Just a Tip for any new Wig Wearers

I just thought I’d share this. If you’re new to chemo and planning to wear a wig if and when you lose your hair, if it’s a long wig then avoid wearing a necklace. My long wigs have got sort of knotted and matted at the nape of my neck and I have to de-tangle them and it’s made them look tatty like the wigs you see in dressing up costume boxes. I don’t know whether it’s the same for real hair wigs. I also had to remove strands of wig hair from lots of my necklaces. With a bob or shorter wig it’s not an issue.

Hi clarabel34,
My wig has done the same as yours.It’s now so tatty at the ends that I twist it up at the back and hold it with one of those croc clips.I have a fringe and pull down some hair around my face.Most people don’t even realise I’m wearing a wig!
Alli x

yeah I do that too sometimes - i also wear it in a ponytail a lot. I prefer my bob wig best though, and am thinking of getting another one

HI girls
i started wearing a wig last week and its driving me mad with the itch any advice


Hi breda
Im finding this hot weather so hard to deal with the other day I could have pullled my wig off there and then as it was so itchy and uncomfortable. You can wear a smal l nylon cap underneath but I think that would just add to the heat. I dont think in the summer there is a solution.

i too found the wig to hot and in the end i ditched it… and style wise i liekd it but chemo just made me too hot!

I am also having great problems with wig. I am also suffering folliculitis which is inflammation/infection of hair follicles and the whole wig thing makes it worse. I have read that you can rinse wig in water and fabric conditioner to reduce itch. Has anyone tried this? Would a real hair wig be more comfortable that these synthetic ones?

Oh by the way I tried the skull cap thing and it still itched. It is made of nylon so I think that is the problem. If it were cotton it might be more comfortable.

A few thoughts…

I have a wig by hothair - it was free on NHS but they are widely available - it cost £189, so not cheap. HOWEVER - it is light and airy (you can see sky if you hold it up to the light!) and even over this very hot w/e I have had no problems with heat…

I also have a ‘fringe’ from headcovers. This sits around the head on a band which is snug. There is a lot of hair on the band, and the quality of the ‘hair’ is not as fine as the wig I find that despite my bonce being nude, it’s hotter than the wig - which leads me to thing ‘you get what you pay for…’

I also made a fringe using the band from a pair of tights and my own hair as it fell out - cost me nothing and if fab under a scarf!! I just used Uhoo glue to stick it on…

There are lots of cotten scull caps around - that’d be better than nylon… and if you have any hair left - shave it down to a number one - makes a huge difference…

And the odd head dip incold water is fantastic!

Td xx

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I have an amazing collection of multi coloured wigs (aprox 30 and counting). I go for the high quality kanekalon which can be styled with low heat. I also use ‘got to be’ hairspray which is fantastic on wigs due to it’s ingredients.  I find it holds perfect yet brushes out easy also alt cheaper than actual wig hairspray. 


Alot of my wigs are from www.wiwigs.co.uk the quality are fantastc and they are all extremely cheap having most a recommend retail of around £50 mark but are being sold from between £18 and £25.


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If you want to revitalise a wig which has gotten a bit dull then put some serum through it with your fingers. It helps to give it that glossy look back but don’t use too much as it can be quite greasy stuff. Having said that, it’s easy enough to wash a wig with some wig shampoo and a dunk in water, shake it off and put back on it’s stand to dry.

Also I have actually ordered direct from China on ebay and checked ratings beforehand.  I find the pricing from the Uk sellers is sometimes 3 times more for the same wig. I normally recieve overseas orders within 3 weeks. Hope this helps :smiley:


I have just started wearing a wig. I bought two of my own as I didn’t like the ones from the hospital. I wore one yesterday for work for about four hours, it gave me a bad headache, couldn’t wait to take it off, is that normal at the start. I was also very nervous about going to work for the first time in my wig, bit it was fine, everybody were very nice and said it made me look younger.

i am new here ,glad can talk here ,some of the links i can not see hmm… 

my breast hurt these days ,any my baby has just weaned, is this normal 

I got a long hair wig online and I also have to de-tangle them when I weared it most of time. The most important things is that I don`t want to have them cut cause they are so beautiful. So I learn from many different hair blogs and study to make different hair styles by the videos. I always to dutch fishtail braid when I have a date with friends and the most of my daily life. But I will take cute updos for work when I am at work, actually the troubles can be solved easily if you try to make some simple creations without throwing away or having hair cut.

This is so useful thanks for sharing. 
Maybe you could post your story on www.thewigforums.co.uk I’m sure all of your tips would be very helpful x