June 2023 Chemo Starters

Good luck @rachel60. Sending you good vibes♥️ So good to have the results straight away. Less scanxiety…nobody likes the wait. Mine is only in June.


Thanks Guida. Keeping everything crossed for all of us x


So good you get the results the same day. I have to wait until July and not sure how it happens in my health board. I will be hoping for same day to prevent anxiety.

The breast care nurse recently said not to worry if you get a call back scan as they have to navigate scar tissue after surgery and can’t compare with the pre surgery scans. Not going to stop me worrying if they do😌

I’ve gone back to helping at the local Foodbank, I do most weeks on a Wednesday morning. It’s nice to have some sort of normality. Some things I can’t do due to sore chest wall, waiting on a few referrals for menopause, lymphoedema and physio.

Otherwise enjoying the warmer sunny weather, with lots of SPF, long may it continue. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello everyone,

I thought I will peek my head in and say hello and I hope you are all doing well?

I am doing really well - more than half way on my Herceptin now scheduled to finish mid September. Finally had my echocardiogram @naughty_boob and all is well.

I have also arranged myself a DEXA scan for June just to check what state my bones are in post chemo/radio etc.

I am running the CRUK race for life in July!!

My mammo is in November :grimacing:

@rachel60 good luck with yours.

I am approaching Diagnosis day anniversary May 17th! All still very surreal.

Some days I feel in a limbo and think am I moving on?? Do I know how to?
Am I anxious of recurrence? Then I do a pep talk to myself….

What a journey it has been!!!

Sending you all love, peaceful and healing thoughts - stay well xxxx

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Hi @Dhillman

Great news about the Echocardiogram.

I am also approaching diagnosis day 15 May…trying to do something nice to change the narrative of the day. Unfortunately never will forget as it’s my wedding anniversary the following day.

I’ve done 12 out of 18 Herceptin, which is 2/3 done. It’s great to know I have less left than I’ve had.

I have booked for a BCN Moving Forward course early July, only one I could get face to face around Herceptin dates. I’m hoping it will answer some questions. I still feel I’m in treatment due to side effects I’m still having and that limit what I can do. But I’m also so much better than during chemo. So I suppose I’m also in limbo.

Have booked some more counselling as still not sure how I’m dealing with everything and possibly of it coming back.

Hope everyone is well as can be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So good to hear everyone is somehow getting through these bumpy times for us.

I got my mammogram today. It was painless and the person doing it was so lovely. 30 minutes later which seemed like 3 hours, my consultant got the mammogram up on the screen (with the original one a year ago showing a large white cancer area). No cancer seen today.

I felt weirdly numb. Everyone was really excited but I just said oh that’s good. Is that odd? It just seems still such a long way to go.

Anyway, it was good news. I see my surgeon in 6 months for an ultrasound and my next mammogram is in one year. Anything in between which worries me, let them know!

Really now keeping everything crossed for your mammograms coming up.



Great news @rachel60 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: