Just been diagnosed DCIS

Trying to post. Can someone talk to me? Terrified. DiGnosed DCIS last week after biopsy. Another biopsy coming up Tiesday and will be given op date. Am so very scared of everything - anaesthetic etc! Am such a coward! HELP!

Hello Eileen


I am sorry that you are feeling so worried at the moment.

I think this time for you is the most difficult, waiting for tests and results. Once you have had the further biopsy results and you have got through surgery it will get easier.

I had DCIS and went through three surgeries and radiotherapy, so I know how frightening this time is. 

Perhaps you could get in touch with your breast care nurse to go through your concerns about surgery and the anaesthesia. Hopefully she might be able to allay some of your fears. 

In my case I was very stressed as it was a long time since my last surgery and as I am a single parent I had extra worry and stresses. I can honestly say it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had expected, the staff were excellent each time and my recoveries straightforward. 


Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try and help.


Thanks so much Pinky for replying. Can I ask … did you have ‘invasive’ or ‘non-invasive’ DCIS? X

I agree with everything said above. I was where you are just 13months ago. Terrified, depressed, angry,shocked, hysterical, puzzled as to why and relieved it was dcis.
it is weird journey and each is unique. In the Jan after my late October op, i drew my breast cancer bead (alla Pandora), it is pale blue, pink, silver and black and reflects all the mood s i went through.
you are not a coward but do talk to folk - family, friends and bcnurses. I cried for most of September and October, but those tears were better out than in, and probably just shock.
1year on, still can’t believe where i have been,…but it is.and life is treating me as if i am normal again

Hi Eileen,


You are not a coward!!! 


I was also diagnosed in July (high grade DCIS). Already had 2 operations. Had mastectomy+reconstruction, later on implant had to be removed and now I am waiting for another reconstruction. I would not worry about the op and anesthetic. Just make sure you have all the information and I would take someone with you, its very hard to remember all the information. Half of the time I had no idea what my doctor was saying … I was crying non-stop.


I dont want to talk about me … unfortunately we all have a story and this is your story ! Eileen it wont be easy, its hard, very hard … make sure there is someone who will hold you and gives you a shoulder to cry on.


Please dont be scared about op. … make sure you are nice to nurses, they have drugs :smileywink: 



It is such a scary time. I was diagnosed Sept 4th with 6cm area of Dcis and wham life turned upside down. Lots of tears and some laughter too. I am sooooo squeamish my children used to wait for dad to come home if they were bleeding, or if serious get a neighbour. However, I coped with my sentinel node biopsy ok and last Thursday I had mastectomy, implant and reduction to other boob. I was so scared but what choice do we really have?

The surgery is ok, you will be in such a deep sleep you won’t know anything. If especially nervous ask them for something to calm you right down before surgery. I only used the morphine drip twice, but if in pain use it asap no one will think you are a wimp. I decided to take advice from others and took the paracetamol every time it was offered which I am sure keeps twinges at bay.

As I said I am very squeamish and only looked full frontal today. For me, that was a bad experience but I had to do it. There is a lot of bruising and swelling but they look great in my bra. So I will cope by just not looking at myself full frontal for a while and just admire my very neat small boob outline (I was 42 j and estimate I am now 40c/d) plus I have lost half a stone so a couple of positives there.

None of us set out willingly on this dreadful journey but at least we have many fellow travellers to stop and chat to when we get weary.

I wish you all the best,

Stella x