'June Jewels' - Precious and shining through :)

Hi All
I had my mx and anc in April and am due to start chemo on June 13th.
The chemo was delayed as I had an infected seroma which meant my wound didn’t heal. On the mend now and wanting to ‘get on with it’.
So! Who’s wants to jump on the June chemo train train me. I’ll need the company and some friends to share the journey with :wink:
Emma xx

Excuse the mistakes. My kindle’ s misbehaving! :@

Hi Emma

I’ve got my appointment tomorrow with the chemo doc to discuss my options etc so I think I’ll be joining you in June.

Yay, that makes 2 of us now.

Martha xxx

Hey Emma and Martha
I think I’ll be joining in the fun and games. Lump in lymph node was cancer and surgeon tells me they do chemo if there’s any node involvement. post op results a week today so Ill know for sure. Xxx

Hi All,
I had a lumpectomy and SNB last Friday and am awaiting results but have been told because it’s grade 3 and my age I am more than likely heading onto the chemo train. Also awaiting FISH results for HER2 as initial test came back borderline. Hoping pathology comes back by Friday as my surgeon is going on hols for 2 weeks and I can’t bear much more waiting :frowning:
Hope you are all doing well

Hi all,
Yes think i’'ll be on the June chemo train. Go my results from lumpectomy and sentinol node biopsy yesterday, clear margins and nodes clear, but because of age and that I am HER2 positive, they say I need chemo. Onc appointment next Tues so assume will be starting with all the fun a few weeks after that.
Have a good day everyone.
Faye x

Hi Emma, Martha, Suffoklady, Chelle and Faye,
I had my oncologist’s appointment yesterday and he wants me to start as soon as there is a free slot at his chemo clinic, so I’ll either be v late May or early June.
I have to have neo-adjuvant(?) chemo to shrink my lump before I can have surgery. So I am very new to all this, only diagnosed on 10 May. Apprehensive of course but I want to get started so that the fight can begin! Sitting around waiting since diagnosis has been terrible, so now I just want to get going. I am also still waiting for staging test results which is another level of terrifying.
Looking forward to your company! Btw, I’m 40, married with 3 sons, living in London Borough of Redbridge but originally from Belfast.
Joan x

Hi Joan - hopefully your test results wont be too long. I know what you mean about the waiting. I sort of want to get on with it, but at the same time dreading starting.
I’ve been reading all the other treatment threads to try and get myself a bit prepared.
Take care

Hello ladies (Suffolklady, Chelle, Faye, Emma and Joan)

As I’ve mentioned, I have an appt with the chemo doc tomorrow well…It’s my OH’s B’day today and we were just relaxing on the sofa when the mail arrived. There was a letter from the hospital and I jumped up saying “OMG I’ve just got another appointment through for today, what time is it”. Davie (my OH) said it was 10.30. I said "heck I’ve got to get to the hospital for 11.05am as I’ve got an appointment with my onc).

Anyway, we jumped into the car and arrived at the onc dept. When I said who I was and who my appointment was with she said that he only runs clinics on a Wednesday and Thursday. I showed her my letter and she said “it’s for 21st May 2014” - Can you imagine my embarrasment lol. It was rather funny. Needless to say, I’m back there again tomorrow for my correct appointment lol.

Emma - I am so glad you are on the mend now and also have your date. Do you know what regieme you are on?

Chelle - I too am a grade 3 with no node involvement, clear margins, no LVI either. I’m borderline for chemo, but I’m going to take it. Let us know how you get on with your results…What date is your next appointment?

Faye - That’s great that you got good results back. I’m Her2 - but I’m still going for chemo :wink:

Joan - Neo-adjuvent just means that they are zapping you before your op to reduce the size/eliminate it from your system. I’m on adjuvent which is ‘after the fact’ i.e. they’ve removed it and now it’s just preventative. The waiting is the most awful part of this whole process and even now, I’m still trying to get my head around it all.

