of the moderators or Community champions but it’s great you have started one so thank you !!  @Sue C  @Shi   can you offer your lovely words of wisdom to anyone joining the thread

Florence_87 sorry you find yourself here, take it treatment at a time drink 2-3L of water a day, get your teeth checked before starting chemo, tell them you are starting chemo they will get you in if your antisickness meds don’t work tell your team they will treat them to get you right combination get a thermometer to check your temperature during chemo too do it your own way, whatever you need to get through everyone’s here gir you and there will be others who join you on this thread :two_women_holding_hands: hang on tight to each other, you will get each other through ask away on here, everyywill try to help :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx


I start on the 8th June for 6 rounds. Feeling anxious about how I will cope but have a lot of great people around me 

Good luck with yours x we xan do this 

Nice to find people here. I start chemo on 1st.   12 weekly doses and then 3 weekly for 12 weeks so 4 doses.  Because I’m triple negative (one lymph node plus on breast lump) I’m also getting immunotherapy every three weeks. It seems alot and six months in total but I just have to find a way through.  I’m so nervous.  

Hello all June starters

Iam starting 2 June 12 chemo in total . Not looking forward to it , but as soon as it started the sooner it will be finished.

Hello everyone. 
I start 4 rounds of TC on the 5th. I was initially told I wouldn’t need chemo but then last week my genomics test came back indicating I had a far higher risk of recurrence than anyone expected. So here I am! I guess in a way I feel quite ‘lucky’ to have this info now so I’m able to take control and give myself the best change of reducing future risk. It’s scary though. I’m planning on trying cold capping as I’m quite fond of my hair…but what will be, will be! 


I’m starting chemo on Friday 2nd. I’m having TC plus herceptin. 

Feeling a little nervous

Hi - another June 2023 chemo starter here.

My diagnosis is triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma with two affected lymph nodes.  The full CT scan showed an area of concern in the other breast which is being biopsied this week.  PICC line on 12th and first chemo on 15th.  I’m having it weekly apparently, and I can’t work out whether that’s going to be harder in terms of side effects (less recovery time) or gentler (perhaps frequent smaller doses are less of a shock to the system?)

Oddly, losing my hair is the thing I’m currently least freaked out about.  The PICC line worries me, and the lovely oncologist was very keen for me to understand the risk of infection from bagged salad, improperly prepared food, anyone with a sniffle, and so on.

But, there’s no avoiding it, so let’s do it.

@Florence_87  good luck for tomorrow. I’ll be starting soon (1/2 weeks) - 4 cycles of EC every 2 weeks. 

Good morning lovely 

I’m sending tons of love your way and I’m sure you will have a great start . Keep it positive and focus on your breathing and keep calm . After your session drink water and smoothies. Keep your body hydrated and listen to your body and rest .



Hello! I am ER and PR positive and HER2- with stage 2 cancer. I had three tumours in my left breast and had a mastectomy with reconstruction. After results of sentinel node positive with cancer I had a complete axillary clearance on 12 May. I had another two lymph nodes with cancer. Tomorrow I will meet with my oncologist to discuss my chemotherapy which will be over 6 months with EC two weekly for 4 cycles and Docetaxel
three weekly 4 more cycles. I’m so nervous but will prob be told tomorrow when treatment will start. 

Hi, I had my first chemo (Paclitaxol) on 1st June, together with Phesgo & Denosumab. I started off feeling fine for about 36 hours but then it all went downhill unfortunately! 
I’m glad that I’ve found this forum as it’s been a bit lonely this week at times

I’ve got my 2nd treatment tomorrow & I’m absolutely dreading feeling as awful as I have for the last 5 days. I hope my body gets used to all of this eventually….

Wishing everyone on here the best of luck with their treatment this month x

Hi everyone,

I started chemo on 2nd June. Having 4 cycles of EC and then 4 of Paclitaxel every two weeks. One week in and I’m managing okay, but the sore mouth (painful ulcers), and rash are really starting to get me down. I also shaved my head on Wednesday in preparation for the impending hair loss. I was feeling pretty brave about it all, but I think the adrenaline is starting to wear off now and I’m just feeling a bit low, which is odd for me as I usually err on the positive side. Short walks in the  sunshine helps, but this feels like a very long marathon ahead.

sending all my fellow Forum users the best of luck and strength for your treatment.

Let’s give this cancer thing a big kick up the arse! Xx

Hello! I’m very new to this forum - just signed up now - but I’m going to be starting EC-T chemo tomorrow and am looking for support and advice. Best of luck to all the other June chemo starters!

Hi, I start my chemo journey tomorrow (Monday 19th). I’ve not been told anything about what to expect etc. I thought I was starting with an explanation session but it appears that they do that and start treatment at the same time. I am having EC x 4 sessions (3 weekly) and then Docetaxel x 4 sessions (3 weekly). Feeling quite anxious but also pleased to be getting some treatment at last as I was diagnosed early April. I have a 40 mile trip as well and my kind neighbours are taking me so hoping I don’t feel too unwell on the trip home. 

Any advice, support or guide as to what to expect would be great

Thanks all

Hi all

Last week I thought great I’ve got my treatment plan of 6 cycles Carboplatin and Docetaxel along side Phesgo with the later continuing for a year to treat HER+. But another spanner in the works is my co morbidities and my family history along side the fact they have found another smaller tumour that is ER+ in the left breast (awaiting HER receptors). They have also suggested genetic testing as they believe it to be two primary breast cancers as the MRI and Ultrasound show clear lymph nodes in both sides.

Had a phone call to say they may now be doing surgery before drug treatment plan and that I can only have 1 chemotherapy at a time with Herceptin (instead of Phesgo which is combined Herceptin and Perjeta) to minimise reactions.

I’ve just returned from a short break before the chemotherapy was to start now I’m all up in the air again. Have to wait to see surgeon and oncologist on Monday.

I hope everyone else is doing ok. 

Hi everyone, it’s nice to be able to post again and feel part of the group. How are you all?
Hi @naughty boob That must have been really unsettling . You were all geared up to start and now  there are a load of uncertainties again. I hope you can get a better picture of a clear way ahead on Monday. I also hope you can do some things that do you good over the weekend. Sending you all the best and hoping you’ll soon be on a clear route towards optimum health.

@Guida how are you doing?

Pleased we are back in contact again! 

hope all doing ok xxx

Hi @naughty boob,

I’m so sorry you are having to tackle yet another hurdle before your treatment can *finally* commence. I really feel like you’ve been through the wringer at this point. I imagine it feels unfair, frustrating and scary all at the same time so I’m sending you lots and lots of virtual hugs! Cancer really is a d**k, isn’t it?? I hope things start moving along faster for you as you’ll feel a million times better as soon as they do.
My chemo regiment is similar to yours so I’m here to answer any related questions if you ever have any. I found finding someone with a very similar drug combination to mine very helpful.

Well, ladies, it’s currently 04:27 in the morning and I’m typing this so either prep steroids are keeping me up, night sweats or I’m just gearing up for cycle number 2 later this morning (Friday) ? I’m fasting again albeit slightly differently this time round. Going to do oil pulling too.

I had another oncology appointment on Wednesday, we went through every single side effect I had noted and a lot of my post m-chemo drugs got adjusted to start sooner. I was told that acne-like reaction is very likely to occur again, but hopefully starting antibiotics immediately will help keep it at bay. Fingers crossed ?? 

My Mum is coming with me this time instead of my partner who’s working away until Friday night. My bag is packed, warm clothes ready (still cold capping) and I’m ready to do it all again.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, sending you all lots of positive and healing vibes xx