Just been diagnosed today

Hello everyone, just need some support,I have just been diagnosed with right breast invasive ductal carcinoma Grade 3,er positive,her2 not known yet,Lymph node sampled positive today.I have two lovely girls aged 6 and 8 and I am a bit apprehensive about my future.Given it is a grade 3, it is very aggressive.Am waiting for MrI breast before surgery.Will I live long? I need some input from breast cancer survivors,thanks!

hi millie. sorry your on here but ur in the right place and you will have plenty of support. i was diagnosed on 18th april. just had snb and wle yesterday dont know if i have clear nodes yet the snb which i had yesterday will confirm that in 2 weeks time. your head will pumping around with loads of stuff. i was like that its normal to worry…i have a little boy whos 8 and i was terrified of telling him. i did in a normal sort of way he would understand and hes been great helping me after my op. i have only told him what he need sot know. personal message me if you want huni and i will try and help any way i can…take care and its easy to say dont worry you will. but you will get through this and kick this in the backside, be strong xxx take care xx donna xx

Hi Millie,

I am so sorry that you have BC and so many worries about your family.

I was grade 3, invasive and HER2 +++. I am still here 3 years on. You will get lots of positive replies and support on here.

The helpline here is great, just phone the number above and talk to one of the trained staff.

The treatment these days is so much better than it used to be and although it will be hard it is doable.


Hi Millie and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpline as Emmbee has kindly suggested, the number is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 9-2.

I am posting a couple of links which you may find useful, one is a newly diagnosed resource pack and the other’s are ‘Talking to your children about breast cancer’ and ‘Mummy’s lump’:




Take care

Hi Millie- please try and not think like that, i was diagnosed this week as well with lobilar cancer which i think is a sneaky one as it was only found once the lump was huge, i was there a year ago for mammogram and all was clear. I dont know the grade yet but had CT and bone scan this week and will find out next week. As far as i can see we all go threw the feelings of doom, i have had horrible thoughts. But we must remember that this is VERY treatable. U have done the right thing by joining this forum as the support is fab, and it will reassure you. I got comfort in knowing i am not alone. I 2 have 2 kids, but they are 18 and 20. We are both in the early stages of this , i am sure we will fee different daily. All i know is we must try and stay positive, keep busy and try not to dwell on rotten stuff. Says me that has done it ,but i do feel supported here.
Take are and keep asking questions as u will get supported

Fondest Thoughts


spotted my spelling mistake…lobular breast cancer.x

Hi, sad to hear that you’ve had this news, but so many good people on this site.
You ask the million-dollar question about what it does to our life expectancy. Much depends on what they find. Grade 3 is a rudely behaved sort, (I have that grade too) but because it’s in such a hurry, it can often be squashed by new treatments. It might take a few months before your team can give you an accurate forecast of the odds. They’re pretty good these days, so don’t think the worst and for goodness sakes don’t google stuff - there’s so much absolute rubbish out there and a lot of their statistics don’t take into account modern drugs, new chemo, new radiotherapy e.g. cyberknife, any info on supplements or any of the new research on how things like social networks make a big big difference to survival rates.
No guarantees, but it’s not a known death sentence these days. Usually just bloomin’ scary and hard work to get through the treatments.
I’ve had four lots of chemotherapy and it’s been doable so far, so that might help give you a bit of hope that chemo can be ok for a fair number of people too.
Talk all you need to…
Ann x


We have all been there! IT seems horrifying at the moment, but rest assured you will have surgery, maybe an mx or maybe a wide excision preserving the breast. You will probably have chemo and maybe radiotherapy and possibly hormone therapy. You have excellent survival potential. Treatments today are all about preserving your life. IT is all treatable.

We are all here with you, this site is amazing, read the publications,(on this site), do not google rubbish and frighten yourself silly!!, call the helpline, read and post on the forums, there is always someone travelling your road to offer you help and support.

Good luck and take care,


Iv just finished chemo 20rads2go,my onc told me 80% of women have grade3 invasive it is very treatable…Lots of ladies r well many yrs down the line…My own gran had bc at 50 lived til 94!Xsarahx

hello all,
Oh my, i am overwhelmed with all your support, even if i do not know each one of you personally.each and everyone of you are like angels to me, thanks for your encouragement, i am feeling a bit positive now.thanks girls.


I was dx in June 09…grade 3 too… I was 33 at the time with two young girls of 2 and 5!

Ive had the full whack with treatment…lumpectomy first, 6 lots of chemo, a mastectomy and Herceptin as mine was HER2 positive…oh and radiotherapy too (gosh I forget now!)

It was a tough year…but you know you get through it…and you do for the kids. They were my reason to drag myself out of bed most mornings and they were my fire in my belly to fight it. I remember the fear in those early days…how I was going to cope through the treatment, how would the girls manage, how long would I live.

In reality I managed…there were low days, but there was also fine days. On the low days I took to my bed…on the fine days I was still doing the school run, still going out and seeing friends and so will you.

The girls were totally unaffected by it…children are so much more resilient than you think. I just took each stage as it came with them and I remember someone saying to me as long as you are there they will be fine…and they were…totally.

As for how long you will live…you know nobody knows this. Its something I was obssessed with at first but now hardly think about. My hair is shoulder length again, Im back at work…only at hosptial twice a year…and Im well and happy and enjoying myself.

Feel free to PM me if you need to. Use the support on this site…nobody can understand like people who have been their theirselves.

Love N hugs Sal xxxx

hi millie
I’m the same as you, diagnosed last week with right ductal cancer grade 3, waiting for wide local excision and snb next week. I was told at this stage grade 3 just meant it had the potenial to go elsewhere, not that it actually has yet, you find that out after the op. These forums have really helped me, last week I was a total mess but with the support and advice from the other ladies i now actually have some periods in the day where I feel quite positive!
Jane x

hello there,
janeruth- before this i dont know that so many people are affected by cancers, most probably every minute or every hour.It sounded that we have similar diagnosis, but mine is more locally advanced, and because i am youngish-37, they would want to do mastectomy and axillary clearance rather than wide local excision.I am still feeling low, but i feel grateful of all the support i have had just in one day!i hope your op goes well millie xxxxx
salsal 21-thank you for sharing your story.it must been hard for you too,being diagnosed at a younger age than me.At the moment i do not know if i can cope with all the treatments and not mentioning side effects and complications with the treatments , but i will live for my girls.thanks love xxxx