Just to let everyone know, I’m 42 and live with my fiance of 10 years - We keep planning to get married, but something always gets in the way…This time it’s Cancer (damn it). We have 2 wonderful children…My son is 13 and my daughter is 7. My son knows everything and I used Kylie Minogue as an example. My daughter just thinks I’ve had a boob job, but when I start to loose my hair, we are going to shave it just like Jessie J - I think she will understand that a bit better.

I’m really hoping that I will receive my start date tomorrow.

Also, since the other chemo threads have a name for themselves, do we have suggestions? I’ve heard “Jugless June” being thrown around on other threads, but it would be good to hear of any others.

Lovable squishy hugs
Martha xxx

Oh bless Martha, that’s just the sort of thing I’d do lol! (hope your OH has a good birthday).
I have an appt with the Onco on Thurs this week but not likely to get my results back from the WLE & SNB til Friday so think it will just be a general discussion with the Onco but my surgeon has already mentioned chemo a million times so I’ve prepared myself as much as I can mentally that I’m going down that route. I just want a plan of action so I can let work know how long I’m likely going to be MIA.
I don’t mind what we call the group, just knowing we have each other to talk to is such a help to me. How about the June Jewels? just because we are all precious and will be shining bright while we kick this little devils backside.
Love n virtual hugs to all xx

lol I know - I’ve officially lost it haha

I’m with you - If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We’re doing just fine the way we are. Maybe some day when all this is over with!

I quite like June Jewels and the tag line of we are all precious :wink:

Good luck for Thursday - I’ve marked you in my diary so that I can keep track lol

Martha xxx

Joan and others don’t forget if they rush you into chemo this month we’d. welcome you to May Moonbeams! Meanwhile all the best to you all- I’m down for first chemo tomorrow after four weeks wait! A late little moonbeam.

Hi Emma, Martha, suffolklady, Chelle, Faye and Joan (hope I haven’t missed anyone out)
I have my first oncologist appointment on Thursday, so also expecting to be starting chemo pretty soon. Would love to join the June group - will definitely need support as I’ve been rollercoasting between “I can do this, bring it on” to total panic!
Mx and SNB late Feb, then Ax node clearance 4 weeks ago. After the SNB, two nodes positive. After the AX node clearance, the remaining nodes all clear (first and only good news so far). Due to size of original lump and the two positive nodes, chemo and radiotherapy recommended.
From my onlne name, you can guess I’m from Glasgow, but I live in South Wales now. Married with son and daughter - hubby, son and daughter all been fab, but really need contact with others going down the same road.
Like the sound of June Jewels - shall we go for that?
All have a good day, chat again soon
Fiona xx

Ohh Glasgow Girl… another South Wales girl here. Found DCIS 72mm grade 3 in Feb (from first mammogram). Had MX on right breast but now found three grade 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinomas (IDC) - so three small separate tumours and lots of micrometastasis which was waiting in the wings (they found some of this in one of my lymph nodes too). I’m HR-/HER2+ so they are now recommending TC chemotherapy and Herceptin. I’m 51 with an 11 year old daughter.
For me the positives are they’ve caught it early. If I do nothing I’ve still got an 83.9% chance of being here in 10 years. The chemo and Herceptin together raise that to just over 91% - ny heart screams no and my head scream yes… think my head is winning. Seeing my oncologist Thursday… but will be probably joining you all too in June :slight_smile:
Love to be in contact with a group of people in the same boat… and June Jewels sounds like a great name. Lins xxx

Hi Penny

Good luck with your chemo - I love the moonbeamers, they’ve been a great read :wink:

Fiona - Welcome to the June chemo train. I was going to ask if you wanted to meet up. I live in Livingston, but then I read your post further and decided that South Wales may be a bit of a treck lol.

The support that I’ve found on this site has been amazing and I honestly don’t think I would have got through the past 2 months without it.

