Just been diagnosed

Hi, I’m new to this so please bear with me.
I was told on Friday 8th July 2011 that I have an 8cm DCIS in my left breast. Only had my 1st ever mamogram 6 weeks ago! I was suprised to get a letter asking me to go for more tests which I did last Thursday, more mamograms and then a chat with the doctor who told me I needed to have core biopsies done that day! Had to go back Friday for the results and wow, what a shock!
I’m having a mastectomy soon with reconstruction at the same time. Anyone out there with any advice?? Needless to say, I’m not sleeping too well!

hiya anne and welcome to the site where none of us wanted to be but where the advice and support is second to none , i cant speak for everyone but being told you have breast cancer was to me like being slammed in head by baseball bat - didnt see it coming ! once you come to terms with the initial shock it does get a little easier ,i also think once your treatment plan is in place and dated you can slowly move forward , my anxiety went through the roof and sleep became something i used to do ! my gp prescriped sleeping tabs short term believing that i would be better able to cope on a daily basis if i had good nights sleep ( he was right ) , they may not be the way forward for you but they certainly helped me , its a huge amount to deal with and we automatically think the worst case scenario , but once the experts started with my plan i felt easier knowing they were doing all they could to help me , its a long sometimes rocky road but you will do it , if you feel the need to scream shout cry whatever then this is the place to be ,nothing is too much trouble for the ladies on here and i know you will find it an amazing place to get your much needed support xxxxxx

Hi Anneopd and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will receive here I am posting a link to the BCC publication about DCIS and our helpline number which you are welcome to call for further support and information:


0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2

Take care

Hi Anne so sorry you have to join us but like Trish has said here there is alot of good sound advice & support with talking to others in the same boat. Its early days for you & not surprising your not sleeping I don’t think any of us do being diagnosed is such a shock we never think it will happen to us. Your head will be all over the place, all I can say is take each day as it comes (baby steps) DONT Google anything just make you paraniod & stick to the treads here that you require.

get yourself a note book or pad write down all the questions that pop into your head, to ask your BC nurse, surgeon etc. You can always call the helpline here they are brilliant, no such thing as a stupid question. Once your surgery is done & you have your go back for path results & have a treatment plan in place you’ll be feeling stronger … it does get better as time moves on & there is always someone here to vent too. The early days are the hardest & things seem to get moving before you seem to have got your head round it, its can be very emotional & frightening I found BCC my crutch during this time

Keep posting & let us know how you are getting on
Big Hugs
Mekala x

Hi guys, thanks for the good advice. Keeping busy is helping a lot,I know i’m in good hands, my BC nurse is coming to see me tomorrow and i’m all lined up with questions i didn’t ask last friday. Can’t say i’m looking forward to the surgery but i know it’s got to be done and i’ll soon be on the mend.
I’ll keep you posted with progress over the next few days and weeks to come.

Hi anneodp, fellow traveller,
I was given my preliminary diagnosis (8/6/11) of DCIS when three areas of microcalcs were found on my very first mammogram. I so understand that feeling of total shock especially when you have no inkling that anything is wrong, no lumps, signs or symptoms.

I had my mx/snb, no reconstruction, 11 days ago and found the whole process much easier than expected. My scar is healing very well and I am know feeling much stronger physically.

When the initial shock subsides your coping mechanisms should start to kick in. Mine involved finding out as much as I could about DCIS from the experiences of others on BCC and taking every opportunity for some, long overdue, ‘me time’. Wishing you the all the very best for your upcoming surgery.


Hi Anneodp,So sorry u have to join us here but welcome. I’ve only been on here a very short time but the advice u get on here is second to none, it’s much better than googling which just scares u, the ladies on here know absolutely everything. It does hit u like a sledgehammer when ur given the diagnosis & i found it very surreal at first as if it wasn’t really happening to me. I wasn’t sleeping but i’m sleeping a bit better now. My op is tomorrow & i’m just taking one step at a time & focusing on that at the mo rather than thinking of what else i may need to have done. Ur BC nurse should be able to answer any other questions u may have & the helpline on here is brill. Keep us updated,take care love Heather xx

All the best for tomorrow Heather will be thinking of you.
take care & hope to hear from you once your home & on the mend

Mekala x

The hardest thing i’ve found so far is telling family and friends, it’s all so very strange. It was extra hard telling my Mum as she recently lost her husband, my Step-father.
Thanks for your good wishes Heather, i’m sure all will go well next week for me. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, stay in touch.

Hi all, where do you start? I’m 43 & a mum of 3 girls (14, 6 & 4) and work full time. I’ve had some symptoms for a few months which I should’ve got checked out and didn’t (always too busy!!). I googled the symptoms last Saturday night which led me to examine my breast and found a lump the same evening. I went for my ‘one stop’ breast clinic appointment last night and had it confirmed it was cancer & I would definately need a mastectomy because of it’s position but I’ll have to wait now for the results of the biopsy to find out what else I’ll need treatmentwise. The ultrasound didn’t show anything going on in the nodes at this stage (I believe this is about 80% accurate) however I’m so scared it’s gone elsewhere and every little cough, pain or twinge I get must mean, in my mind, that I’ve got secondaries (I’m sure that’s only natural though). Jill.

Hi Jill and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support here please feel free to call our helpline where you can talk things over with one of our team in confidence, the number is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

We have published a newly diagnosed resource pack which you may find useful and you can access it here:


I am posting links to our talking to children booklets which you may find helpful with your children too:



Take care

jill, what a shock. It all happens so quickly doesnt it.

Its quite normal to think the worse and worry whilst you are waiting for results. Its a horrendous time. You are just in limbo not knowing what the outcome will be. You go online and read heartbreaking stories and that makes it worse. But not everybody has a cancer that has spread, not everybody has chemotherapy, and some people who have a mastecotomy do not need radiotherapy. The range of types of cancer and types of treatment is so wide.

Its amazing what twinges and aches and pains we suddenly become aware of during this time, things we would have completely ignored before, its another completely natural reaction.

Ringing the helpline with concerns is good, or just visit this site to ask questions or express worries. Some people never post , they just use the site to read what other people are experiancing and how they are coping.

sorry to have to welcome you to the club

Hi Jill, well I’m 6 days post op Mx & Recon, things have gone well and as planned. Not feeling too bad considering, now the hard bit, waiting for the results!
Try not to worry too much, if your consultant is anything like mine I’m sure he’ll have explained all the options to you and only you can decide which route is right for you. It is a great shock to be told you have breast cancer and I think I’m still getting my head around that myself and I didn’t even have any syptoms.

Please take care and stay in touch, it really does help to open up like this, somehow it’s easier this way.


Hi Anne pleased you have your surgery out the way & yes its the hard part waiting for the results but once this part is over you will know more about treatments & when they will be getting underway, I think we feel more in control at this point

Hi Jill sorry you had to join us this is the worse time I think everything just moves so fast & while you are trying to come to terms with diag, take it one day at a time, it does get easier as time goes on but right now thinking straight is a task in itself. keep posting there is always someone to listen.

Take good care
Mekala x