Just been diagnosed with DCIS and need urgent advice please

Hi everyone, i am 41 and was just diagnosed with DCIS yesterday (most of what I was told was a blur) and been told I’ll need a mastectomy. I am being adviced not to go for immediate reconstruction because I am still TTC. Dr reckons if they use tummy fat might be harder to conceive and will be probably another 3years before I can TTC. So Consultant has advised I have mastectomy, continue TTC and then do reconstruction later on after children. Is there anyone who has had a mastectomy and a delayed reconstruction? How did you feel after surgery? How did you feel wearing a prosthesis? 


Hi MrSO,

Certainly, there are others here who have had a mastectomy & delayed reconstruction. It also might be an idea to also post in ‘Surgery’ on the ‘going through treatment’ board. 

ann x