Martha xxx

Good luck for tomorrow Penny, will be sending love & positive thoughts your way Xx

Hi everyone,
I think i will be a June girl…im 10 days on from my left mastectomy and axilla clearance. I dont know all the short hand yet, all ive been told is that 3 out of 12 nodes are positive, and its also estrogen positive so i will be having Chemo, Radiation and then hormone for 5 years…so bald, lop sided and dried up menopausal psycho bitch lol!!! First i have to have MRI and bone scan which is a bit scary as does that mean they think its else where??.
Oh ive just turned 46, have 2 kids 21 and 16, live with my son (16) but have a supportive boyfriend 40miles away, which up til now has seemed an advantage lol…
So im thinking i will be tail end of June as i have to wait for the op site to heal although i have got pretty good movement in my shoulder already and plan to be going back to work late next week.
Anyway hope that i will know more soon, but will assume the June Jewels mantle until i hear otherwise. :slight_smile:

qq - I’ve been taking herbal supplements as I want to get myself as healthy as possible for whilst I’m tackling chemo. I’m currently taking salmon oil, garlic, green tea, vitamin d, pomegranate and turmeric. Has anyone read of any other good immune system boosters or likewise been told of anything that should be avoided? (My cupboard currently looks like I’m being sponsored by Holland & Barrett!)

Hi Artemis17

Welcome to our little thread - I think at some point we will all be turning into hormonal psycho bitch’s lol.

In all honesty, I’m unsure about the bone scan and MRI, but I think that may be because your nodes were effected - If you give the helpline a call, they will be in a better position to answer that question. I’ve been offered neither :frowning: Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing lol.

Hey Chelle - I’ve saw on some threads here about all the herbal stuff, but the info is a bit scattered so don’t really know. I’ve also been thinking about stocking up on some herbal organic stuff and also doing the ‘green juice’ thing, yuk. Anything to help with the fight.

I’m going to post below a little something I pinched from the Valentines Thread - They are a great source of information. I’m ready for an extensive shopping trip this weekend in preparation lol.

Take care
Martha xx

Ladies - I pinched this from the Valentines Thread (so thank you Valentines Ladies)

For the Gums:

  • Bonjela
  • Cordsyl daily for x 3 and Cordsyl normal for 1 (dentist recommended)
  • ultra soft bristle brush/baby toothpaste
  • aloe vera based toothpaste, Beverley Hills gum strengthening toothpaste.
    For the mouth:
  • Gelclair, salt water wash, Oraldene, tonic water, Difflam mouthwash
  • aloe dent lip balm with lysine (good for coldsores also)
    Bad taste: - pineapple (fresh/chunks/drinks/lollies) - haribo (not tangtastic) - celery, mints, fresh fruit, pear drops, cola cubes, sherbert lemons.
    Water tasting odd : - flavoured/sparkling water, lemon squash

Nausea :

  • Ginger (beer, biscuits, sweets, fresh)
  • smaller, regular meals
  • V8 vegetable juice
  • Manuka honey with hot water and peppermint oil
  • Slippery elm powder mixed into natural yoghurt
  • Banana for early morning with the anti-sickness tablet
  • Flavoured/green tea if can’t face milk or dairy products in tea.
  • Lite bites suggestions – cream cheese and bread sticks
  • Nothing spicey
  • Flat lemonade
  • Plain biscuits
  • Banana/peanut butter sandwiches
  • Travel bands/anti sickness bands (Poundland cheaper than Boots).

General Wellbeing/During Chemo :

