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Hi Norberte

I’m 3 months post-surgery now (mx and lymphs) and I find the discomfort comes and goes. It does get a lot lot better than it is after those first 10 days though, rest assured.

Have you had the swelling checked out for sermomas? Actually I had a seroma which did in the end clear itself. It’s so uncomfortable, you have my sympathy, and it makes the exercises hard as it feels so tight to move.

Keep moving and it’ll keep getting better. xxx Jane

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You need some Zoff wipes, they get all the sticky stuff off. You can get them on the internet or I think I got mine in boots. You do end up with a box of about 40 as they sell them in trade packs. Worth getting though, only about £5. Zoff wipes and plenty of Chocolate and hopefully you’ll be right as rain.

Em x

N - talk about confusing the visitors, I went to have my seroma drained and the doctor himself prodded the fluid and said ‘is this reconstruction?’ (He then proceeded to stick a needle into the scar in exactly the place I’d told him I still had sensation. No, I didn’t go back and it did resolve itself in the end.)

Radio 4 in the bath is a very healing experience, as long as it’s not all repeats! x

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