Just 4 months

HI all

I was diagnosed in Dec 10 with secondary in my lungs, liver and bones and whacked straight onto Taxotere and Zometa. In just 4 months I had my lungs showing no sign of disease and my liver with just shadowing left (largest had been 10x6mm) and by 6 months both were with no sign of disease. Bones are still regrowing!

So its still early days but it can be done! I’ve made lots of changes and adjustments to my life that I have to keep up now that i’m back at work etc but am so excited about having a bit more of a future.

I am on Zometa, Femara and Zoladex at the moment and want to have the ovaries out in the autumn.

Fingers crossed and juicer on!


wow iswhiz … fantastic! you just keep on keeping on… and doing what your doing x

Hi Issy - Sitting here with lung and bone mets I am delighted to read your story!! Thank you for sharing it!! There is hope - I CAN DO IT!! Chemo number 15 tomorrow (21 all together inc 2009 TAX) and almost looking forward to it as i know it CAN WORK!!

You mention lifestyle changes and juicing. I am juicing - but not as often as I would like (too tired), various vitamins and supplements, very little red meat, organic as much as I can, lots of fruit and veg and trying to chill, stay calm and live in the moment. What is your lifestyle? Any info much appreciated as it is difficult to keep it up sometimes!!

Thank you again,

Sadie Xx Xx

Thanks for the good messages!

I juice about 1.5 litres a day of mainly veg juice with some fruit to sweeten it. I got really fed up of it for a while there but I treat it like medicine and am used to it again. I have organic veg boxes delivered so just use what is in those - broc, cabbage, carrots, tomatos, radish, peppers etc etc. What I can’t juice I make into soup with tofu and a can of mixed organic beans added.

Apart from the juice I’m a huge believer in green tea and have great loose leaf ones and drink a full teapot (bodum) a day of that.

Usual suppliments of selenium, kelp, iron (either feroglobin or spatone) and green powder.

I have energy healing/faith healing, makes me feel better! Don’t rely on it completely though of course, docs provide the best healing of all! Any complimentary therapy helps!

Having fun and spending time with friends too and make sure I’m doing all those things I’ve wanted to do like drive a car around Silverstone, visit Highclere Castle etc etc

You CAN do it! Just believe you can! I chant in my head that I can survive for 20 years…

Hi Iswhiz,

Sounds like your going for it, well done it is so heart warming to learn that you are doing well and very inspiring. I have only just finished chemo (IDC primary breast cancer with spread to lungs) but have been trying my best to completely change lifestyle, I have given up sugar/red meat and juice regularly including using wheatgrass and yes i do try and get organic but I am so skint as not earnt much money since all this began back in march and being self employed does not help. Green tea is a good one and i do drink it not at often as I should be maybe now I have finished chemo I will persevere with the green lifestyle thang. Already into the complementary treatment and try and go for regular spiritual healing, reflexology etc. I find these treatments really do make me feel alot better and highly recommend them.

Have you checked out Kris Carr’s here’s the link crazysexylife.com/about/ she is really really inspiring 8 years of living with liver cancer and never had any chemo but has a rigid diet regime green juicing she is really good check her out.

Keep on going with what your doing its all good.
Sending love and light to you

Hi Issy
Great news. And I just wanted to say that although I’ve only got primary, I love to read these stories, and I keep them in my metaphorical back pocket in case the day ever comes I might need them, godwilling not!

Keep the faith, and enjoy the juice.



Have you got the anticancer diet book? If not there is a small summery book you can download from the authers website that lists the fruit and veg it is okay to buy conventionally grown and the fruit and veg it is best to get organic. That helps me when I’m having a skint month!

Good luck!

I have been vowing to copletely rethink my diet/excercise after this episode…you have inspired me …thank you xxxx


Have a look at this thread, I keep reading a few pages a day to keep me inspired to carry on. Have finally decided to completely give up drinking with is going to be V tough as I love a drink and all my friends do… ah well, worth it if it can help give me a few more years.


Hi Everyone,

This seems an appropriate thread to use to post my good news.

I was diagnosed in Autumn 2011 with Grade 3 breast cancer which had spread to lymph nodes. Started chemo in mid October - 4 treatments of AC to be followed by 4 of Taxol and 18 of Herceptin, which started with the Taxol.

Scan then showed I had liver mets - 3!!I was devastated and scared. I lost my husband to cancer only a couple of years ago and thought our young family was going to lose me too.

Chemo finished end Jan. I was terrified of the mastectomy and reconstruction (end Feb) but that went very well, so that hurdle was a relief to get to the other side of too!

The next challenge was the liver. Imagine my relief when told that although the liver mets are still there they are now inactive and can be removed by radiofrequency ablation!! It is a procedure that I am not looking forward to but I am SO grateful to be given the chance to live cancer free for a while at least. I am a realist, I know I may find it has come back one day, but for now this feels wonderful!! I will remain on Herceptin for life, or for as long as my body can take it. I hope I might be posting in 10 years that I am still NED!!

I too eat lots of fruit and veg and have reluctantly concluded that I should probably not have any alcohol now. I don’t juice, but will give it a try…


Hey Verity,

Such great inspiring news, you have had so much too go through especially with a young family, my sympathies and so sorry to hear about your husband.

My own story is similar I’ve been through all the usual treatments, chemo, mx, rads my spread is on my lungs but these mets are now tiny and stable, like you I am on herceptin for life which I have administered at home (saves trips to hospital and I am told gives a nurse a job) and so grateful to be given a second chance with life.

I drink a pint of juiced green veg a day I find it easier to digest that many veg nearly 10 a day includes carrots, kale, broccoli, 2 sticks celery, half cucumber, apple, pear, spinach, nettles (when in season) or, wheatgrass (I grow myself really easy) also sometimes freshly sprouted beans like alfaalfa, mung beans, etc. again I do this myself and its so easy, jucing really fills you up and I find I don’t eat as much and have managed to keep my weight down which is not that easy when your in early menopause and on tamoxifen. As for alcohol well I have a small shot of my homemade sloe gin once a year but then I never really drank before this.

Congratulations on such wonderful news, sending you and your family lots of love and light
sarahlouise xx

Thank you SarahLouise,

Great tip. I will give the juicing a go, especially as I am struggling with wieght!!

Thank you - and all the best to you for your continued good health.

V xx