  • Carry your card and thermometer with you all the time and keep bag packed
  • Chemo Caddy – see below
  • Pin up emergency numbers where everyone can see them – who to contact and when
  • Check with your consultant who to phone at eves and weekends
  • Store emergency numbers in your phone
  • Digital thermometer if not given one by hospital (Poundland cheaper than Boots)
    – take temperature under armpit as more accurate or get an ear thermometer
  • Lifemel honey to boost white blood cells
  • Drink LOTS of fluid before and after chemo - Lucozade for energy - Light meal before chemo
  • If having CMF and nose issues when Chemo being administered then sweets or lolly (mini callipo) to suck during (small cool bag also recommended to keep lollies frozen)
  • Bath pillow (helps prevent cold bald head on cold bath)
  • Don’t take 2nd steroid dose after 2pm (awake/energised at wrong times)
  • Eat fruit when you need to eat whilst/before taking tablets
  • Avoid alcohol for 2/3 days after chemo
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Pregnancy type diet to avoid risk of infection – ie no un-pasturised dairy products, wash veggies, meat properly cooked
  • Accept help wherever offered!
  • Prepare/buy nice food in advance for bad days
  • Smash! When you can’t eat but must and mouth is sore! (Needs ketchup though)
    Sleep when you can - Fresh air - Exercise - Laughter - Ask for help if really sick! Docs etc for additional drugs! - Steripen to sterilise water of nasties (works through UV and no nasty chemicals and easy to use but £90)
  • Runny nose through loss of nose hair – tissues!
  • V-pillow
  • Check and see if GP can refer you to local leisure centre for cheaper use of fitness suite and swimming pool.
  • Constipation - breakfast of high fibre cereal/fruit smoothie/prune juice - “Go Cake” – see below for recipe.

Sore Eyes

  • Boots hay fever relief drops
  • Cooling/chill eye mask
    Headaches - gel pads (stick on kind used for infants/migraine)
    Dry skin/rashes/spots from Taxol - gentle moisturiser for hands and feet - drink lots of juice and water but leave spots on face alone as skin sensitive.

Hairloss/head coverings

  • buffs from buffwear
  • baseball cap
  • headcovers website
    – sleep caps, scarves, bangs, eyebrows, eyelashes, wigs etc
  • don’t wash it too often, use baby shampoo
  • Browzings by Benefit – good eyebrow make up – Boots

Cold Cap Tips
Damp your hair and apply a generous amount of simple conditioner - the chemo nurses may do this for you but some ask you to prepare your hair yourself. Use either Dove shampoo and conditioner or the Simple range from the start of chemo. Leave your hair at least 24 hours after chemo before washing it, preferably for 2 days, (it is a bit gross with the conditioner in but you get used to it). Try to only wash it every 6/7 days, used a wide tooth comb once a day and try not to fiddle with it (it’s hard not to). No hairdryers, straighteners, colouring etc. Expect your hair to shed from around the 2nd chemo until about 7 weeks after the last, some weeks it will shed more than others.
Another tip, take some paracetamol about 30 mins before they apply the cold cap - it can be painful for the first 10-15 minutes and gets more so at each round of chemo as your hair becomes thinner (less insulation).


Chemo bag
(A bum bag has been suggested as keeps both hands free and no restrictions on your shoulders and particularly snugpak response pack (online) as “tested in war, never beaten” and big enough to take a tool kit/chemo caddy or chemo bag).
Keep a bag packed in case of emergency hospital visit and to take on chemo days. Pyjamas, warm socks, clean knickers, wash bag with spare toothpaste and brush, face wipes, mirror, tissues, bag of pineapple pieces, anti bacterial hand gel, book.

Chemo Caddy

A basket with a handle (previously from delivery of pot plants) with everything needed in it so that you can have it by the bed upstairs or carry it down to crash in front of TV.

  • Edibles – ginger bics, minty chewing gum, root ginger to nibble.
  • Treats – nice hand cream, chocolate, octopus shaped back massager, nail cream, buffer.
  • Essentials – tissues, glasses, lipsalve, bottle of water, straw (in case can’t lift head from pillow), little bell (to summon family to fetch/make tea)


4oz All Bran,
5oz sugar,
10oz mixed dried fruit (basically whatever is in the cupboard – use a nice mixture) – apricots, sultanas, cranberries etc, lots of chopped prunes for extra “GO”.
½ pint of milk
4 oz self raising flour.
Put All Bran, sugar and fruit into a bowl, mix, add milk and allow to stand for at least half an hour (while you recover from the physical effort so far).
Sieve in the flour, mix well and pour into well greased 2lb loaf tin.
Bake in moderate oven (180 degree c) for about an hour, until a knife comes out dry.
Cover with foil after 30 mins if its browning too much.
Turn out of tin and cool.
Serve in thin slices with butter as thick as you like it!