Just been diagnosed....

Hello Everyone,

Totally new to this forum. 

After a mammagram on the 18th of July which I actually called and requested as my three years was up I received the “dreaded” recall letter.  So after an ultrasound and biopsies I have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer cells in a lymph node (oestrogen positive) and microcalfications which came back as DCIS.  They need to carry out two more biopsies - one on the right breast (where DCIS is) and to check calcium on the left breast.  Additionally I will need a CT scan and an MRI.  I had bloods done to check my hormone levels for my hormone therapy tablet which I may get this week.  My mood is very up and down a combination of the unknown, fear and unsure what lies ahead.  I have been lucky with health up to now. 

My main worry is if the cancer has spread anywhere else…they still have to find it in the right breast hence my further biopsies this week.

Just reaching out to you lovely ladies to see if anyone can identify with this scenario.

Best wishes to you all.

Denise xx

Denise65 Sorry you find yourself on here Do use all facilities breast cancer now can support and help you with as much or as little you need as you take treatments step by step We’re all here I’m sure others will pop on with support Do please remember everyone’s different even if they have or have had same type of breast cancer your team will tailor your treatments specifically to you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx