Just been diagnosed with breast cancer after routine mammogram.

Hello everyone I am new to this and please bear with me. 

I was recalled to attend Breast clinic after mammogram showed a small lump in my left breast which I attended Monday.  I was told it was very small and I had ultrasound then biopsy and another mammogram to check that clip was in place.  There was a couple of ladies there as well getting much the same treatment I was having and the both had calcification and they were told they would get phone call next Monday from Doctor with results then they left.  Thinking oh I will be okay when nurse called me in she asked if I had someone bring me and I said my husband thinking she was thinking of we travelled a distance.  She then asked if I wanted my husband with me for the results and do I want her to tell me or wait for Doctor to phone me which would be next Monday I said it would

Like it from her as too long till next week and not to bother calling for my husband.  It turns out I have a cancer and that the lump is quite small.  I have to have a lump taken out and a couple of lymph glands then radiotherapy.

I just cannot get my head round this I am 70 and never dreamed this would happen to me.  I do feel I had not too bad a result considering what some ladies have to go through.  I cannot sleep and keep worrying and hoping there will be light at the end of this journey I will be taking. 

I am so sorry this is so long winded. 

My thoughts for all who are goi g through a similar journey. 


I am so sorry to hear this. What a shock this must have been for you. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October. I had found a lump, I am 43 so don’t get routine mammograms. It was a big shock too. My husband was waiting in the car and then told he could be with me for the results. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be good news. Luckily for me things have happened very fast and I have recently had surgery. I hope things happen quickly for you too. It’s great you have found this forum as I have found it to be a great help. I’m just waiting for some results following my surgery but so far my consultant has always said that I have the early stages of breast cancer and that it is totally treatable. It sounds like this will be the case for you too.

Take care and sending lots of positive vibes to you.


Hi Novgirl - a very big welcome to the forum, though it’s a place you never wanted to be of course.  I hope you will find lots of support and advice on here, it’s a safe non judgmental place, where everyone understands and just gets it.

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and I still remember that feeling and shock when I was given the news - it just felt like I had been hit by a big truck that had come out of nowhere. I had chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy so happy to answer any questions about any of my treatment. You need to take some time to process the news, and also understand that treatments for BC have improved so much over the years. It sounds as if your lump has been caught early, and that is good news as Hope213 said.

You might want to write down any questions that come to mind to ask at your next appointment, or ask you Breast Care Nurse, or the lovely nurses on here. But whatever you do please try to avoid googling anything, you will only scare yourself and google really doesn’t know your individual circumstances.

It may sound a cliche, but now is the time to be very kind and gentle to yourself, plenty of treats and get some preparations done ready for your op - such as stocking the freezer. Try also to take one day at a time and deal with facts, not imagination - one book I love told me that “fears are NOT facts”.

There is also a service on here called “Someone like me” where you can be put in touch with someone who has gone through what you are going through and can help you along. Otherwise, do  please keep chatting on here and ask any questions at all. My very best wishes to you, Evie xx

Dear Novgirl,

it is good that you have found this forum,  albeit that you wouldn’t choose to be part of this “gang”. I have not been on here long either,  but everyone has been lovely and so supportive. We are all at different parts of the journey. 

Your experience is very similar to mine - I was recalled after routine mammogram, and it turned out to be cancer.  Like you, it was small, and they had caught it early. I am now post surgery and radiotherapy. It was all done and dusted in 3 months…However…right now you are probably shocked, numb, angry, in denial, etc. I remember thinking WTF (excuse the language!!).  As if 2020 had not already been tricky enough. 

There WILL be light at the end of the tunnel, but as others have said, right now, take your time and look after yourself.  That includes eating well,  getting gentle exercise but also allow yourself to take some “Blubbing time” if that is what you need to do. (I can only speak from personal experience, I needed to). 

Just take one day at a time, and deal with what you know. 

You are likely to have to attend various appointments, so think about any further questions you may have for the team.  I found writing things down in my notebook/journal helpful, and also now,  when I look back to what the emotions at the time were. 

Regards sleeping - that is quite normal too.  Best advice I was given? Don’t fight it.  If you wake up and can’t get back to sleep, get up and do something, eg read, milky drink or whatever. Reassure yourself that you will cope with tomorrow, despite feeling tired, because you always do, and tomorrow night might be better.  If you can’t nod off initially, wait until you are feeling tired, before retiring, perhaps using some meditation/relaxation music, or writing down your thoughts to help you nod off. 

Anyway Novgirl, big virtual hugs. Take care xx