Just been told I have Breast Cancer

I don’t know how this all works but even if I end up talking to myself I suppose it’s a way to vent…
I found a lump 5 weeks ago, went to my Doctor who thankfully sent me to the breast clinic, a week later I was seen, ultrasound, mammogram, and biopsy… it seemed positive at the beginning but I felt the atmosphere change, I’m 30 -so I don’t think they were expecting the results, they did tell me this after… I’ve just had the agonising wait and was told on Thursday I do have breast cancer. We caught it early… it’s grade 1 and everything seems positive -but im still in shock, I have an operation booked and a meet with my surgeon coming up… it’s just getting my head round the different stages and treatments coming up, possible radiotherapy and tablets after… and more waiting. Im being strong and positive however not sleeping well, I’m hoping when I actually start treatment it will be better… im finding people’s reactions hard… some people are amazing, very supportive… and others are saying all the wrong things like “your lucky” “it could be worse” I feel like only I can say these things about myself … I’m grateful I caught it early but defo not feeling very lucky at the moment! I was also shocked at how many people have told me they don’t check themselves! If I hadn’t I could have be telling a very different story in the future… sorry for the long post, I just wanted to tell my story, rant a little… and say hi and to send my best wishes to you all! X

hi mimi,
Welcome to the forum & so sorry you find yourself here, it is a shock & what you describe is famiiar to all of us. This stage is always the worst part, but is does get better once the plan is in place & treatment starts.
As you’ve found people’s reactions can be surprising, sometimes somewhat annoying, as well as generous & uplifting.
There is plenty of support & advice here on the forum, as well as others in a similar position, so you are not alone, rant whenever you need to.
ann x



Hello there - I think we are all in shock when we get a BC diagnosis eh? So sorry to find yourself here but you will find lots of support & answers to any questions which you will probably have. Also, you can ask/say things here that you don’t want to voice to your friends or family because although they want the best for you they are a bit frightened, I suppose, if that makes sense. The ladies here have seen & heard it all before. Wishing you all the best and once you have a treatment plan in place, you will feel much more in control, definitely. Hugs & positive thoughts always xxx

Thank you so much for your reply, this site has been extremely useful.
It has been a shock, and a weird and worrying experience… it’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been through it, so that’s why I joined this site, reading the posts has been very helpful and somewhat reassuring. Thanks for your kind words!
Yes people can be amazing and then some say the worst things that make you feel like what you are going through is nothing… I know anything in life could be worse and I have huge respect to anyone dealing with a harder situation, and wish everyone lots of love and well wishes!!
I’m keeping positive, the lack of sleep doesn’t always help especially when you have to work the next day… but I am surrounded by some amazing friends and family, I just don’t want to burden them all the time, it’s been a hard few years as it is…
Yes I think when the plan is place it will be better and I will have some sense of control back… it’s all the not knowing… thanks for your reply, it’s nice to know I wasn’t talking to myself… best wishes to you. X

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to reply, this site really is amazing isn’t it!
To be honest StephJ I didn’t think age was a thing but all the hospital staff has said “because of your age” quite a bit so it kinda has made it a thing I suppose, which is fine… they are looking at two diff types of operation for me they weren’t sure which one as of yet so I have to wait till I meet my surgeon and he has had a look first they did say they would do the lymph node biopsy at the same time, so that’s one good thing I suppose…I have my surgery in three weeks(all being well). so I should know a plan on action soon… fingers crossed. I am not having a mastectomy from what they were saying so the wait must be horrid for those of you that are, and I’m sorry you have to experience that… sending hugs and I hope you get your date through soon. X
I understand what you mean in regards to just getting on, I have become a bit of a comedian with it all, I know this is my way of coping and down the line it will all prob hit me properly! As this is what tends to happen with me! I do like to be in control of my life so I think like you all said, when I get my treatment plan I will be able to deal with things better… x
Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement, I’m sure when I have my treatment plan I will have lots of questions to fire at you all… lots of virtual hugs and positive thoughts! Xx

Hi Mimimichelle
Sorry you find yourself here?. I can only echo what the other ladies have said, once you have a treatment plan in place things do settle down and become “easier” if that’s the right word.
I’m 39 and keep hearing “because of your age” too! You sound very positive which is good. There is a Facebook page, for younger ladies, younger peoples breast network which is really good. I haven’t actually joined but I do have a look now and again. I have found the support on here and also from local ladies I’ve befriended extremely useful.
Good luck with the surgery. Hopefully all this will be over before you know it.
I had a mastectomy and am currently 3/4 of the way through chemo, and then hormone therapy (Tamoxifen) for 10 years.
Sarah x

Oh wow sounds like you have been on a rollercoaster ride Sarah04, so thank you for taking the time to comment. I wish you the best for when you complete chemo! I have no idea what you must have been through but I really wish you all the very best!! X
…It’s weird the age thing isn’t it, it was quite a thing at my last app!
Thanks for the info regarding the Facebook page too, I might take a look.
I will be taking Tamoxifen for the next 10 years too, that’s something I do know. Not sure how bad side effects are with that, I suppose it depends on the person taking them… I need to get the surgery out the way first, and then go from there… thanks for all the comments and advice! Best wishes, Chelle. X

Hi, I was told last Wednesday that I have breast cancer.  The wait between the biopsy and the diagnosis 10 days later was the harder part for me.  Now that I have been given a plan I feel surprisingly calm and just want to get it sorted.  Surgery next week for lumpectomy and hormone therapy and radiotherapy thereafter.  I’ve had many trips to the breast clinic over the years (I’m 60 years old) and lumps previously have turned out to be cysts and these were removed by needle aspiration which was all straightforward, so when I went again 2 weeks ago and they wanted to investigate a lump more carefully I had a feeling things weren’t quite right.  It’s all happening very fast though and I feel reassured at the level of care offered here in Cheltenham/Gloucester.   Good luck to you all, it’s good to know this forum is here for us to offload, better out than in eh :-) 

hi mimichelle  i myself have just been told i got invasive duct cancer grade 3  n in lymph nodes too i now the waiting can be awful  .  some people say  you  will be fine how can they say that even my doctor don’t know if i will . i think the best they can say is sorry to hear that  hun  but try n stay positive  that would be a lot better i think so  from me to you    one big hug n  head up n  stay positive  ,you might feel like crying it did  ,  by  all means  do so  a  good  old sob   n let it flow  i do my crying in the bathroom turn the taps on sat on the loo n did i sob  n then just  took a deep btreath  n  came out n just got  doing what  i had  to   do  you will find  the girls n here  are a great bunch  n will   give you great support after all we  all are the pink ladies  may god  bless ya  hun  xxxxxx

Sorry to hear what you are going through lollypoplyn it’s a unfair world, and makes me think that even more reading all your stories. What is has made me realise is how strong people are and extreamly selfless, that you are going through all you are, yet still find time to send well wishes to me! So sending you lots of postiivity and virtual hugs right back at you!! … and I hope things will ease for you very soon! If ever any of you need to vent feel feee to vent to me… I’m here to listen as well as to read and chat…
I agree JayneL the standard of care I have received has been amazing, and especially my GP for not thinking she is younger and we will wait and see… so I am defo thankful I have been seen early and I have caught mine early!
Thanks for your words, thoughts and advice… sending positivity and well wishes to each and everyone of you… look after yourselves and keep me updated on your progress! I will do the same when I know more! Chelle xx